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progress is slow!

20190524 040025

          We now have a sliding glass door that replaced one of the big windows in the living room.  The patio cement is poured and set and at the end of the month the walls are scheduled to be put up. and last night in the dark there was some kind of critter out there and Louie, the angry hunter, ran smack into the glass attempting to protect his territory or have a snack. not sure which. thumped his head hard, looked at me like it was my fault and left the room. next morning he bit me to the point that Grrr had to bandage the back of my calf. i’m blaming that on Grrr. he came in and rousted us both out of bed way too early. i had thoughts of biting some body too. 

          have made several more loads from the condo while the company were in Idaho for a second load, but i can only get 6 boxes in my car at a time. these are large boxes and if i fill them completely then i can’t lift them. so it’s a slow process. they’re now back so i don’t feel as free to go over there and load up so it’s going to take even longer. But he has a truck so i plan on asking to fill it up when their life slows down. they haven’t had time to even look at houses yet. 

          the kids will arrive the first week in June and the guest room is nearly empty. need to make a trip to the thrift shop to donate items i purchased there several years ago. example: ironing board. don’t need 2 of them. 

          will also be advertising several bigger items related to weaving. a Leclerc warping board and an umbrella swift, also Leclerc. bought new for the condo and now i have 2 of each. these are the newer ones that need a home. thrift store wouldn’t even know what they are. 

          no sewing or even quilting this week. have 2 customer quilts waiting but was told no hurry so i’m taking them at their word. have been unpacking and trying to find places to stow everything. 

          grrr’s doing well on his steroids. at my appointment last week after hearing my cough and gravely voice it got their attention (again) . am now lined up for allergy testing. in the mean time i’m taking some kind antihistamine and antibiotic that doesn’t want me to sleep and i walk around feeling slightly nauseated all the time. this getting old sucks! 

          have been weaving at the studio. these will be place mats. am using carpet warp threaded twill and skeins of sari silk i’ve had floating around for years. 

          also spent my birthday winding and sleying my big loom here at the house. doesn’t look like much yet but the colors glow. will be 3 shawls, in tencel, each with a different weft color and probably treadling. but as of now this is as far as i got. then Grrr took me to mighty moo ice cream parlor for my birthday treat. 

          i’m filling my new room up fast. i promise it will look better once everything is unpacked and put away. i still have an idustrial clothing rack full of completed quilts. (am thinking it will live in the guest room.) and a chest of drawers full of threads for Lola. All the beads and paraphernalia are in my bedroom in the roll top desk. 


          so today i’m cleaning off Lola’s table and at least getting a start on the customer quilt. am feeling guilty, have had it for a week and haven’t even unrolled it yet. 

found a quote on FB. 

58461729 2164314480340615 48525412388569088 n

But Grrr took the door off. i’m in trouble!



grand central

          this last week has felt like we live at grand central station. have had more people coming and going this week since we’ve moved in. the patio people sent the fellow that will be taking out the window and installing a slider. he’ll be back monday. and grrr some how decided spur of the moment that since we’re going to have a nice useable patio we should have a nice back yard to enjoy while we’re drinking out coffee outside. 

          now we had talked and decided that the patio would be the last big project for a while. the house needs new insulated windows but we’d wait till next year. Yeah, right. however the back yard is now partially completed. still waiting for the new rocks to replace the dirty gravel we currently have but we now have 2 trees (thanks to a sale at Moon Valley). one is a bottle brush that will bloom red and the second is a jacaranda in purple. 

20190518 08420620190517 151747

and an area of 4 cactus, one about a foot high and 3 smaller ones. 

20190518 084220

grrr opted for no fruit trees.( we already have rats on occasion and don’t want to encourage them.). and in order to get the new plants to survive we now have a new underground watering system that automatically runs 3 days a week for 10 minutes each directly to each shrub, tree and plant.  we’re both shocked at the price of trees and cactus that grow naturally here. i would love to hava a Joshua tree but 400.00 for a 2 foot tree is out of our budget. 

          finally finished the green sampler quilt that has been such a struggle on Lola for the last 2 weeks. went to load the next one in line and the backing wasn’t big enough. Returned everything i had and suggested they offer a class in how and why long arm quilters need extra all the way aound. 

          have the loom at the studio completely warped. will start on sari silk place mats next week. 

          am slowly removing stuff the extra bedroom into the new room. refolding fabric so it will fit in the apple crates but am leaving 3 of the metal racks alone and just wheeling them in to live behind Lola. we found a place that delivers to rent a bed for the week the kids are here. need to round up a couple of pillows and blanket

          still fussing over choosing a design for the next item on the big loom. Had decided on 3 scarves in a mix of golds, yellows and creams but half way thru changed direction and went for much wider which will be shawls instead. it’s called using up the stash.  think i’ve settled on a threading pattern which i can change the treadling on for each item. have the warp chained up but all the loom tools are still stashed behind grrr’s recliner. need the hand cart to move the barrel and it’s at the condo. 

          speaking of condo. the company has arrived and currently are on their way back to Idaho for another load. Grrr was helping them pack their possessions into a storage unit and chuckled at the snow shovel they brought.  we did take time for a good visit. she has a job transfer lined up with a 30 day leave in-between which is flying by. they haven’t had time to look at houses yet. that’s the next step when they get back this coming week. but while they’re gone we had plans on taking more of our stuff out of the condo and we’ve run out of days of the week. i still have a closet stuffed with weaving and quilting and even bead supplies. and grrr still has clothing and lumber in the outside storage. 

          had taken Louie off his meds and promptly put him back on. the landscape people sent him into hiding. and they show up so early that he crawls in under the covers and wants to lay across my stomach for protection. he’s too heavy for that. this gets us both out of bed but the lazy beast goes back to bed after breakfast. it’s a hard life. 

20190515 093332

          am looking forward to the day when we won’t have workmen here and can just enjoy this place. 



and my take on the big political topic of the week. "Men cause 100% of all unwanted pregnancies so why is the burden of responsibility on women. Men are the root cause of this issue. we need to hold them responsible. "

progress has been made

the new patio has been started. (Finally)

                                      we have to let the cement cure for a week.   


this is how they left it with instructions that we water it several times over the next couple of days. 

          now we’re discussing if they’re going to take the window out and replace it with a slider before the outer walls go up or do the walls go up first. i vote for walls first so Louie can’t escape. but i’ll live with whatever the company decides to do. 

          have continued to move into my room. took bags of weaving cottons to the club and left them for others to take and use. i’m never going to live long enough to use everything I’ve collected over the years. decided to take it in rather than have people come here. We’re in the midst of more chaos again. the handy man hung my cone racks, my prop and my damask girls . still needs to anchor the wire racks to the wall. i know they don’t have earth quakes here but. . .  they would make a hell of a mess if they came down.  today he’s replacing the front door that doesn’t fit and fix the doorbell. 

          grrr’s high school friend and his wife arrived last night and are staying at the condo. still haven’t moved all the way out yet but he drives a truck so will be asking for help transporting several items i need moved. besides a lot of boxes. but the floor is picked up and it’s safe for Lucy. 

20190508 105108

          i warned Louie when i got out of bed that he was on a downward slide. he ignored me and several minutes later the whole comforter slid to the floor with him on it. looked at me like it was my fault and stomped out of the room.  i’ve taken him off the CBD oil to see how he does with a new batch of workmen here. so far he’s fine. sits on the top of his cat tree and watches. but when they start taking out the living room wall and putting in a slider he’ll go back on his meds. that’s exactly where his favorite cat tree sits and he’s not going to be a happy cat. what am i saying - he’s never happy. 



Small Steps

20190501 122840

          Did my first quilt since Lola got re-set up.  had a few issues but everything was fixable. finished this quilt and donated it without binding to the club.  the tension needed tweeking. the thread was breaking. she was skipping stitches.  Discovered that when they had extended the cord across the ceiling they’d moved wires along the back of the machine. one was moving the encoder back there. 

          this is the next in line. Not mine thank goodness. who ever made this has no clue as to how to measure borders. i quilt what i get and if there are tucks, pleats or other issues it’s not mine to fix. and this one has it all. 

20190503 092923

          also in this pix you can see a short strip of electrical cord running down the wall behind the machine. the electrician extended the cord to the corner of the ceiling and brought it down the wall. works perfectly. the outlets that were dead had never been switched on in the circuit breaker box. 

          Have a handyman coming monday to hang cone racks, my airplane prop and to anchor the wire racks to the wall and a bunch of other misc chores.  Grrr doesn’t do ladders. 

          finally got a pix of a couple of jacks out back. there was a baby with them but couldn’t get it included in the shot. ignore the neighbor’s ceramic ducks. no self respecting duck would live out there. no water. 

20190501 115425


          and we have quail eggs. the port-a-potty company came and picked it up. he knocked on the door and let me know there was a nest under one corner. didn’t think i could move the eggs so covered them up with a box and cut a hole for a door. that lasted until the garbage men took the box. have since discovered she’s not bothering to sit the eggs. just laying them. we started out with 5 and last count there are 11. not sure how long it’s going to take before the coyotes get them or i have to throw out rotten eggs. 

          Have started putting a warp on a studio loom but still unable to make a decision as to what to put on my home looms. i’m like a squirrel trying to cross the road. way too many options.  Besides i still haven’t unpacked what i have here or even put much away. still have weaving stuff all over between here and the condo. 

          on the knee problem. it’s not a blood clot. it’s not migrating screws. it’s an unidentified mass. duh! i told them that when i made the appointment. Anyway - no one’s excited about it so we’re watching it for changes. so i just limp around for a while. 

          and Louie has a new hidding place. He naps here and can keep an eye on what i’m doing. we only have 2 apple crates filled with fabric until grrr gets the base made and moved under the crates to get them off the floor. 

till next time. 


lola’s home

          We never anticipated moving that machine would be so hard. had been told ’ no’ by 5 different companies.  However, my project manager from Yourson construction (can't say enough good things about that company) knew some one who had a long arm moved. he made a few calls on my behalf and i struck gold. 35th Ave sew and vac is my savior. they’d never moved an innova but told me it can’t be that different so it got done. and the price was reasonable. that store has my undying loyalty.   

          the issue with the ceiling outlet still not resolved . have the lazer and computer re-installed. Have re-attach all the parts and pieces. and for some reason i had to re-time. can’t figure out why but she’s now running like a dream. today i’ll bring a tote of my own tops and batting and mount a top to practice on just in case there’s an issue. then i can be back in business. have owned that machine for one year and according to the computer i’ve done a total of 59 quilts. 

          next on the list is a handyman to re-hang cone racks, my airplane prop, attach the wire racks to the wall (they have a definite outward lean to them) and other assored items.

          today i’m packing up the weaving closet at the condo. we’ve decided to hire a mover to haul the big items still there like the quilt rack, several chests of drawers.  i’ll get everything boxed and ready.  plus i need to go over the carpet for pins. we have company staying there as of the 10th of may. this way Lucy (their dog) can have the run of the place. it’s going to be so nice not to have to drive back and forth.  for a year all i’ve heard was ‘you’re never home.” now grrr will be complaining that i’m always under foot.

          this is a photo of my washington studio space. i’m mentally making a resolution that i won’t let this new space get to the point of chaos like this one did. the scary thing is i’m very comfortable working amid this mess. only a corner post of the longarm shows in the lower right which is just as well.  it was probably covered in quilt tops being auditioned for pattern ideas.  i’ sold several of these looms before we moved so that should help. 

12524159 10209119115595763 8733620024134792507 n

          have been having a medical issue with my right knee.  this is the leg i’ve broken several times over the years, had parts replaced 30 years ago and lately it’s been giving me problems.  discovered a golf ball size lump and got into the doctor right away. Had multiple xrays and an ultra sound to determine exactly what it is. at this point we know it’s not a blood clot and none of the screws have migrated. they’re labeling it unidentified.  which tells me it’s going to have to come out. damn!!!   this getting old sucks!  

he's just never happy

          Grrr is doing well on his prednisone. telling everyone he feels like he’s 60 years old again. 

          still waiting on the patio people to start. guess i’ll have to start pestering them. Louie spends the majority of his time in the studio sitting by his cat door waiting. 

          this photo is not actually Louie. it’s a look-a-like i found on the internet. But this guy has the identical expression.  that direct scowl right into your heart.  that haughty expression, pissy attitude and all the fluff that he leaves in tuffs all over the floors. i’m only allowed to brush him for about a minute at time. he’s just never happy. life is tough for all of us. 

          and the doctors who have looked at my knee have all lectured me on toxic cat bites and cat scratch fever due to the bites and scratches on my legs. so yes, he’s still playing gorilla warfare on my bare skin. 



Diamond Blog Hop a day early

          i know i’m publishing this a day earlier than i’m scheduled to but tomorrow is Lola’s moving day. 

          Another Blog Hop. i’m on a roll here!. and having fun.  In this case i even have multiple entries. 

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          so now it’s time to unveil what i’ve accomplished. 

Here is diamond #1. first photo are blocks hanging on the wall. 

boxes copy

          next it's mounted on Lola. first couple rows of funky feathers stitched. 

IMG 20150521 110250737 HDR

then close ups of stitching. 

IMG 20161204 153338186

i love the colors in this quilt. 

and to prove I’ve even got the binding on which is my VERY LEAST favorite part of the whole process. All done by machine of course. 

IMG 20170205 094300946

        now to get it washed,  get all the cat hair off and find it a new home. 

          on to the second top. this one was in a tote of unfinished tops i’ve had stored under Lola for the last year. it’s now finished too. stitched lazy loops on this one. 

          please ignore the black, red and white bed quilt it’s laying on.  this is  grrr’s bed and since he always makes his bed i use it for pictures. 

          and here’s the backing and proof that it’s bound. 

20190403 123153

          Now onto the little diamond piece i started and completely finished in the last 3 weeks. found a picture on the internet and an idea sparked in my head. usually it’s a piece of fabric, either color or pattern that sets me on a path.  but i’ve had diamonds on my brain lately. (Besides in my ears)

i’ve titled it ‘ even diamonds aren’t perfect'. 

             i’ve so enjoyed participating in these blog hops.  Carol, the blog hop mother or organizer has done a great job of keeping me on track. and I’ve gotten to see the work of so many other quilters on their blogs. 

          The looms got uncovered last week and i’m in the process of moving into my new space so sewing will slow down considerably. need to get them warped including the one at the studio.  was reminded that i haven’t turned in any new inventory for the fall sale yet. However this pause in weaving has given me a chance to spend lots of time with Lola and we took advantage of it.  now to get Lola moved into her new space. 

happy stitchine everyone. till next time. 

Maggie (and Lola) 

We Passed

          We passed our final inspection! 


and i’ve started moving in.  

          not sure about a moving date for Lola. received a call from copper needle and it was not pleasant. Gina’s new husband (Casey) got rude and aggressive about he wasn't a hired moving man.  After raising the price to 500 and telling me that amount still wasn’t worth his time i suggested he talk to his wife who is the one who volunteered him.  i had been originally told she had 2 customers here in town that needed attention. the other gal needed service done to her machine so if we could get scheduled for the same day it would cost each of us less. i think he didn’t get that message. seems that any follow up service after purchasing from her is non-existent. and she needs to know that Casey is not going to be good for business.  

          Any way - grrr called the local firemen movers. they took one look at it and since the frame needs to be dismantled told me no. they only moved stuff, taking items apart and putting them back together is not what they do.  Called Mulqueens, but they too declined as it’s not a brand they’re familiar with. who would have guessed that this would be such a problem?  but he told me to try Gina one more time (this makes 6 over a 3 week period) and if that fails to then call ABM’s home office. 

          we signed a contract for the patio this week.  was told it would take 4-5 weeks and there are no in-between inspections. only a final one when completely done. Am expecting them to show up soon to start the cement pour. 

          my bedroom has floor space again. hauled boxes into the studio. not everything is unpacked and won’t be until grrr has all the apple crates assembled and Lola moves in. still have black plastic garbage bags behind all the furniture in the living room. these contain the big cones that are from the cone racks that need to be re-mounted on the walls. so calling the local handyman is also on the list. seems to be one step forward, two steps back this week. 

20190415 154411

          have been doing some sewing.  saw a picture of these blocks and decided to make my own out of a package of layer cake fabrics i’ve had floating around for ages. i like it. Bright fun baby quilt. have one more odd block but it’s going to have to be put on the back. odd numbers of blocks don’t work. so this is a stopping place and these blocks will now be stuffed into a bag for assembling at a later date. too much else to do. 

20190414 135823

          finally took photos of the place mats i made several weeks ago. made a series of 8 and donated 6 to the quilting group. just did easy straight stitching on my home machine and saved the binding for them to do.  kept 2 for us. these came from a huge nickel pack of vegetable prints that i couldn’t come up a great idea to use. 

          and am now working on trianngles. 

20190418 124035

          went to grrr’s latest dr appointment with him. he loves the prednisone she put him but he can’t stay on it indefinitely. does bad things to a body.  she did gave him a refill for one month and a referral to a doctor that specializes in rheumatoid arthritis.  his lab work for inflamation was extremely high.  he’s blaming it on the mri machine but that can’t be right. mri are magnets and sound waves. they’re not going to cause any problem unless you have metal parts in your body and a lead bullet isn’t magnetic.  so now i’m pestering him to make this next dr appointment. 

          the scheduled sellers meeting at the studio got cancelled.  postponed until fall. it’s a problem that none of us keep our inventory sheets up to date. including me.  hate detailed paperwork so it got added to my ‘ todo’ list. 

          the month of may is rapidly approaching and i’m set to monitor at the studio every thursday just like last year. there will be an empty looms as the snowbirds have gone home for the summer. need to get a warp planned, measured and ready to go so i can use my time over there. have decided thursday hours will be a little different this year. traditionally they’re 9 to noon. i’m not a morning person so this year it’ll be 10 to 2. 

20190413 192429

Louie is easily entertained. 



Not Yet

          still waiting for the final inspection. have now been told it’s due Monday.  the door to the garage got changed out which means they also had to do a repair on the frame and wall. seems fire doors are a tad larger than regular people doors.  so the wall and frame have been repaired and now needs painting. 

          we’ve found a work around for the plug in the ceiling so the fan won’t mangle to cord.  outside has all been cleaned up and looks good. 

          We’ve made the decision as to which company will be doing the patio. he was on a job when we called friday so expect to hear back on monday. am praying it won’t take nearly as long as the studio room. i want Louie moved out of my bathroom. 

          spent the morning at Ikea.  there’s only one store in the state of arizona. and it is amazing!!!  it’s so much bigger than the one we shopped at which is just across the Canadian border. it’s only 2 floors and fortunately they have maps and women in aprons that are very helpful.  we purchased a honda car load of apple crates from Ikea that Grrr needs to assemble for storage along the far wall.  he built three in his shop and determined that ikea was way cheaper.  his are prettier but when i get them full not much will be showing. 

           so far this is what mageez room looks like. 2 looms and assorted furniture. and am waiting for a call back on Lola’s moving date. then start moving boxes and unpacking. 

20190411 140411

          attended a ‘Celebration of Life’ for Janet Thompson this week. her death was sudden and surprised us all. Learned a lot about her from the large group of friends and family in attendance. Besides this display board they had pieces of her weaving for guests to admire. she had taken several classes from me and last summer met me in the parking lot every Thursday to get into the  studio. we had a regular group of thursday weavers and she never missed a week. She also had a great  color sense. found out she had a background in stained glass that she never mentioned. She was very active at the Banner Olive Senior Center, handled the front desk and worked on menu planning. she’s the person that informed grrr and i about getting prepared meals there while i was all crippled up with shoulder surgeries. her sister in law will be finishing her current warp she left on one of her looms. and a big topics of discussion among her family was who was going to get Zoey. a very spoiled Havanese.  

          have been spending time sewing quilt blocks but nothing is completed enough to show. at this point it’s a way to use time productively since i can’t weave.  have multiple projects in my head but can’t even locate materials i’d need for warps. frustration.  and i know the minute i put a top on Lola she’ll need to be moved. 


           Louie says Hi and wants everyone to know what a mean mom i am by not letting him outside. The outer door in the studio has a window that is the entire length of the door and is full of cat nose prints. when i walk thru that room he grabs my pant legs and tries to drag me over towards the door. when that doesn’t work he’ll sit and stare at me all the while mentally yelling at me for ignoring what he wants. 



News for the Week

          Grrr had a birthday this week.  We’d already done the Red Robin birthday burger but he wouldn’t let them sing happy birthday. So i bought him lunch and we went furniture shopping. He’d broken his recliner days ago. he spends a lot of time in that chair and it wasn’t reclining any longer. at least he was able to get out of it when it broke. turned into an all day event. he insisted on finding one that would recline without raising the foot rest. Lazyboy fit the bill. they deliver but don’t haul the old one away. his thought was to put it into the contractor dumpster but they picked up the dumpster so it’s sitting out by the portable-potty waiting for Salvation Army. 

          i came up with a storage solution for shelving in the studio space. good ol’fashioned apple crates. Grrr can make them cheaper than buying from Ikea so his ‘honey do’ list growing. he also has plans for a cutting table in the center of room with 2 drawers and a shelf for rulers. 

20190321 134331

          finished another little piece and a set of 4 placemats. am working on more place mats for the quilting club using left over fabric printed with different vegetables. Simple, fast and easy.  

          Have the customer quilt done and off Lola. She’s naked and waiting to be packed up and moved. the customer is meeting me monday to pick it up. 


          it consists of her husbands shirt fabrics and the backing is a pale yellow flannel. it looked to be an easy top but. . .  not so. some fabrics streatched and the white blocks were a weird no-iron blend from formal white shirts which puckered, there were open pockets to get the machine foot stuck in and buttons to watch out for.  she asked for easy meandering which i call stipple. used a pale yellow/white thread on the front and an actual yellow on the back. 

20190406 101307

          and my room is DONE. we’ve moved some stuff in but aren’t allowed to unpack anything. It needs the final inspection on wednesday and it can’t look like it’s ever been used when the inspector sees it. but at least we’ve got the extra furniture out of the living room.  the contractor still needs to replace the door to the garage. they installed a regular door and it has to be fire door.  they need to remove the door between the living room and the studio and the biggie on my list is that the farthest fan hangs below the ceiling electrical plug for the long arm. so which would break first - the fan blades or the electrical cord.? i’m not willing to find out. Grrr suggested a work around which may have to be used. moving either the fan or the outlet is going to leave a hole in the ceiling. somebody wasn’t paying attention. 

20190406 10353320190406 103529


out this window is where the patio will be. 

          the room is now open to Louie. His cat door (which is beside the people door) is closed which frustrates him. he’ll sit beside it and cry but life is tough. but he loves the freedom and last night was have imaginary races around and thru and back and forth. so today he’s resting. 



Count down

          we’re both counting the days until this is finished. have the texture sprayed on the inside. both the inside and outside have been painted to match the existing house colors and yesterday they leveled and prep’d the floor for carpeting next week. still need the fans and lighting installed. 

20190328 094805

20190329 130846

          finally heard back from Gina. seems she has another customer here in sun city that needs some maintance done and she’s trying to get both of us scheduled for the same day. good. this way we can split the cost of the milage. and i can relax about a non quilter handling Lola. 

          spent a day in phonix (again). this time with Grrr’s spinal doctor. he studied the MRI pictures and told us that he didn’t see a problem. talked about losing weight that Grrr didn’t hear. then physical therapy (which Grrr’s not willing to do) and the third option of cortisone shots. Grrr wasn’t thrilled with that either. both he and the doctor determined that it was slowly getting better on it’s own. he’s now taking my arthritis Tylenol which is helping sometimes. exactly what i’m not sure. have been told different versions on different days. not my pain, not my decision. 

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          Took this quilt off Lola without quilting it. nice looking top but the bottom border was almost 3 inches narrower than the top border. i can’t fudge that. talked to the quilting club and they’re taking it back. maybe it’ll get fixed but every strip across is off just a little more than the previous one so by the time you get to the far side it’s seriously bad. my guess is that whomever made it didn’t use a ruler when cutting the sashing. The far right photo shows the bottom pinned to the canvas apron and measured against the top. I’ve never had a quilt this far off before.  

          Picked up one last customer quilt before i start packing Lola up for her move. it’s a memory quilt made from her deceased husbands shirts.  i asked if it was hard to work on. she said she never realized how the sense of smell brought back so many memories. some days it was good and some days she couldn’t deal with it. Grrr doesn’t own enough shirts that i’d ever be able to do this. 

          in the mean time i’ve quilted one of my bigger ones  and several more mini pieces of my own. 

20190324 135330cropped

the orange one is really about 6 inches in size and will get some beading


          Louie wasn’t willing to get out from the bed covers this morning so i left him there and took this. he’s lucky that i don’t make my bed.