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Club Quilts

          internet at the weaving studio sucks!  as do the connections at Bell and Sun Dial. in order to access the RCSC network and make the necessary changes to the member ship list that i manage for the weavers my computer has to be physically in their office. last year i filed an official complaint. so again i went the the main office, pulled up an end-table to one of the chairs in the waiting room, set up my computer and spread out the paper work and proceeded to update the membership list. several people questioned me but when they realized how unhappy i was over having to do this they left me alone. 

          The screen in the patio got repaired. not sure how long the warranty is for but hopfully we’ll have remodeled the entire room by then. but as far as i know Louie stayed home those few days. 

          interviewed 3 different contractors. so far have only received one estimate. was as shocking as we expected.  waiting for the others to compare. verbally the biggest difference is the amount of time i was given as to completion of the project. notbody’s willing to put that in writing. 

          off to spend time with Lola. it will be nice when i don’t have to drive 2 miles back and forth to spend the day quilting. at the moment am caught up with the club quilts so am working on my own. but i seem to be losing ground. Have 3 of mine completed and 4 new tops to add to the totes of waiting in line.  have been working on unfinished projects, some from years ago. 

IMG 20180616 122659730

          so for now here’s some pix of what i’ve completed.

IMG 20180828 111752872

IMG 20180828 111810110IMG 20180901 123410952IMG 20180901 123416982


IMG 20180904 113956198

          the pink one above does not seem to have a photo of the entire quilt top. it was an oriental fabrics with large flowers so i simply made more flowers and added petals to the ones that got cut off. 

          and here’s a photo of a top i finially got together with Louie auditioning it on Grrr’s bed. these were blocks were stuffed in a zip lock bag years ago.  brown and black is always dramatic. now to see how many years it sits in the tote waiting for quilting. 

        even thou i still have a bunch more zip locks in the drawer i’m feeling it’s time to start a new quilt. received an email advertisement from the local quilt shop. (i’ts about 5 blocks away) for a class on a new pattern that just came out. however by the time i read the email the first class was over and it wasn’t the type of thing where i could start in the middle. did purchase the pattern and am planning on starting on my own.   

          forecast for today is HOT. not 116 hot like when Grrr was gone but summer hot like 110. it’s fall. everyone has said this is when the temps start coming down. 

          i’m waiting. 


uneventful week

          no big news or even any rants from me this week. have kind of enjoyed listening to the news and imagining what it must be like in trumpville. no way can my rants complare with the trump melt downs of my imagination. makes for a good show. 

          we’ve been interviewing contractors for the work of enclosing the existing patio area. have one more to go. do have a guy scheduled to do a power wash to the house. the layers of dust are so bad even Grrr can see it. he’s also going to rip up the shabby carpet in the front patio area and put a finish on the cement. 

          since i don’t have any new work or even any progress on any old work i’m posting pictures of small pieces  i’ve done over the years and liked enough to keep. some have a story, some have meaning to me. some i just liked. 

          This first one was a challenge piece to represent your favorite song. Mary Hales and i were taking a class and i can’t remember who the teacher was. the class was a series of challenges. an exercise to make us streatch our imaginations and existing quilt rules. she always supplied a fabric that we were required to use, which is the background print in this one. i’ve always loved the song ‘time in a bottle’ by jim croche. the bottle has netting over the front and actually holds an antique watch. 

          The black background of the one below represents the group i belonged (still belong) to back in washington. We were having a group birthday and each made a little quilt that represented us as a group. there were 12 of us at that point. each very different but drop us into a pile and it makes a fun and interesting mash up. so these 12 shapes in fun colors and prints represent my ‘dreadful threads’ group. i miss you guys. 

IMG 20180603 085535490

          the left side picture was another challenge. we were told to pick a shape, preferably one we’ve never used before - so no squares or traditional quilt block shapes and repeat it. Most folks in the group found a shape that would tessellate. i spent some time with paper and scissors and came up with this flower or ameba shape. the hard part was selecting the background fabric and knowing when to quit with the embellishments. 

IMG 20180908 084416037


          you never know where or when you will get an idea. The tiny teal colored one came from looking at an xray of my teeth.  we had just gone over the xrays and he had explained everything i was looking at.  sitting in the dentist chair i try to put myself somewhere else in my imagination. and my imagination just had to make it look better. 


          back to another dreadful threads challenge. we were each given a word. mine as you can see was penultimate. i’d never heard that word let alone had any kind of definition for it. poor thing still needs a binding. these are examples of penultimate in brail, binary, naval flag code, morse code. Anything i could think of. 

            Circles!  this was a class with Reynola. we each brought a fabric grouping and learned how to make a circle quilt. dont think she had much confidence that i could pull it off and without her contribution of orange dots i couldn’t have. then had to go visit her to ask for enough more orange for the skinny border. it’s still one of my favorites. the unfortunte thing is several of the fabrics have faded over the years and now look brown rather than black. 

          and now just one more. i love pinwheels. the quilting world came out with a twist and turn ruler years back. i’d made several pinwheel quilts earlier but this ruler made it easier. this one is all fussy cut with stripe fabric prints. bright and fun to make. still hangs in the condo over the dining room table. 

          so enough show and tell for the morning. off to the condo to work on someone elses quilt. 

IMG 20180210 233512473 HDR

          and here’s the expected photo of Louie Louie in his favorite position. this cat is seldom upright. 



Labor Day Holiday Rant

          labor day and i’m getting inundated with Christmas ads and sales.  the discounts aren’t good enough to even tempt me.  but the big problem here is that it’s Labor Day, the first week in September. this culture is all about getting us to spend $. 

          starting christmas is ok if you’re going to make hand made gifts. yes, definately start now but don’t push anyone else into premature buying, baking, decorating. let’s slow down and appreciate that we can enjoy a traditional Labor Day with parades, flag waving and picnics. Take some time to honor the people who built this country;  the men and women who worked the roads, factories, farms and mills and be greatful. 

          and maybe think about the next holiday.

 where did i put the halloween decorations?

38207412 1760392530675578 5965875518795415552 n

i’m just cranky. de-scaled the coffee pot yesterday and my first cup of coffee this morning tasted like vinegar. bad way to start the day so i’m taking it out with a rant on facebook. 

sorry folks. 


a couple finishes

IMG 20180822 132900100

          this is what i changed the weft to on the loom. had about 15 inches of the the tencel woven and decided i didn’t like it. cut it all out and went with a contrasting color. this is a light pink slubby cotton with a dark tencel tabby. slow weaving but a much better look. i generally don’t do anything that needs tabby. when i need tabby i enerally turn the weave structure so the tabby is included in the warp. changing shuttles every shot annoys me. i am addicted to the rhythmic repetitious throwing, catching, beating routine. it’s my happy place. 

          am working my way thru the project bags in the sewing room. i gave away a ton when we packed to move but kept my favorites. These are large zip locks with stacks of blocks from past swaps, trades and just unfinished projects.  this top is an example. most of these just need the blocks sewn together.  it’s now ready for Lola. she’s still at least a tote behind on personal quilts and 3 behind on quilts for others. need to get over there. 

26114176 1721249194563420 5627990833611549000 n

IMG 20180824 153912328



the black and white is from another bag of blocks. came out will an odd number of extra so will put them on the back. 

          purchased an additional sewing machine. it’s a sparrow ever sew madel low end. about 10 stiches and light weight. i can actually carry it. it’ll live at the condo for piecing batting and small repair jobs on tops when needed. took it to the quilt club and learned the how’s and don’ts. sweet little machine. 

IMG 20180823 140813837 copy

          and Louie and i are having an on-going disagreement on where he sleeps. i don’t mind him in the closet but i do mind him on the clean towels.  i’ve moved the towel stack multiple times and made him more than one nest on three different shelves with towels of his own. none was acceptable. he moved to where ever the stack of clean towels were. we’ve played this game for weeks. came in yesterday and he’d pulled everything out of all 3 shelves onto the floor. the message was loud and clear. but i’m not giving up. i’ve moved the clean towels into a cupboard with a door and am thinking i need to sneak them in there when he’s not looking or he’ll be trying to figure out how to pull that door open. i thought cats liked to sleep on items that smelled of their person.  he obviously likes laundry soap smell?

          And on the house news. the roof is now fixed and the spinner thing over the garage has been replaced. It won’t screech any longer so the neighbor can stop complaining. 

off to the condo to spend the day with Lola. till next week


Missed Saturday Completely

          I’m better this week. have stopped watching the news. have my MP3 loaded up with books. put my ear buds in and zone out. 

          spent another morning with my dentist. he’s pleased with the healing and so am i. was actually able to bite into a burger and am moving up to pizza. at this point it’s the spices that give a little sting. but i’m able to tolerate toothpaste so all is good. brushing your teeth with just a brush and no toothpaste is not a job well done. 

          the roofer was here. Glendale Roofing has worked their way down the triage list. he’s replacing about a dozen shingles. nailing a few more down, sealing everything up and replacing the spinner thing over the garage that squeals when the wind blows just right. 

IMG 20180820 182502250

          Finished another bead rope. not wild about it. several of the color choices could have been better. 

          have this quilt top completed at the condo. Needed wavey lines so borrowed a curves ruler from a fellow long arm quilter. slow work. next in line is another pink one with lots of florals. 

IMG 20180818 120036676 HDR

                                 this was Gussie 

angry gussie


          and just for a change from Louie. as much as i complain about him attacking and biting me this was his predecessor.  wonder what it says about me that i choose cats who have a tendency towards violence.  in this photo i was asking her to move off the stack of fabric she was hatching. it only took a second for her temper to explode. too bad you can’t hear the hissing that was also happening. vet labeled her a terriorist. makes Louie seem like a teddy bear. he’s never hissed at me. his attacks are silent. 

Saturday's Smile - 3-17-2018

          since i missed yesterday completely i’m off to the condo to spend the day with Lola. 



Maybe it’s too early to write this.

                getting back into the routine of have Grrr here. i’m glad he’s home safe and sound. sounds like he enjoyed his trip and other than road construction had no problems. the big change with him being home is the tv being on 20 hours a day. including at least 4 hours of news in the evenings. every channel he/we watch confirms my belief that this country is broken. Government is run by dishonest greedy men that are not concerned with the actual American people. the news media warns about financial disaster, race issues, health care, education, immigration, religion, law enforcement, they cover all the natural disasters which in my mind are due to climate change which is still being denied.  and just last night they were reporting about the new mega million VA hospital that does not treat PTSD. there is no commen sense. there is no feeling of community or even civility.  and don’t get me started on the basic physical structure of the nation; roads, bridges, air quality, our very earth. and it’s not just this country, it’s world wide. wake up people - there is no planet B. and the icing on top is the government is trying to stifle the news media. 

          as much as i don’t care for his silly sit coms and re-runs maybe the best thing to do is binge watch this mindless stuff so as to not be constantly faced with the destruction of our world. 

          i’m done for now. 

          spent another day with my dentist. for years i’ve had problems with my front teeth. there’s a strip of tissue that attaches to the space between the 2 teeth and to the inside of the upper lip. when i eat something i have to actually bite into the next day that area is sore and swollen and on occasion gets infected. this dentist here in sc offered to fix it. he uses a lazer and simply removes that strip of flesh. didn’t take long and wasn’t as awful as i expected. came home and took a nap. had soup for dinner. (no biting into anything for at least 3 days.) by then the feeling had come back and i was feeling pretty pounded. took a 3 hour nap after dinner and then went to bed.  woke up much better. took the bandage out of my mouth and put the meds in the hole he made. only hurts when i touch it or smile or laugh. 

          As far as being productive this week not much has been accomplished. it’s hot with high humidity which for me spells ‘nap'. 

          there is nothing prettier than a nice warp. wove about 8 inches and decided i didn’t like it. took it out.  needs more contrast so am changing over to white. 

IMG 20180806 131823531

Maybe i’m just having a negative week. 

                                                         ran across this a while back. the sad thing is i think people will look in the mirror and comb their hair. 

20729701 1652722204820827 8384989136097726437 n

till next time. i promise to have a better attitude. 


All About Weaving

i read Laura Fry’s blog on a irregular basis.  she has a lot of what i call Laura’isms that she relys on. here’s a sample;     - If you can't be perfect, be consistent.  

Never use a knot where bow will do.  

It isn't finished until it's wet finished.  

A thread under tension is a thread under control.  

your mileage may vary. 

if it looks wrong - it is.  

And of course everyone's favourite - It depends.  I’ve stolen several of these to use as my signature lines on emails. and i’m sure the new weavers get tired of hearing me say these over and over. but my true reward is when i hear a previous student repeat them to a new weaver!  

IMG 20180726 113136105

          have 3 weaving projects in different stages. in the photo the loom is in the process of being re-threaded from the front. studio loom is all re-threaded. most of the circles are showing up. i’m still of the opinion it was a bad choice to try to weave there. have to pay serious attention to the treading. hard to do when everyone is talking, walking by, asking questions, needing help, etc. maybe i’ll try treadling a straight twill and see what i get.  plus the loom is not holding tension. need to check out schacht’s web site to find out how to adjust the back brake tension system. 

IMG 20180807 120035398IMG 20180807 105536525

IMG 20180725 151720863

          this blue warp was a skein of hand dyed wool. not streatchy enough to give me any problems.  got 2 scarves out of it. the weft was a skein of plain teal wool. the last weft was a cotton flake in deep purple. 

IMG 20180726 143349765

IMG 20180806 095023631

          and am currently threading a previously wound warp of a mix of red tercel for a scarf. i love it when i think far enough ahead to have already wound the warps. 


           Now that Grrr’s home from washington progress will slow down. Louie didn’t greet him with any enthusiasm but he’s moved his sleeping arrangement to Grrr’s room. i’m feeling abandoned. he still insisted i fix his breakfast this morning. 

till next time.


Storms and Quilts

          have now lived thru a total of 4 monsoons.  am telling the storm gods that i’m now a believer. the first 2 were non-events. the two this week convinced me. lots of houses now have blue tarps on the roofs. extensive tree damage. pools closed for clean up. Half the city had no power. It was a hell of a show!   the morning after a  neighbor from across the street came to show me my roof damage. they were watching and could see rows of shingles raise up in the wind. even after the second storm i never found any on the ground. (well, i did but they were not my color.)  now i’m waiting for the roofer to get back to me. called tuesday and they put me on the list. the company has a triage list. since i don’t have water coming thru the ceiling i’m only considered walking wounded. the condo came thru both storms  with no problems. had major trash piled up in the car port but no damage. 

IMG 20180131 090320886

          Finished a couple more quilts on Lola. Here’s a picture of Lola naked. she’s not happy. just like a loom. naked is bad. so here’s a couple shots of what she just completed. 

IMG 20180714 130507184IMG 20180714 130516886 HDRIMG 20180728 140559785

IMG 20180804 085121162 HDR

          finally finished piecing the animal print top. some how i have trouble working in that room. not sure why. i feel confined in there even with a big bay window. need to get over it.  the pieces for this were started even before we moved here. it’s not often it takes me over a year to finish making a top. 

           Had lunch at the studio yesterday. it was bring a pot luck salad Friday.  head count was 20 participants. many more than i expected. was way more successful than expected and there’s talk of a desert pot luck Friday maybe next month. 

37979815 10215236303334995 4727933251073605632 n-2



          have 3 new members. this is a surprise for this time of year. Several are serious want-to-be weavers impatiently waiting for the beginning classes that start in the fall. in the mean time i’ve recommended several books so at least the vocabulary won’t be completely foreign. and one has started a rug on the twining frame. 

          Enough for now. have gotten a lot accomplished while having Grrr gone. here’s a great photo of him and the kids. he’s having a good time but i think he misses me. we chat on the phone in the evenings. He never talks like that when he’s here. looking forward to having him home this next week. 

IMG 20180726 132135700

Can’t forget Louie. this is how he watches me weave. 





36032578 2194787593897256 2289138764708052992 n

           living in the heat is like nothing i’ve experienced before. for 2 days it reached 116 and nights only got down to 99. today is cooler, 106 so far but it’s only noon. have been leaving the drapes closed and it helps but you couldn’t live without the A/C. going anywhere you travel between air conditioning to the next air conditioning. walking across the parking lot is exhausting. i’ve started coming home and taking a nap. and i’m not a nap person. i found this picture on face book and it’s so true.  these guys wear about 30 pounds of gear plus the vest under their shirts. he must be melting. 

IMG 20180728 113317807

          got a late start today. the house is too quiet.  not much to post about. did finish a bead project. It originally consisted of 5 different crochet ropes that were ment to be bracelets.  have a small bag of un-finished jewelry items. there for a long time i couldn’t find my end caps or any findings to finish these things. Now that everything is supposedly in one place i’ve gotten better organized but decided if i connected them they’d be a nice long rope necklace. they look good together.  have an idea about another one but stringing the beads is so tedious. 

IMG 20180724 093241946

          also finished several quilts on Lola. at one time i thought everything in those totes had bindings cut but they seem to have disappeared. brought them home and am starting a new tote. now to decide on a binding. black would be the easy pick but multi colors left over from the tumbling blocks would be best if i can find the left overs from when i made it. 

           need to finish the animal print top i’ve been avoiding. have a temporary design wall propped up in the bedroom and it’s working for now. just don’t have enough space is the story of my life. 

till next time. 



KNXV Air15 Wall of dust 7-10 1531266750964.jpg 92030190 ver1.0 900 675

          Have seen the dentist twice in the last week. major tooth ache. he figured out it was a sinus problem. so am using a netti pot, taking sudafed for sinus and not putting anything ice cold in my mouth. it’s slowly getting better. also got a cleaning and polishing and will be going back in several weeks for a fix on my upper front teeth. dentist told me with the dust storms a lot of people have these types of sinus problems. the picture is of Phoenix.  we’re on the outer edge and thankfully don’t get the full on dust. 

IMG 20180711 175706163 HDR


           the photo is just after the rain stopped.  you can see how the water runs down the street. No drainage for the next couple of blocks. had a mini squall this morning for about 5 minutes but haven’t seen any more serious rain now that i’ve re-arranged the patio to keep Louie’s possessions dry. 

          Another water problem with the house. Landscaper came and repaired the watering system pipe that came apart. all was fine. 3 mornings later i hear water running while getting dressed. told Grrr and he told me it was the sprinkler system.  you bet it was!  several minutes later another neighbor knocked on our door and told us our sprinkler system was watering the entire neighborhood. seems it turned on about 5AM and never shut off.  another brokem pipe only this time under ground. the system is set to water early in the morning for about 30 minutes and turn off. does this twice a week.  water here is expensive and this next bill is going to be a shocker. in the mean time Grrr doesn’t want to bother calling the landscaper. for what this guy gets paid he’s not doing the job. i’m considering finding a new one. 

          rescued a baby bird from under the car. the nest had been in a tree between us and the next door place. didn’t realize it was that windy but the nest was on the ground. the big birds snatched one baby and the second one found refuge under the car. we needed to leave so i got a broom and moved it to under a near by bush. the mom was hanging around watching. the baby seemed ok, was missing some tail feathers but it moved ok. not sure where it went but it’s not where i put it. am hoping it was mom and not a preditor. 

          Am considering teaching a mini tapestry class at the studio. not sure what to do about looms and haven’t even thought about making handouts. do have several sample ideas in my head.  spent a day weaving at the studio on the circles warp. have decided to cut the warp off the front, re-thread the heddles according to color and tie back on. with Grrr being gone for a couple of weeks i should have time to spend over there without him feeling neglected. 


          cut the 2 baby blankets off the loom at home.  have been avoiding the hemming. the finishing is my least favorite part of the process. just like i have 2 quilts sitting here waiting for bindings, and two strings of seed beads waiting to be crocheted into ropes. so instead of doing the things waiting for me i’m going to the condo and spend the day with Lola. there's a quilt that i mounted last week. it’s a tumbling blocks pattern. did a search on pinterest to see how other people have quilted the same pattern. found nothing exceptional so it’s going to be ruler work. 

that’s my excuse for the day.