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one step forward, two steps back

          house news - this place is slowly coming together in between major set backs. 
had shelving all stocked with fabric in the sewing room. then the shelves collapsed. bought metal shelves at Lowes (my favorite go-to store) and am starting over. what a mess. this is a before and after photo. 

IMG 20180317 141326614IMG 20180221 140239260

          at this point we need to get the new shelves assembled but for now i’ve just closed the door.  a friend and i are planning on making a day of building shelves and re-stocking fabrics. 

          tomorrow we're expecting the plumber. at this moment the house has no water. seems there’s a leak under the cememt slab. had a modern day ‘ water witch’ here with her hi-tech equipment and now have black tape marking carpet and walls of exactly where the pipes are. had commented to Grrr it’s nice when you turn the hot water on in the bathroom and it’s instantly hot even thou you’re on the other end of the house from the hot water tank.  That’s just WRONG!  plumber was here and gave us our options - one of which was they rip up the carpet, jack hammer the cement foundation and replace the plumbing. the option we’re going with is to block all the existing plumbing and have everything plumbed thru the ceiling. still a major mess and more expensive but he pointed out that it’s an old house with old plumbing and we fix this leak and down the road we’re bound to have another.   i ’m so over this house. 

          the landscape guy is supposed to be here this week for major pruning and repair of the sprinkler system.. (we have rats nesting under the really thick hedges.) 

          we’ve dealt with cockroaches blocking the plumbing.  mice (both dead and live) eating all the wiring in the train. (which is the a/c and heating unit) 
          i’m running away to the condo to quilt a customer quilt. Grrr gets to deal with this crap. 
my recommendation is don’t buy a house that has been vacant for several years. 

IMG 20180311 092918208

          and on the Louie news. i learned how to clip a cats toe nails yesterday. he didn’t like it but didn’t fight me. Did go pout for a while when i was done. and of course he prefers to nest on the clean folded laundry. 


Its the weekend again

          have been spending time at the condo with Lola.  the tablet still has issues and i still don’t have all the parts and pieces that should have been on the machine when i received it but she’s stitching up a storm. it does feel good to be back at it.  have called the dealer repeatedly. her staff at the quilt shop is getting very tired of me. Gine, the owner, is never there. i know she travels a lot but am beginning to wonder if she’s also avoiding me. Regardless, i’ve completed 4 tops for the group i belong to. this last one was not flat and square. it was narrow strips sewn onto a heavy foundation fabric. they supplied batting that is like minke and then the backing. made for a heavy duty quilt.  if i ever get any tops that are worth taking pictures of you’ll see them but none yet. 

          still no shelving in the weaving room. so all the boxes of weaving related items (and books) are still out on the patio. i had sold the schacht mighty wolf loom several weeks ago and that at least makes the room useable for the looms i have. no place for a warping mill or at this poiint even a warping board but i did bring home several warp chains from the condo closet. thank goodness i thought ahead. 

IMG 20180308 180420290 HDR

          and we now have curtains which don't show well in the photo. very plain but with lots of texture. had really hoped to find ones with red to relate to the rug but seems it’s not a good year for bright colors. and as you can see in the far left the wall art is still just leaning against the walls. (all around the room). kitchen window is still naked. those blinds have to measured and made. Lowes will call when they’re ready. 

IMG 20180216 172607768

           and on Louie news. that cat can hold a grudge. He escaped into the garage when i was bringing a load of laundry back in. would not come when called even with treats so i closed the door and left him there. really thought he’d cry when he was ready to join us and realized he’d missed dinner. nope. stubborn beast. let him out just before bed.he  did not want me to pet him, and did not come to bed. not sure who won that round. 



Still Unpacking

these boxes are never ending. the patio is looking better but lordy, there’s still a lot out there. 

IMG 20180303 214803932

          i mentioned before that i purchased the heaviest cat tree i could find. Not heavy enough. last night Louie tipped the whole thing over. kind of bent up the blinds but didn’t break the window thank goodness. i know we need to replace the windows but not yet. so moved the cat tree close to the wall in the corner. changes his view of the world but next time he hits it that hard it’ll bounce off the wall.  he’s not even full size yet. i’m guessing 12 pounds. maine coons generally get to be about 20. he’s doing so much better. using his cat door with one flap. second is still taped to the wall. he doesn’t spend extra time out there but i don’t have to stand guard any longer. 

          have draperies but no curtain rods. had to order ones long enough for both living room windows. 

          and have now taken a shower with no shower curtain. don’t recommend it. several nights ago the curtain and rod came down in the middle of the night. Both Louie and i had a moment of panic before i discovered what it was. so much for gorilla glue. next comes screws in the tiled wall. 



Panic Attacks are History

          move in day we had workmen here all day. first was the 'cool blue' repair. Grrr had discovered that there was no heat. the fan turned on but no heat. the repair guy spent hours cleaning out both dead and alive mice from the train unit in the closet. that’s what happens when a house is empty for several years. and the direct tv man spent hours in the attic hooking up 3 dish connections. we only have 2 tv’s but i now have access in my bedroom if i ever get a tv.  turned into an expensive day. 

          when they all left i brought Louie to his new home. if Louie ever needs to move again i’m putting him on kitty prozac. i’d never witnessed a cat having a panic attack before. drooling and unable to catch his breath. all i could do was hold him and talk to him. he adjusted to the condo within a couple of hours so i didn’t expect any problems. how wrong i was.  had put his food, water and litter box out on the patio but he won’t go out there unless i stand guard while he pees. i always thought cats were modest about their bathroom habits. for 24 hours that cat was glued to my leg. 

IMG 20180228 171701026

          it’s day 3 and he's come a long way. he’s now going thru the cat door. i have the flaps taped open and used his favorite treats to coax him thru it several times yesterday. he’s using the litter box out there without me guarding him and he’s back to being his starving self.  he still has no interest in his cat tree so for now it’s just a piece of furniture.  as you can see from his photo he’s definately gotten comfortable here. 

          we’re slowly getting the hang of using a new/different kitchen, showers, learning what light switch works where. scared the crap out of both of us when i thought i was turning on the under the counter lights and it was really the garbage disposal. 

          still have some items to pick up from the condo.  sold one loom so now that room looks at least useable.  this weekend is shopping for window coverings. the main room in the evenings is like living in a fish bowl. plus there are 3 windows that won’t close. it’s been cold here and my bathroom is a shock in the mornings. 

        picked up 2 quilts from the friendship group that need quilting.  they have a total of 92 tops. i nearly choked!  i need a break from trying to decide where stuff goes so using the longarm is going to be my ‘quite’ time. looking forward to it. 

          but it’s done and i’m feeling so much better. 


Back at it

          I’m not going on a rant about the house. dish tv is supposed to be connected tomorrow so tomorrow is also moving day for both of us and the cat. will let you know how it goes. 

          we had the plumber out and he sat in the bathroom waiting for the flood while grrr did a load of laundry which we think was the cause  didn’t happen. couldn’t re-creat it. so whatever was blocking the water line seems (at least for now) to be gone. a friend suggested it couldn have been a cockroach nest since the place was vacant for so long. ugly thought. am hoping they all drowned. 

          spent yesterday at the club for ‘Oakmont Fun Day’. completely social with a lot of folks wandering thru to see what our excitement is about. people asked about beginning classes. hopefully they’ll come back in the fall when the next one is scheduled. i’ve never done a summer here and am not up to teaching beginners but it just may be a good idea to run a basic class. felt so good to be back among my tribe members. 

          did get one quilt completed on Lola. the computer still has a glitch. the tech at ABM told me it was the usb. didn’t say if it was the plug part from the machine or the port in the tablet but it doesn’t always make a connection. called my dealer. her standard comeback is to call the help line. i’ve spent 2 hours on that help line. he told me what the problem was. his suggestion is to unplug and re-plug it in. sometimes that works. sometimes not. not acceptable!  have agreed to do charity quilts for the ‘friendship quilters’ group i belong to. i need to be able to depend on the machine. 

IMG 20180212 214630208

          my sweet cuddly cat is turning into a wild child. he has a fetish for ice cubes. licks them until he shivers and then wants more. have put them in his water dish but then the dish gets pushed around and spilled under the cabinet. he much prefers my glass anyway.  he also wants outside in the worst way. he understands how door knobs work. it’s a good thing they took off his thumbs. he tries so hard to turn knob pleading loudly to go out. the birds are driving him crazy. am hoping the screen around the patio will contain him.                                                                                                     


       i purchased the heaviest cat tree i could find but thinking it may need to be nailed to the floor.  i’ve talked about how he likes to spend time in hidden corners. no longer true. He's discovered he can jump. i have visions of him hitting this cat tree 5 feet up and the whole thing crashing down.  he hasen’t seen it yet. Tomorrow. 

          and i’m healthy. caugh pretty much gone and feeling optimistic (for a change)




Crap Crap Crap

i tested positive for the flu. a second time!!!   had a dr apt on thursday to look at my ankle. she heard me cough. went down hill from there. i’m on the tamaflu med (expensive!) and feel ok. don’t know how contagious i am. she told me to have gary tested which he did Friday. i told her we’d already had the flu at our house but seems you can get it multiple times due to multiple strains. so far this has not been a good year.

on another note - i am moving to the house the 25TH.  am tired of being patient. that’s when i’m loading up the food from the frig and my cat and we’re moving.  Gary’s been told he’s welcome to come with us.  he won’t have tv or shower curtains that stay up but sometimes life is tough.  we’ll see how it goes.

and to complicate matters. both bathrooms seem to have water leaks. went to use my toilet and the floor was flooded. (it had been several days since we’d been there due to flu). rugs were soaked so thru down the only 2 towels i’ve found. called the contractor. he texted that he’d find his plumber and get back to me but of course it’s the weekend. called Grrr to let him know and checked his bathroom. the box he’d been storing in his shower was soaked. i didn’t ask why there was a box in the shower. things like this are beyond me. but depending on the plumber and the water problem i may or may not be moving next weekend. 

so it’s been a crappy week both at home and in the country. i’m not going to get on a political soap box but maybe kids should refuse to attend school. these are the future leaders who hopefully are going to grow up and change the mental health and gun laws to start preventing these events. the anger in this country frightens me. 

stay healthy everyone


But then...squirrel....

so much needing attention i’ve turned into a squirrel. picking up one nut only to drop it in order to pick up a different one. what to focus on next? 

have only spent about 20 minutes getting re-acquanted with Lola. did manage to fix the software problem. called ABM and he couldn’t help. told me to contact the software tech the following monday. figured i’d put all my years of computer experience working in date centers to a good use and fix it myself. Done. 

have 2 boxes of fabric stashed in the cubes on the wall of the sewing room. Many many left to go. 

bedroom is partially unpacked. bed not made and old sheets won’t fit the new bed. drat!

bathroom stuff still in a box somewhere. 

IMG 20180211 094520116

gray scale gamp set at 20 epi cut off and washed. needs ironing. second plain weave gamp set at 24 started. next will be a twill.  deadline is fast approaching. 

house now has wifi but new modem still in it’s box waiting for attention. 

furniture moved but underwear still in a box. 

Grrr can’t find his box of clothing brought from Washington plus there were several other important items in that box that are missing along with his cloths. we’re both a little concerned about that. 

still can’t get the shower rods to stay up. am thinking we’re gong to have to screw mounts into the tile. we now own 2 different types and neither work. 

in desperate need of doing laundry. 

gathering paper work for first lecture demo at studio. i thought i had it together but we’ve re-arranged the lecture order. color comes first this time due to the gamp camp dates. 

yesterday was spent thrift store shopping. never found a file cabinet but we now own 2 end tables for the living room, a printer table and grrr has a night stand.

the patio does show that we’ve made progress but damn. . . there’s still a lot of boxes out there. 

dish tv service still not hooked up. 

am supposed to attend a ‘spinning bee’ in Phoenix tomorrow but i’ve managed to get another cold. am going to cancel. nasty sore throat, stuffed up head and i can’t quit coughing. it’s been 4 years since my last one so now I’ve managed to get 2 colds in 3 months. 

IMG 20180210 233512473 HDR

          and no update is complete untill Louie makes his presence known. I’ve ordered a cat tree for him that i’ll have to assemble. not sure he’ll use it. he still seems to have the ‘growing up in a cage’ mentality  hiding and sleeping in low, dark places; closet, under the bed, laundry basket (but only when it’s mostly empty.)

so this is the story of my life for the week. i so want my days to go back to what they used to be. i’m not complaining and i’m not sorry we bought the house but i miss having free time to spend with friends, and enjoying my interests. 

Hopefully next time it won’t take me 3 days to get this written. 


Lola is home

IMG 20180131 090320886

          Lola arrived and got leveled and set up. have done some playing but called ABM because the software has a problem. Am not able to open it.  Mike had me try a few things that didn’t work so will be calling his computer tech first thing monday morning.  the machine sews like a dream. she's way heavier than my old one but it’s a whole lot larger too. 

          Louie is keeping us entertained. he’s turning into a real wild child. he’s learning to play and his favorite toy is a stuffed mouse. if you don’t look closely it does kind of look like a mouse.  and lately he’s been sleeping in my dirty laundry basket. last night he brought the mouse into his nest of laundry and proceded to kill it for the 100th time. somehow he managed to flip the basket over on himself. so middle of the night his crying wakes me up. small panic attack - i’ve never heard him sound like that. had a good laughed and freed him from his plastic prison. he took his mouse and moved to another room.  still, the minute i get up in the morning he takes over my bed. don’t understand how anyone can sleep with their head hanging down like that.  (ignore the mess. those are totes of quilt tops waiting for attention.) 

IMG 20180130 080144727

          Grrr and i made a Phoenix trip to his favorite lumber store. that place smells so good i could live there. i choose the wood for our dining room table.  so this is the ‘before’ picture. am hoping the after photo won’t be too long in the making. his list keeps growing. it’s walnut and even without any finishing it’s gorgeous. 

IMG 20180129 114843919


        My bed at the house got delivered. have the matress pad but still haven't located the box containing sheets. have ordered an area rug for the living room under the imaginary coffee table. Grrr is spending his time getting his shop in order and i’ve got the big loom partially threaded up for the gray scale gamp class. 

          i took a partial day off to spend with a friend. she helped me make a plan on how to organize the weaving area at the house. there are 3 looms, a warping mill, boxes and bags of cones of different fibers that need some kind of organization. ( and she doesn’t know about the weaving closet here at the condo!)  she had good ideas on how to make it all work. i was stuck. good thing i can work in complete chaos because right now that’s what i’ve got. We’re going to schedule a play date for working with beads and later, a day where she dyes her silk fabrics and i’ll dye a silk warp. am going to try making this an every other week thing. 

          and tomorrow a friend, her husband and their truck are going to help us move several pieces of furniture from the condo to the house, from the house to the condo and picking up an item from the thrift store.  Grrr was moaning today about being sorry he sold the big truck. the subaru is just nog big enough. 

off to grocery shop. its the super bowl this afternoon. may your favorite team win. 


not much news

          had a photo of Louie but somehow it disappeared.  have taken pix of the new furniture but they turned out blurry. and do have the first gamp sample completed but it’s at the house. blog is on pause for now. 

IMG 20180104 174744322

          took another picture of Louie. he’s on my lap in the process of rolling onto his back so he can have a belly rub. weird cat. he is finally learning to play. Not always with appropriate items but it’s a start. And i thought the nocturnal behavior would change. how did he manage to live in a cage for 5 months? did he spend the nights bouncing off the cage walls?  he starts getting active when i’m brushing my teeth. he offers to help. i get in bed and he wants to fight with my feet. after getting dumped on the floor several times he’ll manage to crawl under the covers and search out a hand that’s not doing anything so should be petting and scratching him. again getting him rejected. he finally accepts defeat and races around the house talking to himself. i can sleep thru that. 

          have been spending our time shopping. the furniture looks good but there’s just way too much gray.  back shopping at American Furniture Warehouse. i recommend salesman David Lopez. walked in, asked for him and was out of there in 20 minutes. did take time to show grrr the table i’m in love with. he’s going to build one.  i know he can’t make one like it but just needed him to see it. found a desk from a second hand store. they want 45.00 to deliver a 90.00 desk. this is their way of convincing you to purchase more items. it’s the same price for one item or a dozen. the desk is small and grrr got it in the subaru.  (not an inch to spare) 

          now we’re on a quest for a area rug with some color that we both can agree on. Grrr fell in love with a Navajo rug but it just won’t work with what the room already has. i found a red pattern’d one but it’s so dominate that it’s all you’d see. we’ll get it worked out. 

          this next week is booked solid. not sure we’re ever going to find the time to actually move in. tuesday the long arm is scheduled to be delivered to the condo and i won’t have time to get started for at least another week. Aaackkk!. 

enough for now. 


Quilter Gone Astray

          i miss my sewing time. i miss my long arm time. when my machine finally gets set up ( i have a delivery date) i’m going to be so out of practice i’ll have to start from scratch. between both shoulder surgeries, getting the house ready to sell, finding a new house and spending months getting it ready to live in it’s been over 2 years. and currently i can’t even access my regular sewing machine. the machine is fine, i just don’t have a table to put it on. 

           there is light at the end of the tunnel. went shopping at american furniture wharehouse.  we’ve ordered living room furniture; sofa, love seat, easy chair and a recliner. all to be delivered this next week. Hurrah!!!  found a dining room table i loved but was way too big. and grrr couldn’t find a desk so the next shopping trip will be to several of the large thrift store.  fans installed, smoke alarms mounted, closet rods installed, beds set up. still need to find the box containing sheets. 

          i do have the baby wolf dressed for a simple color gamp with 5 basic colors and 4 different twill threadings. (the narrow outside strip is not blue.  it’s bright purple and matches the other side.) and am having problems.  for whatever reason the loom is giving me grief. am wondering if somehow it got torqued in the moving truck. after seeing how damaged some of the boxes are i wouldn’t be surprised.  i also can’t seem to focus on any one thing. our life just needs to settle down. i love my routine (what little i had). now everyday seems to depend on workmen, delivery drivers and trips to Home Depot. 

          an example of being un-focused. we spent several hours working at the house. part way back to the condo i questioned if the garage door got closed. normally Grrr drives and i hit the remote. but this day i was driving and he was focused on sorting mail. so we turn around to go back and check. yes, it’s closed.  we continue on taking a different route to pass a friends house and somehow get twisted around and end up on Hutton dr again. so logically if we follow it we’ll drive past our house. Wrong. ended up at the country club. about here is when Grrr realizes he forgot his jacket. at this point we laugh about having to use GPS to find our way home. wiggle our way back, get his jacket, then his cap and make our way back to the condo. Our 3 mile trip turned into a 8 mile detour. 


          Got home and hugged my cat.  Louie Louie is a happy cat. He adjusted to the condo within the first day.  when we start sleeping at the house he’ll adjust to it just fine. it’s the cat door that’s going to be a learning curve for him. he’s not the brightest beast I’ve ever known. 

          today is overcast and cold. not cold like the rest of the country but sock and jacket weather. and we did turn the heat on. 

          till next time.