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a week for finishes

           completed a huge pickle dish customer quilt yesterday. she did a great job on it and even stay stitched all the bias edges for me. was a dream to work on. we thought about doing something special in the white sections but that quilt is so busy decided to keep it simple. did use  a heavy multi color verigated thread on the front and a pale cream on the back.  her piecing was perfect, flat and square. i hope she was as happy with it as i was. 

          have also dug out a pile of unfinished beaded items. the majority of these needed findings and cleaning up. made a fire mountain order and got busy. most are rope bracelets.  


browngold braceletblue rope braceletmauve roll on bracelet

           The necklaces will be shown later. only have 2 of those completed.  the majority of these started out as testing of patterns i make up on the computer. String about a million size 11 delicas and start crocheting. it’s mindless and i can listen to the tv while i work. good way to keep my fingers busy in the evenings. have a pile more started that need a little more crocheting or more beads added. have decided i like the roll on bracelets better. saves a lot of work. not confident on what the measurements should be. i made this one to roll over my hand but once it’s on my wrist it’s way to big.   have some great ideas for more colored ones but the majority of my beads are in a dresser at the condo. 

doubled bracelet

          speaking of the condo. our friends who are staying there have found a house. not far from ours.   they are set to sign the papers on Tuesday.  i know how excited R is to finally have her own place.   i’ve looked at the interior online. very nice.                                           

          took Grrr in for his cataract pre-op appointment on the other eye. the left one is doing great. she sent him to his other eye doctor to have something checked out. turned out not to be a big deal. so tuesday is the big day and it’s back to wearing the patch and using eyedrops 4 times a day. 

          and i have another small rant for the week. i have my toe nails done every 4-5 weeks.  i love the unusual colors that are available.  seems my older bottles of polish will last until my next appointment. have purchased several new bottles lately and those new colors don’t last nearly as long. Chip and crack or even completely come off. and i’m not spending time in the pool.  seems to be a quality thing.  hate to sound like an old person but it appears they don’t make the stuff like they used to. 


          this isn’t Louie. stole the photo from the internet somewhere. i adopted Louie after he’d passed thru this ‘cute’ stage. i hope this young cat keeps the good attitude i sense from it.  my Louie never looks that mellow. but he has taken to sleeping on my cutting table and the ironing board. they’re big enough he doesn’t fall off. 



Last Week Continued.

          Pretty much a re-run of last week. 5 doctor appointments in 4 days. i get thursdays off to spend at the studio. 

          we got called in the day before surgery to get the left eye re-measured. it keeps changing. next day we had the first cataract surgery. went well excpet they couldn’t use the toric lenses to correct the astigmatism. put in a regular lense.  he was expecting instant change (because he doesn’t listen to his doctor) but at the post op appointment she assured him it takes a little longer. This is 4 days past surgery and he’s noticeing a big difference. we’re doing drops in his eyes 4 times a day for a month and in a couple of weeks we get the other eye done. she’s not sure about using the toric but so far so good. 

          We’ve also been referrd to a kidney specialist by his GP. not sure what thats about yet. the RH doctor decided he doesn’t have rheumatoid arthritis. good news. he doesn’t have lupus. good news. But. . . . .his kidney count is too low to ignore. so we’re off to get more lab work done and meet with a new doctor. getting old sucks!

20190809 112439


          have spent no time in my room working on anything. have a stack of quilts from the club and was supposed to pick up another customer quilt wednesday but that didn’t happen. am aiming for time with Lola this weekend. need to un-stitch this quilt. was almost completed when i discovered a big pleat in the backing. spent yesterday taking it apart and today will be for starting over on it.  need to knock down the quilt count by one. 

          on the car accident there is good news to report. All State insurance finally located the fellow who hit the Honda. they felt with the damage to our car his should be worse but he spent a week avoiding their phone calls. they have agreed to pay the estimate from the repair shop we got. seems the photos i sent them were what decided that the damage was minor but the estimate from the shop gave the true damage. so they’re sending us an initial amount and then paying the balance directly to the repair shop. the car is going to have to wait until he can drive. i’ve done my bit. 

44305578 2331509273529117 384197314392096768 n

          i’m still not watching the news. i dont’ find it difficult to believe we’ve had two mass shootings in 24 hours. If Sandy Hook 7 years ago and 20 little kids getting killed didn’t get any changes done nothing is going to make it happen now. this country loves it guns more than it loves it’s children. look at the poor educational system, look at the amount of child molesters and abusers,  look at the number of kids in the foster system.  and think about this for a minute. what kind of culture needs to send children to school with bullet proof back packs. 

          We deserve what’s happening by not valueing our kids. and i don’t want to hear comments about ‘well, you never had any kids’. no i didn’t, but i was a kid caught in the system where i had no value. so keep your comments to yourself. 

          that rant felt good.

20190612 093238



          it’s no wonder we have hair balls. he spends a lot of time ingesting hair and i spend a lot of time spot cleaning the carpet. but he does have great grooming habits. i’d hate to try to bath him. he even supervises my cleaning of his litter box. not sure what he’ do to me if i missed a day. 




          am feeling a little overwhelmed. 

4 doctor appointments in 3 days. i’ve started going into Grrr’s appointments with him so i know what the dr tells him. seems it doesn’t always get translated correctly. he’s now on ear medication due to a fugal infection because he needs to clean his hearing aids. we’re communicating by text because i’m tired of yelling at him which he still doesn’t hear. I’ve started wearing ear protection in the house due to the tv volume. 

          he blames his new RH meds on why he feels so tired and lousy. i’m thinking depression is a big part. his GP tested for all the basics (by my request) and no problems came up. we see his RH doctor next week and also get cataract surgery on the first eye. 

          then we leave the office to go home and someone had run into his car in the medial center parking lot!  so now i’m dealing with all that crap. the guy left his insurance policy number on the window so i had a place to start. All State has you download an app and jump thru all the hoops and then you wait. they send you how much $ they’ll agree to pay and i send them the estimate from a local repair shop. they’re offering less than half. we’re negotiating. it would be way less money to pay our deductible but Grrr doesn’t want it on our record. i may be looking for an attorney. too many photos to post here. 

patio leak

          plus the new patio roof is leaking in 4 places. called and they re-sealed the entire roof. told me in this extreme heat the sealent dries out too fast so it’s common to have to go over it several times. 

20190730 125112

          have been managing to work in my room for short spurts of time. finished another quilt (my own)  and picked up 4 more from the club. have the first one started. all appear to be fun, bright, scrappy tops that will be perfect for stippling. and i really screwed up on the first one. loaded the quilt the wrong direction and on the last pass discovered the backing was too short. took it off and will be asking the club to please fix. there is plenty of yardage on the side to stitch on the short end. sorry ladies. 

20190801 105923

           completed one scarf at the studio. cut the warp and re-tied on. tension issues. the second one will be a  light purple.  have made very little progress on the looms here at home. the warps i make for dish towels go on forever. 2 more colors done. plain weave is fast. 

20190729 103604




           pieced 5 Christmas place mats for the club to sell. they can do the quilting on a standard machine and find backing for them. i had guessed i could get 6 out of the amount of holiday print i had but it didn’t work out that way. it’ll be their problem. or i’ll keep one for a center piece. 

20190714 110801when-you-do-laundry-1

          it’s over 100 degrees outside and probably at least 80 in here and he’s snuggled in a quilt. 20190324 094458




          Grrr spent the day watching the Mueller show and i refuse. at this point all politics makes me angry. i don’t believe anybody and have decided that greed rules the world and nobody can change it within the foreseable future.  Mother Earth will have to cleanse itself and start over. read this and ruin your whole day.

67094822 2272916662800153 7456013790782423040 n

          am greatful i have A/C in the studio room. am  currently back on my looms and trying to build inventory for the big fall sale at Sun Dial this November.  dish towels is my zen. i’m happiest sitting here watching the fell line move up. am on towel 5 out of 10.  weaving dish towels does not take much thought and i started musing on how and why people learn to weave or what they do for a past time.  (around here it’s generally golf).

          i was a co- teacher for our local beginning teacher for one of her classes. just listening to her made me realize the amount of knowledge and expericene that goes into creating one item. she explained on a limited basis how looms work, the principles of structure, uses of the assorted tools and vocabulary. she only covered the necessary highlights and it was frightening to think of what they didn’t know and will have to learn by ‘doing’ 

         Weaving has a long and fascinating history. it was considered skilled labor until the industrial revolution. there are still discussions regarding weaving as a craft or an art form. you get to choose. somehow i don’t feel comfortable being labeled as a craft person or an artist. i call myself a textile technician. 

          todays weaver usually only has experience and skill with a specific part of the entire process.  Occasionally the weaver is also a spinner and has knowledge to card and spin the purchased raw fleece or cotton . the weaver will never meet nor care for the animal or plants her selection came from. 

          personally i started with Amy and Abraham, my lincoln long wools. learned how to de-worm, clip hooves, mix the feed and all the other daily chores that come with live stock. then comes lambing season. Yikes.  that was so much work. Anyway in my weaving history i can state that i’ve started with shearing a sheep and weaving a poncho. once was enough.  

          as for spinning cotton for a dish towel.  never again. one of Grrr’s brothers sent me a pillow case full of freshly picked cotton.  and just because you can spin wool it has no relationship to spinning cotton balls. 

          back to the process. there is an army of people out there employed to expertly do all the different processes that enable me to purchase a cone of cotton, wool or linen. (thank goodness!)

          somebody picks it or at least drives the machinery, or shears the sheep, the mill cards and spins it, the dyer colors it and wraps it on cones. it gets shipped to a shop and i buy it. it’s an entire industry.  i have basic knowledge of all of these steps but choose to go shopping. 

          Well, that was an interesting detour.         

Enough musings. here’s a quilt of mine i just took off Lola. picked up 4 more from the quilt club this morning so it’s time to get busy. 


65313257 2261479463939266 4663198035109478400 n

           it’s so hot so we’ve been hibernating at home except for grrr’s dr appointments with more to come. he got his pre-op for the cataract surgery done and  i have his medications all lined up. i picked up my new glasses and have adjusted to the prisms. driving for the first time was a thrill. 

                 saw this on FB and couldn’t pass it up. besies the attitude it even looks like Louie. he wouldn’t believe it even if you could prove it. have learned he hates thunder. no panic attack but he gets twitchy.  moved under the bed covers and tried to lay across my stomach. too hot and he’s too heavy. we compromised. 

          till next time.



indian print

          it’s about time. she was gone for 5 weeks. but it wasn’t all bad. gave me a chance to sit and sew more tops to add to the rather large collection in the 2 totes that live under her frame.  Richard returned her this week and i finished the large top with Indian prints.  

             she still has a bug i need to work out. when i drive in one specific direction she skips stitches. figure it’s either one of the encoders or i need to turn the needle eye a smidge. it’s surprising how out of practice i get in such a short time. when Steven at 35th ave sewing called to tell me she was ready and what the bill would be he commented on what a perfect stitch she has. he was impressed. 

new glasses

          i got new glasses. i knew i needed an upgrade in the prescription. and after grrr got diagnosed with cataracts and his doctor said everybody gets them eventually i decided it was time to get checked out. so yes i needed a rx change. these weigh about a third of what my old pair does. much smaller frames and thinner lenses. vision centers need to figure out how allow patients to actually see what the frames are going to look like when trying them out. without lenses i can’t see myself in the mirror. with these i trusted the woman who was helping and i can’t say i’m delighted but their ok. and so far they don’t slip down my nose. They have prisms to help with the tracking problem and last night i got a nasty headache after about an hour. he had told me it would take time to adjust to them and if after 10 days i was still having problems to come back. he also told me for the first few days not to drive with them. the world does look much clearer and brighter. he made the commet that these would allow the eye muscles to relax. i don’t think they know how. so we’ll see. tried driving with them going to Phoenix yesterday. Wrong!. the road was moving even when i wasn’t. but it’s taking longer before the head ache starts. 

          spent a day at the studio. Corrected multiple threading and pattern errors. Then decided to re-sley the whole warp. much better. then wove samples of different possible weft choices. going to have to think some more about this. 


          and made a trip to my favorite fabric store. (5th Ave). glassit’s embarrassing to be purchasing more fabric but grrr wants a maze quilt and i have a pattern from years ago when i made a sample block for a pattern tester.   instead of his usual red/black and white this time he’s asking for a light and dark teal with black and tan for the shadows. 

          this coming week i’m already feeling like a squirrel. too many options to work on. in reality that’s a good problem to have. i’m never board. 


           and Louie has found a new nesting place. i know cats like to look ‘down’ on the rest of humanity but we’ve discovered that the top of the frig gets a direct breeze from the A/C. and in these temps i can’t blame him. 


          and it’s not often i get a glimpse of the size of his back feet. extra toes and all. normal cats have 4 toes on back  and 5 on the front. he has 5 on each back and before surgery he had 7 on front paws. 

          the weather folks are still talking monsoons. Waiting. Waiting. waiting. 

Later maggie

We have Furniture

          it’s nothing extraordinary but it’s comfortable. and the price was very reasonable. After shopping for 2 days in this heat and being shocked at the price differences at different stores we settled on American Furniture. this is the same place we purchased most of the house furnishings. Grrr was growling about we should have gone here first. (he was right) we passed on the umbrella. will be finding a plant or center piece decoration to cover up the hole. 

          and here’s a photo of the solar skylight. the photo was taken about 3pm on a sunny day. this is the medium size light. really thought it would bring in more light.  i was worried about a strobe effect with the ceiling fan but it’s fine. that’s why the installer talked us out of the larger size. 

          with Lola gone i’ve been sewing. saw a picture of a very simple lap size quilt and had the perfect fabrics for it. the color in the photo is way off. it’s a definite purple and cream. i have just barely enough to the dark color for the missing the bottom sashing. not sure it’ll even have borders beyond this. 


          no progress on the towel warp. do have the studio loom warped with a hand dyed warp for 2 scarves. next week will check for errors and make decisions on what wefts to use.  the baby wolf is ready to be warped with a green tencel for scarves. 

          finished a beaded eye glass leash for a friend. forgot to take a photo. will catch up with her later. and have aleady sold 2 of the three just completed tencel shawls.  

     and the sari silk place mats are at the studio waiting for quality control. not terribly happy with them. thinking maybe the warp should have been more ends per inch. 

posing for camera

          no monsoons yet. the weather people keep threatening that it’ll happen soon. Currently is over 110 every day. this morning at 8:am it was 90 and has only gone up from there. it’s so nice that my studio space has it’s own A/C.  it’s the coolest room in the house so not only do i spend a lot of time in there so does Louie. he’s been spending nights in there rather than on his cat tree in the bedroom. during the day he’s forever in my way. he plops down and rolls over to have a belly rub right in front of my next step. dangerous behavior. he’s also started sleeping on Lola’s 12 foot table which will have to stop when she comes home. 

no self esteem issues here - he loves posing for the camera.




          we hit the sales looking for patio furniture. Shopping and decision making is hard when it’s this hot. And who would of thought that finding patio furniture would be so difficult. first store had really nice stuff. only 2 wood tables, (both eucalytus wood and also available in teak) and they were both larger than grrr wanted. Although the room is big enough that they would have worked well but the price was a shocker.  and the chairs. very nice and he fell in love with a swivel/rocker will big canvas seat and backing for just over 900.00. course the table was over a grand.  Grrr wants the chairs to match and at these prices that’s not going to happen. at least the chair i preferred was only 400.00. can’t deny that the quality was excellent but this is for a patio. we thanked the sales man and moved on. 

          second stop was the patio place that was affiliated with the company that build the patio. way way down in Phoenix. their web site was really deceiving. their primary sales were for hot tubes and barbque pits. very little furniture selection. they verified their discount and prices were much better but they only had 1 wood table (600.00) and none of the chairs really caught our attention. he told us they were getting the new designs in come august and suggestd we come back then. we’ll see. it was getting late so we came home. ready to check out 2-3 more places today. 

20190630 230854

          we did get some more art work for the walls. grr’s been complaining that the kitchen walls are bare. i’ll show that next week along with his wooden piece he made for a contest. These 2 pieces hang in the entry way.  the red goes with the area rug and the painting over the sofa. we’d talked about having a quilt there but i’ve never gotten around to making it and i’ve noticed that in the year we’ve lived here that wall is where people put their hands. folks come in, take their shoes off ( i’ve never figured out why.) and brace their hand on that wall. it already showed hand prints.  nobody will want to do that now. will have to pay attention and see how they change behavior. 

          we also have the solar tube lighting in the living room. i’m disappointed. thought it would be brighter in there.  maybe we should have gone with a bigger one bt at least it does not get a strobe effect from the fan. that was my big concern. 

          have been weaving away on my run linen/cotton dish towels. slow and boring. this is as far as i’ve gotten. 2 towels out of a long list of colors. 


           and managed to finish the patriotic quilt i’ve been struggling with. the baby lock was giving me grief. took several tries but i managed to fix it and we’re both happier now.  



          have decided to put a temperature quilt on my ‘to do’ list. i’ve been seeing a lot of them pop up on blogs and pinterest.  i do have a color run of fabrics that were in the condo closet.  next comes the decisions on temperature ranges with the appropriate colors. 

          Lola is still waiting for her part. Seems ABM is questioning why 35th Ave is working on an Innova. they feel it should have been returned to an authorised dealer. talking with them if we’re ever in this position again i’ll order the part sent to me. for now just mail the damn part. 

          and my major success this week was finishing the warp at the studio. got 9 sari silk place mats plus a short sample. they’re folded across the ironing board. tried to show the differences in the weft. will do a straight stitch across the plain weave hems to reinforce before i cut them apart and actually hem them. 2 already have a home. the rest will be washed and put up for sale. 


          this isn’t Louie but it’s exactly what happens when i try to discipline him. except he more often goes for my ankles. that finger is a direct challenge.  

65095596 2398951953502251 8576861209767182336 n

          no major fireworks in our neighborhood so that didn’t freak him out but we did have a big helicopter cruising around Friday morning and he refused to go into the patio. would like to know what they were looking for. 


No Big News

          Grrr survived his RA appointment. had blood work done and is scheduled for a bone density test. we’re weaning him off the prednisone meds and onto a different medication that he takes once a week. so far he hasn’t complained about the pain returning. 

          i have half a 17-18 yard warp wound on the loom here at the house and the loom at the studio is on the last place mat. just needs the last hem woven.  have another warp planed. next thursday is 4th of July but i’m going to be open over there. we don’t have any other plans other than shopping over the weekend. stores are advertising furniture sales and the patio is still empty. i don’t want chairs on wheels and Grrr doesn’t want a glass top table. That pretty much covers it. we’ll see whats available and pick from there. 


          did finish the paper pieced blocks. now to decide if i want to pull the paper off before i sew them together or after. it’s such a messy job. the lower photo is the pile of tencel and silk shawls i completed last week. just need to twist the fringe, clean up loose threads and wash and they’re ready to find new homes. 



          we did spend 2 evenings watching the debates and then i went online and did some fact checking. the majority were right on. these folks probably knew they’d be fact checked pretty closely. did pick out some favorites to watch but it’s so early anything could happen. 


          these guys go on alert but seldom run. i did take the photo thru the patio screen but had opened the window which is when he sat up and paid attention. we had baby quail for a while but seems they went missing several days ago. coyotes eat well around here. there are a few baby bunnies and small jacks but they have to be ready to hide. 



            Found this picture of a remarkable cat on FB. I’d take him home without a second thought. 

          we’ll be staying close to the A/C this weekend. predicted to be at least 110. i should be able to get lots done. 

          Louie says hi to his fans and wants everyone to stay safe in this heat. It’s hot enough he isn’t spending time out on his cat tree. 



feeling good about what i’ve accomplished

20190618 090744

          making progress on several fronts this week. Wound over 500 warp ends for the next project. a 17 yard warp of linen and cotton for a run of dish towels. almost finished with the third and last shawl on the current warp. the first 2 are tencel wefts. this last one is a slubby raw silk. should soften up after wet finishing. 

20190620 154438


          Started a paper pieced quilt. sometimes making the color decision is the hardest part of the whole process. this is a purchased pattern and they only show a 2 color quilt. i’m using a mix of blocks in reds, whites and blues. 

          received a phone call from Steven at 35th ave sew and vac to discuss Lola.  i had guessed that the whole tension unit would need replacing and i was correct. he needed permission to order the part from ABM.  Not sure how long it will take to get the part from Texas. told him to please order it, and call me when he’s done. don’t know where he’s from but love his accent. need to let the quilters know that i can either return these unfinished tops or just hang onto them until Lola comes home. 

          got all the windows cleaned by a professional. the patio guys left full hand prints on every window out there. i thought i could do them but grrr decided to hire someone for the whole house. not sure if he just wanted a professional job or didn’t want me stressing my shoulders. i’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. 

          We have 9 appointments coming up starting late july running thru august for his cataract surgeries. 2 different pre-ops, the actual surgery and then a follow up for each eye. he’s thinking maybe washington in September. not sure if i’ll go with him. depends on if i can find a cat sitter. 

          also had our third estimate for a solar tube light in the living room. This company was exactly twice the price of the other 2. WOW!.  but he could do it this coming week. he also was the least professional. we had the same thing happen when we were getting patio estimates. we’re thinking the job wasn’t big enough to interest them so they jack the price up. it works. we moved on. grrr made the phone call and we’re scheduled for first week in July. 

          found a new place to get audio books.  i belong to and for a set cost i get 2 books of my choice monthly. Chirp offer specials each day. prices are way lower than audible and i can listen on my phone. if you like to listen rather than read check it out.  i know you can get free books from the library but in my experience they expire and disappear off your system. Makes me crazy. 


          we also celebrated our anniversary. 22 years this time. how’d that happen? no gifts, just out to dinner. no dishes to wash or kitchen to clean up. i’ve decided to keep him. 

20190611 083838



          the window washer actually recognized  Louie as a Maine Coon. Maybe because i live with him i’m not aware of his size.  Just because he hangs over the chairs and on occasion falls off. the windows look great. the nose prints will be back soon enough but i’ll hire them again. 



back to our routine almost

          i thought we were done with remodeling. But. . .   grrr has decided that the patio cuts down on the brightness of the living room. Yes, of course it does. he wants sun shine in there. So he’s getting estimates for skylights.   with no direct sun coming into that room it’s going to stay cooler. last year when he went home during august i kept the drapes closed and it made a world of difference. but yes, the room is dim. so skylights it will be. we still haven’t been shopping for patio furniture but it’s too hot to sit out there anyway. even Louie doesn’t spend much time out there. 

S & S.

          great visit with the kids. all we did was eat and they spent time at the pool and looking a open houses.  the plan is to come back in about 6 months when they are old enough to buy property. they rented a convertible while they were here.  zippy little car. absolutely no trunk space or even a back seat. Louie misses them. he waited at the door for a while and then slept in their bed. But yesterday they picked up the bed (it was rented) and he stood in the hall and verbally complained to where i went to check on him. 

          we’re not sure about visiting Washington in the fall. grrr will be getting cataract surgery late July and early august so either we won’t go or it will just be later in the fall. to be determined. 

20190614 134848


          lola isn’t home yet so nothing to show. have been sewing sporadically but weaving on the shawl warp every day. first one done. Second one is a much lighter weft but still tercel. have another 2 sari silk place mats done at the studio. only a couple more to go before that warp is finished. next in line is a blazing shuttle soft cotton that i’m splitting for scarves. 

           found this on face book. never saw the movie but have read the book. never realized this could be Louie.  Leo’s grooming is much better.  Louie is the scruffy cousin. 


                               they both have a very direct way of looking at you. (Usually)

20190406 103652

till next time.