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cooling down

          only one doctor appointment with grrr this week. and he was able to pick up his new glasses. i’m scared he’s expecting miracles. after all the surgeries and testing he still has macular so no matter how good the glasses are he’s not going to see like he did years ago. 

          somehow i thought i was going to have several stay home days this week. didn’t turn out that way. thursday morning was a bead meeting at bell.  and then we’re having the patio floor done with the same acrylic stuff we put on th front patio and friday the handyman will be here to take care of a bunch of things:  ceiling fan in guest room, moving the frig from the garage to the patio and fixing the door handle on the front door before it comes off in someone’s hand. Etc. 

          last week’s blog caused some interesting reactions and conversations. heard from people from long ago and received a stack of friend requests from names i’ve never heard of. those got deleted. the surprising thing was that people preferred to contact me either privately or thru email. only a couple used the comments on face book. but now everyone knows what i look like so you won’t be seeing me again. am back to showing every day stuff and Louie. 

20191003 140820

          this photo will be a center piece in a small quilt. i can’t believe how many times i had to rip parts out in order to make it right. am still in the process of cutting parts and pieces out for the blocks that will surround it. those colors are shown below.  the black background was a bad choice.  it has a very subtle pattern that only shows up in one direction. Oh well. didn’t see that problem coming. so i’m ignoring it. 

20191003 140809

          Have 8 more linen towels off the big loom and a gold/yellow tencel scarf started on the small loom. 


          Completed another large quilt for the club. It features western cowboys and Indians themes. did the best i could for a design that was appropriate. found lines that looked like they’d make good war paint and used that. Got that done and started a small one of my own. 

20191011 120506

          Ignore the towel on the floor. it’s to keep the machine oil off the carpet. i lay it out all neat and tidy and then Louie comes in and makes his nest. 

70257345 2385372671549944 3569571307097948160 n

          this is one of Louie’s hiding places. this or on top of the frig. when the vaccuum cleaner is running or when there are strange workmen in the house making loud noises and sudden movements. he supervises from up there. and when he decides to come down you can see just how much dust he’s collected because he spends the next 3 hours cleaning himself. 

till next time. 



          for years I’ve avoided putting my self on the internet.  have always been terribly self concious so i talk about and publish photos of my pets, my textiles, my living conditions and grrr.  


          one of the quilting groups i follow has a challenge going about posting photos of your self at least 20 years apart. looking back thru my history i don’t have many photos but have rounded up those that i have. i’m usually on the other side of the camera. 

          but here’s a few each about 20 years apart.  the back of the first photo tells me i’m about 4 years old. 


          this second photo is what i used for advertising weaving.  this was the front of my business cards.  my face has been super imposed over my glimakra draw loom. taken about the age of 30. 

gteds copy

          the color photo was an ID card at a place of employment. i cropped out all the information; employee number, security clearance and finger print etc. taken about 40 years old. and maybe because it’s my own pictures i don’t see any relationship between the 4 year old and the 40 year old. 

           this next photo is my favorite of all time,. the one i’m most proud of. it was a huge event in my life. the hospital sent me two of these id cards. one for each shoulder. 

          and last but not least a current pix. this was taken by my Macintosh in low light (bedroom) while i was contemplating what exactly i was going to say on this blog. 


          lately i’ve seen multiple posts on one of my face book groups about getting old. suppose that’s what got this ‘ 20 year selfie’ thing started.  it’s bad enough my body reminds me every morning.  i’m seeing wrinkles, gray hair, extra pounds. i’m definitely not the cute, wild, skinny 25 year old any longer. 

          i’m not ok with my physical limitations. i have to pay attention to the amount of time i spend on the looms and standing at the long arm.  these are my passions. years ago the doctors warned me that every bone and joint i damaged (and there were a lot of them) would cost me in the future.  they did not warn me about my short attention span, poor memory, and faulty vision.  

          i’m surprised that i’ve actually made it this far. completely unexpected considering. . .   my belief is that it comes from genetics. as much as i did not like my mother i can thank her for this.  i can also thank her for my angry spirit, survival instinct and independent attitude -  but that’s another story.   i have a good and happy life from a bad start. not all of my years have been positive but age mellows decisions and attitudes and i’m proud of who i’ve become.

 I kno in my 70’s and thankful for my many blessings. 



69967898 2331572770294797 4718966033669423104 n

          this week Phoenix gets heavy rain causing flooding, snow, hale and a tornado. looks like the ski season just might open early this year. and once more the patio roof is still leaking. it’s better than last time but . . . . but living here you know it’s fall because the snow birds are returning and traffic is picking up. 

          so this week i’ve tried to spend time with the looms. finished 2 more towels and still have warp left. i really need to learn to write these things down but it looks to be 2 maybe 3 more towels on that beam. have the baby wolf warped and started on scarf one of two. have several more items for the fall sale i found at the condo. And still have a box of bath mats that have gone missing. 

          got a wellness check with my GP, an ortho referral for my knee,  a referral for a mamogram plus a flu shot. supposed to get a shingles shot but the pharmacy was out. they’ll call me. and the big news is that Benoit will see me. his office called even though he’s not the ortho doctor she referred me to. since i’m an established patient he’ll take me.   and have spent 3 mornings with my friendly chiropractor. and went with grrr to his cataract dr for the last appointment. now he just needs prescription glasses which have been ordered.  so we’re still both up and around. 

70443216 10215160638710116 6044216465303797760 n

          grrr's glued to the tv watching the politicians yell at each other while the country implodes. i’m fascinated by the 16 year old Greta Thunberg but worried that the rich white men that call the shots are kissing her off and tuning her out. she’s spot on. her generation will see a world like nothing we can imagine.  nothing i can do about any of it besides vote. Am narrowing down my choices but need to wait until the convention. 

          attended a general meeting at the studio. Getting lined up for the fall sale. i know the majority of snow birds aren’t back yet but we only had 22 bodies in attendance. we need to pick a date for a teacher meeting and need to find a program director for planned demo and short events for the up coming meetings.  this next meeting Fred will give a short talk and show off his baskets. we planned a silent auction for the extra spinning wheel and i will be donating my extra warping board, umbrella swift and a ball winder to the event. hated to ask out loud but i’ve only ever been to livestock auctions and had no clue how a silent auction worked. way different than my experience. 

          i believe that today’s trip to the condo will be our last load to bring back to the house. my list for this week end is to make pizzoli for Franko. He’s the husband of a friend who is an absolute ‘cat whisperer’. he shows up monthly and trims Loui’s toe nails. And Louie doesn’t fight him. isn’t please with the procedure but allows it. he won’t let me touch his front feet. ungreatful little beast. 

          not sure what i did that brought on this last pout. (maybe inviting Franko over?) there’s no making him happy. i knew thunder frightened him and during this last storm i tried to coax him out to the patio. the rain on the roof makes so much noise he refuses to cross the threshold. found him in my bed that night even before i got there. 

till next time. 


Cooling Down & more rain (478)

67499116 2301622543247537 7660904982299803648 n

          so we’re going to outlaw vaping but not assult weapons.  what kind of logic is that? Vaping - your only killing your self. with ak47’s or ar15’s you get to kill anyone in the vicinity.  pulled this list up from google and it’s not even current. and since Beto threatened to take people’s assault weapons stores have had sales on these specific guns and have sold out. those are weapons for war.  i’m not going on a rant here, i’m just pointing out how stupid our country is. 

20190916 203144

          Patio company worked on the patio roof again. last time they were here we were told that with the extreme heat this is normal that they have to come out and re-apply the caulking. this last storm flooded the room like there wasn’t a roof up there. so now they're useing a sealer that's currently used on motor homes. no more of just working on the seams, they covered the entire roof. what was entertaining was Louie. we had moved his cat tree because it was in direct line of the water fall. he stepped in the water on the floor and leaped onto the chest high shelf on the cat tree thinking he’d stay dry. fooled him. he sat there - picked up one foot - shook it out, put it down did the same with the other foot. looked at me like it was all my fault, and stalked out of the room shaking each paw as he stepped. 

          we have several small pieces of furniture to bring from the condo and that’s it. have all the boxes that were dumped in the studio sorted and put away. found woven items that can go to the fall sale. just need to get them juried and priced. but all the bead stuff is still stacked in boxes in my bedroom. that’s on todays ‘ todo’ list after my pedicure.  Then grrr gets to contact the auction place and find a painter. however with his attitude of ‘there’s no hurry’  it may take a while. 

20190918 14421220190830 132926





          slow week for getting any thing done. lola is sitting maked and taking a break. didn’t bring back any quilts from the club. time to focus on finishing up a couple of warps. this is the towel warp. doesn’t look like much in the photo but it’s an off white linen weft. (that's my shadow on the towel) hard to work on because it’s so boring. Need to find several other weft colors to hopefully finish the everlasting warp.  there’s an awful lot of warp left so need to step it up. took the scarves off the studio loom. have two of these for sale. 

          took a tour of the house that our friends purchased. easy to get to from here. they were told it’s 1800 square feet but seems smaller. i think because it’s broken up into so many rooms. no open spaces. and of course right now it’s chaos with boxes and stuff piled all over. (i remember being in that position) talked to T about can they add on. he’s thinking about maybe out in front of the garage. personally i’d be taking out a couple interior walls. but that’s just me. i really liked the kitchen and loved their floors. 

          temps are cooling down. it’s now about the same temp inside as outside. supposed to get more rain starting tomorrow. looking forward to it. 

till next time. and Louie says hi to his fans. 


I joined a bead group

20190904 102507

          found a group at Bell that spends 2 days a week working and talking beads. they told me there would be more than 5 members when the snow birds return. looking forward to joining them. i do have another couple finishes done.  these are made of much bigger beads than the usual size 11’s i prefer. the advantage is they go much faster. finding this group has gotten me motivated for figuring out a way to carry a project back and forth and be in control of a million tiny beads. 

patriotic necklace


          so far i’ve managed to incorporate everything we brought from the condo into the stuff at the house. except we’ve got another load (maybe 2) to go.  depends how many boxes i can fit into my car.  

          then we were contacted about would we be willing to rent for 3 months beginning the first of the year.  asked Grrr and he said yes we were. so after removing the remaining personal stuff we’ll be leaving the linens, towels, dishes etc. instead of contacting the thrift shop. this gives him time to get it painted and other fixes he wants to do before putting it on the market. now we’re waiting for a definate yes or no from the renter. 

20190908 12162120190911 111447

        have another huge quilt on Lola. it’s so sweet it’s hard to work on. very pale pink and a very pale blue. found a verigated pink/blue thread that’s perfect and the background fabric is a small leaf print so am stitching leaf shapes. Boring!  

           talked to the quilters about putting my quilts in the big fall craft sale on consignment and they said yes.  haven’t sold anything on etsy since i re-opened the shop. so will be closing it and have no other outlet to sell thru. will sort and select what gets donated and what gets put up for sale. i counted as i hung them back up while unpacking. total was 63 plus an entire group of place mats size experiments. figure these will be 20.00. nobody needs that many quilts. 

          haven’t touched the loom this week. attended a board meeting at the weavers. Discussed ways to get more folks involved. i know this is normally a social club but we’re thinking it needs to broaden out into other types of textiles.  Looking into demo’s and some educational programs from both members and outsiders. i offered to teach a simple class on tapestry and weaving with beads. if the group considers swedish weaving an actual weaving technique just about any fiber related anything should qualify. to me swedish weaving is damask, brocade, opphamta, draw loom type work.  we do have a secretary for next year and are trying to convince Mary to stay as president for another year. 

          plus we are selling an extra spinning wheel. it’s a Blue Bonnet BumbleBee wheel that students never use. It takes up storage space and needs a home. it will be auctioned off at a silent auction at the November meeting. 

          Louie says Hi. Every time i see his photo he looks so angry. wish i could change that. i’m not asking him to be greatful or even appreciative that i rescued him.. both Grrr and i are pretty optimistic contented people. why isn’t he? i just don’t know how to make it better. 

till next time.


the promise of lower temps

          i’m trying hard to belive that the temperature is going to drop. they’re telling us this next week will stay in the 90’s. i’m determinded to make a temperature quilt come January. not sure what color should be assigned to temps over 115. we’ve had a couple of those.  white maybe?  the weather screens on tv show it as hot pink. i want a color that shows your clothing melting.

          have been working on lap size quilts on Lola. Have 3 ready to be delivered. basically i’m avoiding doing the giant one that’s waiting in line. 

20190902 12294920190901 115622

          didn’t get a photo of this one with the quilting on it. was really hard to pick a color of thread. finally settled on gray. 

          still weaving dish towels. am bored. wish i’d run out of warp on that loom. 

          and in the evening i’ve been working on beads. getting a little bored with the crochet too. time to work on a different type of structure. 

20190904 10244920190904 102604

             have a drawer full of beautiful cabochons that need to be set in a bezel and attached to a necklace of some kind. making the decision on what kind of necklace is the hard part.  string beads, woven beads, beaded spirals, a leather thong.  whatever.  still have all that stuff at the condo. thinking that’s next on my list.

          speaking of condo. the movers were supposed to be here yesterday delivering the big items from the condo that we’ve decided to keep. the bed for the guest room. the quilts and the huge garment rack that displays the finished quilts and one chest of drawers (that’s full of beads). then i need boxes to clean out the closet of weaving and quilting fabrics and the clothing closet frull of towels and bedding.

          thought it was all planned but didn’t happen but they’ve moved out and spent the night in their new house. which makes me feel comfortable going over there and emptying both closets. not sure what Grrr has planned for moving the big stuff or even any kind of time line. 

          Grrr's eyes are doing so well. i’m delighted. he’s talking about driving to washington or maybe oklahoma next month.  one more week of eye drops and then he’ll be getting new glasses. 

20190903 131432

          Louie’s being a brat. he knows i want to take a photo and he’s refusing to look at me. even after Grrr walked around the chair and made weird noises and snapped his fingers my bratty cat refused to co-operate. no kitty treats for him tonight. 




WE HAD RAIN AND WIND AND MAJOR LIGHTENING. It’s about time. didn’t last long. these arizona storms never do but at least we got wet. and we still have leaks in the new patio. 

0893892d-a6f0-4374-8a35-32a020f0a2cc-lightning 2


          These are photos that have been sent to our local TV station. Impressive! i’ve never in my life seen as much lightening and the thunder actually rattles me.  Louie chooses to crawl under the covers wether i’m in the bed with him or not. 

67915664 10156551818752014 1115914863793668096 n69598186 10156616080982014 4786894617947668480 n

          this is one of the quilts i’ll deliver this afternoon. Another delightful one to work on. Flat and square.  used a gray thread front and back and made nice easy loops all over. picking the thread color was the hardest part. 

          this is showing the back. it was also pieced with seams running both directions. 

          Currently out of quilts from others. have mounted one of my own. and started piecing on another one i’ve been waiting to do. just like the tote of completed tops i have stacks of fabrics with ideas for the piecings pinned to them. i’m going to have to live forever to complete the ideas i have in my head. 

20190830 132903

          finished the 2 scarves at the studio. not wild about either of them. They are pretty much identical.  plain weave to show off the hand dyed warp so showing only one.  have 2 more linen towels completed but still on the loom. can’t remember how many yards i put on but obviously it was a lot. i’m on towel 8. 

          and in the evenings i’ve been making crochet bead bracelets. have 2 done. now to string more beads. that’s the part i don’t like. Have dozens of potential patterns designed on the computer but then i have to string the beads according to the pattern i printed off. fortunately i do boring fairly well. 

20190831 101149

          we picked up Grrr’s Honda and he drove for the first time in weeks. got home and told me how paranoid he’d felt that some body was going to hit him. he wasn’t even in the car when it got hit but it still bothered him.  and technically he’s not suppose to drive yet but he got home just fine. i remember after both shoulders the first time driving. took myself in for a pedicure.  was a little shakey about it. hadn’t driven in probably a year because of the pain and the drugs. it’s like riding a bicycle. all comes back with in a mile or 2. 


          he also had his follow up from the eye surgeon. all is good. his vision has improved even better than expected. now he has to get glasses in a couple of weeks and i’m over the chauffeur job.  am so grateful this is all over with and the results are wonderful. 

          another cartoon from FB. fits Louie perfectly. think the hair ball problem will be a life long issue. am not willing to get him shaved.  think i’ll buy stock in the carpet cleaning product i use. 

off to deliver quilts. 


Maggie & Louie

nothing accomplished

HOT.  It’s just too hot. i’ve taken up naps in the afternoon. temps are getting up past 110 and it completely wipes both of us out. trying to do all my errands in the morning (and i’m not a morning person).  Grrr has always taken naps and i did while i was recovering from shoulder surgeries but usually i’m busy and spend the day in my studio doing whatever. i still have stuff to do but it can all wait. funny thing is that no matter the temperature my shoulders get cold. i nap with a light weight shawl over my shoulders.  and the forecast is more of the same. 


          and i know this is a day late but my Macintosh has been in the hospital somewhere i managed to pickup ‘ alware and redirects’ according to my Geek at Best Buy. i’ve always been told mac’s just dont do that but it seems they do. i now have trend micro installed plus the geek squad at Best Buy vaccuumed it out. it’s almost 10 years old and i was scared they were going to tell me it needed replacing. but after doing some fixing and cleaning it up inside it works like new.  told me the dust inside was awful. 

          Grrr had his second (right eye) cataract taken care of. no issues, no problems.  putting drops in both eyes now. they gave me a chart to keep track - good thing because it gets confusing. which eye at what time and which bottle of drops. his vision is clearing up a little more each day. when they took the patch off he was able to read 4 lines on the chart with only one mistake. i’ve never seen him be able to do that before.  Hurray! 

          took his honda in for repairs. turns out it was even more than the shop’s estimate. but so far the all state insurance has been easy and pleasant to deal with. We pick it up on monday. 


          Only have half a quilt done. decided to use the same stipple pattern and thread i used on the last one. besides i can do this pattern with my eyes closed. it’s been on lola long enough it’s getting dusty.  Plus washed and hemmed 6 linen towels from my gilmore loom. will be taking them in for quality control at the studio. have about 6 more still on the loom. 

66524732 2284200951667117 7658942723411410944 n

          no rants this week. it’s too hot to get worked up about anything except the heat. it’s a surprise when i get so many responses and reactions when i go off on a personal tangent. Seems my issues are more universal than i think. 

          and Louie. i need to start carrying the spray bottle in the studio now. we seem to have the attack mode in the bedroom handled. now he’s gotten extremely territorial about the studio room. not sure if he wants my sole attention while i’m in there or if he wants me out of his space. Whatever it is i have the scabs on my legs to prove he’s not a happy beast. too bad i don’t have any kitty prosac left from when Gus was alive. 



a week for finishes

           completed a huge pickle dish customer quilt yesterday. she did a great job on it and even stay stitched all the bias edges for me. was a dream to work on. we thought about doing something special in the white sections but that quilt is so busy decided to keep it simple. did use  a heavy multi color verigated thread on the front and a pale cream on the back.  her piecing was perfect, flat and square. i hope she was as happy with it as i was. 

          have also dug out a pile of unfinished beaded items. the majority of these needed findings and cleaning up. made a fire mountain order and got busy. most are rope bracelets.  


browngold braceletblue rope braceletmauve roll on bracelet

           The necklaces will be shown later. only have 2 of those completed.  the majority of these started out as testing of patterns i make up on the computer. String about a million size 11 delicas and start crocheting. it’s mindless and i can listen to the tv while i work. good way to keep my fingers busy in the evenings. have a pile more started that need a little more crocheting or more beads added. have decided i like the roll on bracelets better. saves a lot of work. not confident on what the measurements should be. i made this one to roll over my hand but once it’s on my wrist it’s way to big.   have some great ideas for more colored ones but the majority of my beads are in a dresser at the condo. 

doubled bracelet

          speaking of the condo. our friends who are staying there have found a house. not far from ours.   they are set to sign the papers on Tuesday.  i know how excited R is to finally have her own place.   i’ve looked at the interior online. very nice.                                           

          took Grrr in for his cataract pre-op appointment on the other eye. the left one is doing great. she sent him to his other eye doctor to have something checked out. turned out not to be a big deal. so tuesday is the big day and it’s back to wearing the patch and using eyedrops 4 times a day. 

          and i have another small rant for the week. i have my toe nails done every 4-5 weeks.  i love the unusual colors that are available.  seems my older bottles of polish will last until my next appointment. have purchased several new bottles lately and those new colors don’t last nearly as long. Chip and crack or even completely come off. and i’m not spending time in the pool.  seems to be a quality thing.  hate to sound like an old person but it appears they don’t make the stuff like they used to. 


          this isn’t Louie. stole the photo from the internet somewhere. i adopted Louie after he’d passed thru this ‘cute’ stage. i hope this young cat keeps the good attitude i sense from it.  my Louie never looks that mellow. but he has taken to sleeping on my cutting table and the ironing board. they’re big enough he doesn’t fall off. 



Last Week Continued.

          Pretty much a re-run of last week. 5 doctor appointments in 4 days. i get thursdays off to spend at the studio. 

          we got called in the day before surgery to get the left eye re-measured. it keeps changing. next day we had the first cataract surgery. went well excpet they couldn’t use the toric lenses to correct the astigmatism. put in a regular lense.  he was expecting instant change (because he doesn’t listen to his doctor) but at the post op appointment she assured him it takes a little longer. This is 4 days past surgery and he’s noticeing a big difference. we’re doing drops in his eyes 4 times a day for a month and in a couple of weeks we get the other eye done. she’s not sure about using the toric but so far so good. 

          We’ve also been referrd to a kidney specialist by his GP. not sure what thats about yet. the RH doctor decided he doesn’t have rheumatoid arthritis. good news. he doesn’t have lupus. good news. But. . . . .his kidney count is too low to ignore. so we’re off to get more lab work done and meet with a new doctor. getting old sucks!

20190809 112439


          have spent no time in my room working on anything. have a stack of quilts from the club and was supposed to pick up another customer quilt wednesday but that didn’t happen. am aiming for time with Lola this weekend. need to un-stitch this quilt. was almost completed when i discovered a big pleat in the backing. spent yesterday taking it apart and today will be for starting over on it.  need to knock down the quilt count by one. 

          on the car accident there is good news to report. All State insurance finally located the fellow who hit the Honda. they felt with the damage to our car his should be worse but he spent a week avoiding their phone calls. they have agreed to pay the estimate from the repair shop we got. seems the photos i sent them were what decided that the damage was minor but the estimate from the shop gave the true damage. so they’re sending us an initial amount and then paying the balance directly to the repair shop. the car is going to have to wait until he can drive. i’ve done my bit. 

44305578 2331509273529117 384197314392096768 n

          i’m still not watching the news. i dont’ find it difficult to believe we’ve had two mass shootings in 24 hours. If Sandy Hook 7 years ago and 20 little kids getting killed didn’t get any changes done nothing is going to make it happen now. this country loves it guns more than it loves it’s children. look at the poor educational system, look at the amount of child molesters and abusers,  look at the number of kids in the foster system.  and think about this for a minute. what kind of culture needs to send children to school with bullet proof back packs. 

          We deserve what’s happening by not valueing our kids. and i don’t want to hear comments about ‘well, you never had any kids’. no i didn’t, but i was a kid caught in the system where i had no value. so keep your comments to yourself. 

          that rant felt good.

20190612 093238



          it’s no wonder we have hair balls. he spends a lot of time ingesting hair and i spend a lot of time spot cleaning the carpet. but he does have great grooming habits. i’d hate to try to bath him. he even supervises my cleaning of his litter box. not sure what he’ do to me if i missed a day.