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it’s about time. 

We have Furniture

          it’s nothing extraordinary but it’s comfortable. and the price was very reasonable. After shopping for 2 days in this heat and being shocked at the price differences at different stores we settled on American Furniture. this is the same place we purchased most of the house furnishings. Grrr was growling about we should have gone here first. (he was right) we passed on the umbrella. will be finding a plant or center piece decoration to cover up the hole. 

          and here’s a photo of the solar skylight. the photo was taken about 3pm on a sunny day. this is the medium size light. really thought it would bring in more light.  i was worried about a strobe effect with the ceiling fan but it’s fine. that’s why the installer talked us out of the larger size. 

          with Lola gone i’ve been sewing. saw a picture of a very simple lap size quilt and had the perfect fabrics for it. the color in the photo is way off. it’s a definite purple and cream. i have just barely enough to the dark color for the missing the bottom sashing. not sure it’ll even have borders beyond this. 


          no progress on the towel warp. do have the studio loom warped with a hand dyed warp for 2 scarves. next week will check for errors and make decisions on what wefts to use.  the baby wolf is ready to be warped with a green tencel for scarves. 

          finished a beaded eye glass leash for a friend. forgot to take a photo. will catch up with her later. and have aleady sold 2 of the three just completed tencel shawls.  

     and the sari silk place mats are at the studio waiting for quality control. not terribly happy with them. thinking maybe the warp should have been more ends per inch. 

posing for camera

          no monsoons yet. the weather people keep threatening that it’ll happen soon. Currently is over 110 every day. this morning at 8:am it was 90 and has only gone up from there. it’s so nice that my studio space has it’s own A/C.  it’s the coolest room in the house so not only do i spend a lot of time in there so does Louie. he’s been spending nights in there rather than on his cat tree in the bedroom. during the day he’s forever in my way. he plops down and rolls over to have a belly rub right in front of my next step. dangerous behavior. he’s also started sleeping on Lola’s 12 foot table which will have to stop when she comes home. 

no self esteem issues here - he loves posing for the camera.




          we hit the sales looking for patio furniture. Shopping and decision making is hard when it’s this hot. And who would of thought that finding patio furniture would be so difficult. first store had really nice stuff. only 2 wood tables, (both eucalytus wood and also available in teak) and they were both larger than grrr wanted. Although the room is big enough that they would have worked well but the price was a shocker.  and the chairs. very nice and he fell in love with a swivel/rocker will big canvas seat and backing for just over 900.00. course the table was over a grand.  Grrr wants the chairs to match and at these prices that’s not going to happen. at least the chair i preferred was only 400.00. can’t deny that the quality was excellent but this is for a patio. we thanked the sales man and moved on. 

          second stop was the patio place that was affiliated with the company that build the patio. way way down in Phoenix. their web site was really deceiving. their primary sales were for hot tubes and barbque pits. very little furniture selection. they verified their discount and prices were much better but they only had 1 wood table (600.00) and none of the chairs really caught our attention. he told us they were getting the new designs in come august and suggestd we come back then. we’ll see. it was getting late so we came home. ready to check out 2-3 more places today. 

20190630 230854

          we did get some more art work for the walls. grr’s been complaining that the kitchen walls are bare. i’ll show that next week along with his wooden piece he made for a contest. These 2 pieces hang in the entry way.  the red goes with the area rug and the painting over the sofa. we’d talked about having a quilt there but i’ve never gotten around to making it and i’ve noticed that in the year we’ve lived here that wall is where people put their hands. folks come in, take their shoes off ( i’ve never figured out why.) and brace their hand on that wall. it already showed hand prints.  nobody will want to do that now. will have to pay attention and see how they change behavior. 

          we also have the solar tube lighting in the living room. i’m disappointed. thought it would be brighter in there.  maybe we should have gone with a bigger one bt at least it does not get a strobe effect from the fan. that was my big concern. 

          have been weaving away on my run linen/cotton dish towels. slow and boring. this is as far as i’ve gotten. 2 towels out of a long list of colors. 


           and managed to finish the patriotic quilt i’ve been struggling with. the baby lock was giving me grief. took several tries but i managed to fix it and we’re both happier now.  



          have decided to put a temperature quilt on my ‘to do’ list. i’ve been seeing a lot of them pop up on blogs and pinterest.  i do have a color run of fabrics that were in the condo closet.  next comes the decisions on temperature ranges with the appropriate colors. 

          Lola is still waiting for her part. Seems ABM is questioning why 35th Ave is working on an Innova. they feel it should have been returned to an authorised dealer. talking with them if we’re ever in this position again i’ll order the part sent to me. for now just mail the damn part. 

          and my major success this week was finishing the warp at the studio. got 9 sari silk place mats plus a short sample. they’re folded across the ironing board. tried to show the differences in the weft. will do a straight stitch across the plain weave hems to reinforce before i cut them apart and actually hem them. 2 already have a home. the rest will be washed and put up for sale. 


          this isn’t Louie but it’s exactly what happens when i try to discipline him. except he more often goes for my ankles. that finger is a direct challenge.  

65095596 2398951953502251 8576861209767182336 n

          no major fireworks in our neighborhood so that didn’t freak him out but we did have a big helicopter cruising around Friday morning and he refused to go into the patio. would like to know what they were looking for. 


No Big News

          Grrr survived his RA appointment. had blood work done and is scheduled for a bone density test. we’re weaning him off the prednisone meds and onto a different medication that he takes once a week. so far he hasn’t complained about the pain returning. 

          i have half a 17-18 yard warp wound on the loom here at the house and the loom at the studio is on the last place mat. just needs the last hem woven.  have another warp planed. next thursday is 4th of July but i’m going to be open over there. we don’t have any other plans other than shopping over the weekend. stores are advertising furniture sales and the patio is still empty. i don’t want chairs on wheels and Grrr doesn’t want a glass top table. That pretty much covers it. we’ll see whats available and pick from there. 


          did finish the paper pieced blocks. now to decide if i want to pull the paper off before i sew them together or after. it’s such a messy job. the lower photo is the pile of tencel and silk shawls i completed last week. just need to twist the fringe, clean up loose threads and wash and they’re ready to find new homes. 



          we did spend 2 evenings watching the debates and then i went online and did some fact checking. the majority were right on. these folks probably knew they’d be fact checked pretty closely. did pick out some favorites to watch but it’s so early anything could happen. 


          these guys go on alert but seldom run. i did take the photo thru the patio screen but had opened the window which is when he sat up and paid attention. we had baby quail for a while but seems they went missing several days ago. coyotes eat well around here. there are a few baby bunnies and small jacks but they have to be ready to hide. 



            Found this picture of a remarkable cat on FB. I’d take him home without a second thought. 

          we’ll be staying close to the A/C this weekend. predicted to be at least 110. i should be able to get lots done. 

          Louie says hi to his fans and wants everyone to stay safe in this heat. It’s hot enough he isn’t spending time out on his cat tree. 



feeling good about what i’ve accomplished

20190618 090744

          making progress on several fronts this week. Wound over 500 warp ends for the next project. a 17 yard warp of linen and cotton for a run of dish towels. almost finished with the third and last shawl on the current warp. the first 2 are tencel wefts. this last one is a slubby raw silk. should soften up after wet finishing. 

20190620 154438


          Started a paper pieced quilt. sometimes making the color decision is the hardest part of the whole process. this is a purchased pattern and they only show a 2 color quilt. i’m using a mix of blocks in reds, whites and blues. 

          received a phone call from Steven at 35th ave sew and vac to discuss Lola.  i had guessed that the whole tension unit would need replacing and i was correct. he needed permission to order the part from ABM.  Not sure how long it will take to get the part from Texas. told him to please order it, and call me when he’s done. don’t know where he’s from but love his accent. need to let the quilters know that i can either return these unfinished tops or just hang onto them until Lola comes home. 

          got all the windows cleaned by a professional. the patio guys left full hand prints on every window out there. i thought i could do them but grrr decided to hire someone for the whole house. not sure if he just wanted a professional job or didn’t want me stressing my shoulders. i’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. 

          We have 9 appointments coming up starting late july running thru august for his cataract surgeries. 2 different pre-ops, the actual surgery and then a follow up for each eye. he’s thinking maybe washington in September. not sure if i’ll go with him. depends on if i can find a cat sitter. 

          also had our third estimate for a solar tube light in the living room. This company was exactly twice the price of the other 2. WOW!.  but he could do it this coming week. he also was the least professional. we had the same thing happen when we were getting patio estimates. we’re thinking the job wasn’t big enough to interest them so they jack the price up. it works. we moved on. grrr made the phone call and we’re scheduled for first week in July. 

          found a new place to get audio books.  i belong to and for a set cost i get 2 books of my choice monthly. Chirp offer specials each day. prices are way lower than audible and i can listen on my phone. if you like to listen rather than read check it out.  i know you can get free books from the library but in my experience they expire and disappear off your system. Makes me crazy. 


          we also celebrated our anniversary. 22 years this time. how’d that happen? no gifts, just out to dinner. no dishes to wash or kitchen to clean up. i’ve decided to keep him. 

20190611 083838



          the window washer actually recognized  Louie as a Maine Coon. Maybe because i live with him i’m not aware of his size.  Just because he hangs over the chairs and on occasion falls off. the windows look great. the nose prints will be back soon enough but i’ll hire them again. 



back to our routine almost

          i thought we were done with remodeling. But. . .   grrr has decided that the patio cuts down on the brightness of the living room. Yes, of course it does. he wants sun shine in there. So he’s getting estimates for skylights.   with no direct sun coming into that room it’s going to stay cooler. last year when he went home during august i kept the drapes closed and it made a world of difference. but yes, the room is dim. so skylights it will be. we still haven’t been shopping for patio furniture but it’s too hot to sit out there anyway. even Louie doesn’t spend much time out there. 

S & S.

          great visit with the kids. all we did was eat and they spent time at the pool and looking a open houses.  the plan is to come back in about 6 months when they are old enough to buy property. they rented a convertible while they were here.  zippy little car. absolutely no trunk space or even a back seat. Louie misses them. he waited at the door for a while and then slept in their bed. But yesterday they picked up the bed (it was rented) and he stood in the hall and verbally complained to where i went to check on him. 

          we’re not sure about visiting Washington in the fall. grrr will be getting cataract surgery late July and early august so either we won’t go or it will just be later in the fall. to be determined. 

20190614 134848


          lola isn’t home yet so nothing to show. have been sewing sporadically but weaving on the shawl warp every day. first one done. Second one is a much lighter weft but still tercel. have another 2 sari silk place mats done at the studio. only a couple more to go before that warp is finished. next in line is a blazing shuttle soft cotton that i’m splitting for scarves. 

           found this on face book. never saw the movie but have read the book. never realized this could be Louie.  Leo’s grooming is much better.  Louie is the scruffy cousin. 


                               they both have a very direct way of looking at you. (Usually)

20190406 103652

till next time.


Lots of visiting

          for whatever reason this year i kind of miss doing the snow bird thing. years past when we went back home for the summer i was able to be so productive  There were none of the social things (except once a moth at dt’s) there were weeks i seldom left the house except for groceries. was able to get out of bed, have my coffee, check email and go into the studio and spend all day doing what i do in there.  construction is done for the year. still have  stuff at the condo so haven’t completely moved in but those things can wait. don’t understand what my problem is. is it discipline? is it lack of focus? too many options? 

          Louie has claimed the patio. last week he wouldn’t cross the threshold. he’d been told ‘no' so many times that now he was afraid to even try it. saturday morning i opened the slider and he buzzed right out and sat on his cat tree.  he knows where his door is but at this point it’s a test to see how much i love him, wether i’ll open the door for him. 

          last weekend i moved all his stuff (rug, litter box, food, etc). showed him where it was and de-cat'ed my bathroom. took a shower in my own shower for the first time in months. after getting out of the shower, even while the floor was still wet he marched in there and peed in the drain. looked me right in the eye while he was doing it. beast!  just had to demonstrate how much he doesn’t like change, but he’s accepted that his litter box is now in the patio and is using it.  we’re both much happier. 

still no furniture out there. it’s on the ‘one of these days’ list. 

          had my allergy report dr visit. dust and cats. CATS!!!  where’d that come from. i’ve had cats all my life. Louie is the first long hair but still. he doesn’t sleep with me. he’s not a lap cat. dr suggested i trade him in for a dog. told her it didn’t work that way. and dust. of course, this is arizona. going to have to live with it. . so now i’m on allergy meds and so far it seems to be working. 

          grrr had his consult with the cataract dr.  yes he needs surgery. silly man was convinced he wasn’t going to need it. However they told him it should make a significant difference in how well he sees so we are doing it. the dr is scheduled out thru the middle of July so it’s going to be a while. 

          the kids are here and Louie is inside out with happiness. it obscene how much he loves Shelly. then surprise - surprise. they want to look at condos. Steven will turn 55 shortly and they will be old enough to purchase property here. we’re delighted. It would be a snowbird type arrangement but they want a place that can be rented while they’re not here. 

          very little accomplished this week. been weaving at the studio but it’s a narrow warp and here at home just a little at a time. the warp and weft are tencel threaded with a stagered twill. it’s wide and my shoulders are out of practice so a little goes a long way. Lola is still at the hospital. she should be coming come this week. 

          Louie says Hi

20190310 101549

we have walls!

          we have walls. 6:30 am: 3 trucks parked out front plus a trailer. neighbors are continueing to hate us. but we’re almost done. we keep saying that. Lord - those guys make a lot of noise. 


          it’s really more of a sun room than patio. there are both cat screens and windows. the next step is furniture and getting Louie moved out there. i’ve offered to let him in but he’s been told ‘NO” so many times he’s not willing to step over the threshold. we’ll work on it

          Lola is on her way to the hospital. i just can’t get a handle on this problem. 35th ave (my best, most favorite rescue shop) picked her up.  i’ve re-timed her, i’ve adjusted the needle bar height, i’ve adjusted the tension spring. i’ve tweeked the tension dozens of time. somehow the thread is not running smoothly thru the tension disks. sometimes, it’s smooth (like it should be) and some time it’s grabby. she’ll stitch just fine for several feet and then lay a ton of thread on the underside of quilt.  only when i roll an entire pass forward do i see the huge problem. so frustration has taken over and i made the phone call. asked for a full service,  well worth the price. in the year i’ve had Lola she’s done 61 quilts. she needs a vacation. so dissconnected all the computer attachements and laser lights and finally finished un-stitching about a third of a large quilt. 

          But. . . i bought an electric stitch ripper. didn’t even know they had things like that. read about it while i was doing some research on my problem. goes so much faster.  this is the quilt i’m currently struggeling with. nice and well made. am attemping to use a large Indian type design. 

          had a luncheon at the studio for a member who is moving away. Sad. she’s turned into a really good weaver. she assured me she’s taking her loom and has purchased all the necessarey tools; warping board, shuttles, etc. good girl. i’m expecting future pictures. 

          had my first set of allergy testing done. not a big deal. first step is blood tests. 6 tubes, felt a little light headed when i walked out of there and wasn’t sure where i’d left my car. but the gal was fast and painless. they send the results to my dr and my appointment is the first of the week. then he/she (there are 2 people i see) decides if i need the skin testings. they’re looking for dessert, mountain and polutients. (this state does have bad air.) and we’re always stiring up a lot of dust with the construction. 

          got the bed delivered. now to visit the condo and liberate some sheets for it. that room is almost empty and i still have 1 week to finish getting it ready. looking forward to seeing the kids. We have enough pillows and made a target run for a light weight cotton blanket. (Grrr says my quilts are too heavy for summer). also bought another pot for more baby cactus. out in the back the landscapers moved the birdbath. have decided since there’s no water to it i’m going to plant more cactus. got dirt, got clay pot, now just need a nursery trip for plants. 

          have the big loom at the house threaded and ready for mistake hunting. there are always at least one but i’m excited about being able to start. this warp has 5 shades of pale gold/yellow tencel. somehow with Lola gone and customer quilts on hold i don’t feel as pressured to quilt. weaving is my first love. i’ve been making progress at the studio on the sari silk place mats. finished the third one this week. have about 5 more to go.  not many weavers over there each week. had bigger turnout last year but we’ll wait and see. even have 4 empty looms. there’s nothing prettier than a well warped loom!

just looking at this loom makes me a happy woman!

13151489 1191477994198145 3489525598741094059 n

          need to update the weavers web pages and then off to spend the day running errands. 

          and Louie has taken up sleeping on the ironing board in the studio. bad cat!!

20190505 123112

progress is slow!

20190524 040025

          We now have a sliding glass door that replaced one of the big windows in the living room.  The patio cement is poured and set and at the end of the month the walls are scheduled to be put up. and last night in the dark there was some kind of critter out there and Louie, the angry hunter, ran smack into the glass attempting to protect his territory or have a snack. not sure which. thumped his head hard, looked at me like it was my fault and left the room. next morning he bit me to the point that Grrr had to bandage the back of my calf. i’m blaming that on Grrr. he came in and rousted us both out of bed way too early. i had thoughts of biting some body too. 

          have made several more loads from the condo while the company were in Idaho for a second load, but i can only get 6 boxes in my car at a time. these are large boxes and if i fill them completely then i can’t lift them. so it’s a slow process. they’re now back so i don’t feel as free to go over there and load up so it’s going to take even longer. But he has a truck so i plan on asking to fill it up when their life slows down. they haven’t had time to even look at houses yet. 

          the kids will arrive the first week in June and the guest room is nearly empty. need to make a trip to the thrift shop to donate items i purchased there several years ago. example: ironing board. don’t need 2 of them. 

          will also be advertising several bigger items related to weaving. a Leclerc warping board and an umbrella swift, also Leclerc. bought new for the condo and now i have 2 of each. these are the newer ones that need a home. thrift store wouldn’t even know what they are. 

          no sewing or even quilting this week. have 2 customer quilts waiting but was told no hurry so i’m taking them at their word. have been unpacking and trying to find places to stow everything. 

          grrr’s doing well on his steroids. at my appointment last week after hearing my cough and gravely voice it got their attention (again) . am now lined up for allergy testing. in the mean time i’m taking some kind antihistamine and antibiotic that doesn’t want me to sleep and i walk around feeling slightly nauseated all the time. this getting old sucks! 

          have been weaving at the studio. these will be place mats. am using carpet warp threaded twill and skeins of sari silk i’ve had floating around for years. 

          also spent my birthday winding and sleying my big loom here at the house. doesn’t look like much yet but the colors glow. will be 3 shawls, in tencel, each with a different weft color and probably treadling. but as of now this is as far as i got. then Grrr took me to mighty moo ice cream parlor for my birthday treat. 

          i’m filling my new room up fast. i promise it will look better once everything is unpacked and put away. i still have an idustrial clothing rack full of completed quilts. (am thinking it will live in the guest room.) and a chest of drawers full of threads for Lola. All the beads and paraphernalia are in my bedroom in the roll top desk. 


          so today i’m cleaning off Lola’s table and at least getting a start on the customer quilt. am feeling guilty, have had it for a week and haven’t even unrolled it yet. 

found a quote on FB. 

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But Grrr took the door off. i’m in trouble!



grand central

          this last week has felt like we live at grand central station. have had more people coming and going this week since we’ve moved in. the patio people sent the fellow that will be taking out the window and installing a slider. he’ll be back monday. and grrr some how decided spur of the moment that since we’re going to have a nice useable patio we should have a nice back yard to enjoy while we’re drinking out coffee outside. 

          now we had talked and decided that the patio would be the last big project for a while. the house needs new insulated windows but we’d wait till next year. Yeah, right. however the back yard is now partially completed. still waiting for the new rocks to replace the dirty gravel we currently have but we now have 2 trees (thanks to a sale at Moon Valley). one is a bottle brush that will bloom red and the second is a jacaranda in purple. 

20190518 08420620190517 151747

and an area of 4 cactus, one about a foot high and 3 smaller ones. 

20190518 084220

grrr opted for no fruit trees.( we already have rats on occasion and don’t want to encourage them.). and in order to get the new plants to survive we now have a new underground watering system that automatically runs 3 days a week for 10 minutes each directly to each shrub, tree and plant.  we’re both shocked at the price of trees and cactus that grow naturally here. i would love to hava a Joshua tree but 400.00 for a 2 foot tree is out of our budget. 

          finally finished the green sampler quilt that has been such a struggle on Lola for the last 2 weeks. went to load the next one in line and the backing wasn’t big enough. Returned everything i had and suggested they offer a class in how and why long arm quilters need extra all the way aound. 

          have the loom at the studio completely warped. will start on sari silk place mats next week. 

          am slowly removing stuff the extra bedroom into the new room. refolding fabric so it will fit in the apple crates but am leaving 3 of the metal racks alone and just wheeling them in to live behind Lola. we found a place that delivers to rent a bed for the week the kids are here. need to round up a couple of pillows and blanket

          still fussing over choosing a design for the next item on the big loom. Had decided on 3 scarves in a mix of golds, yellows and creams but half way thru changed direction and went for much wider which will be shawls instead. it’s called using up the stash.  think i’ve settled on a threading pattern which i can change the treadling on for each item. have the warp chained up but all the loom tools are still stashed behind grrr’s recliner. need the hand cart to move the barrel and it’s at the condo. 

          speaking of condo. the company has arrived and currently are on their way back to Idaho for another load. Grrr was helping them pack their possessions into a storage unit and chuckled at the snow shovel they brought.  we did take time for a good visit. she has a job transfer lined up with a 30 day leave in-between which is flying by. they haven’t had time to look at houses yet. that’s the next step when they get back this coming week. but while they’re gone we had plans on taking more of our stuff out of the condo and we’ve run out of days of the week. i still have a closet stuffed with weaving and quilting and even bead supplies. and grrr still has clothing and lumber in the outside storage. 

          had taken Louie off his meds and promptly put him back on. the landscape people sent him into hiding. and they show up so early that he crawls in under the covers and wants to lay across my stomach for protection. he’s too heavy for that. this gets us both out of bed but the lazy beast goes back to bed after breakfast. it’s a hard life. 

20190515 093332

          am looking forward to the day when we won’t have workmen here and can just enjoy this place. 



and my take on the big political topic of the week. "Men cause 100% of all unwanted pregnancies so why is the burden of responsibility on women. Men are the root cause of this issue. we need to hold them responsible. "