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More Construction Pictures

          work did cease due to a major rain storm. we are beginning to feel like we never left Washington this winter. it’s been one rain storm after another and cold. other parts of the state get snow  but as far as i know this little pocket of sun shine never has.  but the rain was coming those guys stayed late and got the roof covered in plywood before the storm. 

and after the storm i could tell the cement was not level. Lola likes level.  Today nobody here sawing and pounding (which is nice for a change) i think the roofers and electricians are due after today’s inspection. they still have the support posts up between the old room and the new space. for a while we were covered in caution tape. 

          have been warping the baby wolf loom for the split shed workshop coming up. the teacher Deborah Silver will be staying at the condo and I’ve been emailing with her. looking forward to meeting her and learning a technique i’ve never even heard of let alone done. i’ve done double binding rugs which is a type of split shed and of course damask but that was a 5 harness structure. have no clue what this is going to be but her work is amazing. plus this is the first time i’ve ever warped a loom by flash light. my bedroom has the worst light and because i sleep here i don’t need light but. . . .lets just say it’s never been a problem before. 


          completed one of my own quilts before mounting another giant red and green combo on Lola. those colors looks much better in real life.               

          sorted thru the second plastic bin of tops. what was i thinking when i packed those. there are no backing fabrics in there. my normal procedure is to at least select the backing fabric even if it’s not pieced or measured. this tote had nothing. came back to the house and sorted thru piles for anything that looked big enough and hauled that box back to the condo. i hate this. can’t wait for my room to be done. 

  i was contacted about several antique spinning wheels that needed re-homeing. one is a simple ashford and the other 2 are over 100 years old and are from Germany. all  are fully functional. one seems home made but this one is called a brides wheel according to our local spinning teacher.  it has a distaff for spinning flax. and there are parts of it that are carved ivory. either bone or ivory but we figured bone would show fine cracks by now. it works, it’s beautiful and the teacher is going to demonstrate spinning flax on it at the next meeting.  

           i did purchase a book about quilting on leather. i recommend it. one of these days i’m going to try it out. i brag about Lola sewing thru anything with any thread. this could be a true test.     

20190216 093439 copy

20190209 175618

            and i can’t ignore Louie. this cat never looks pleased. it’s giving me a complex. i never feel that i’m an adequate cat mom. and i’m sure that’s how he feels also. lately it’s been worse. he wants to go out to his patio that isn’t there any longer. He stands on his hind legs and tries to open the door. the back side of that door doesn’t even have a handle so we block it with a box. don’t blame him, i want the cat box out of my shower stall. There is cat litter all over the bathroom. he has hair growing out of the pads on his feet and he tracks it all over. 

i keep telling both him and myself that this will pass and it will get better. neither one of us is patient. 

check in on the 19th. i’ll be positng about my first ever blog hop participation. 



Big Changes

remember this pix from last week. 

ISy3t45f9fn8470000000000 copy

here it is now. they left just enough framing to keep the roof up. 

20190208 172948

  the floor is level with the existing room. the cement pour was postponed for 2 days due to rain and it’s not drying as fast as they expected. it’s cold here, or colder than normal. so far it’s passed inspections and we’re moving forward. just wish it were faster. 

20190208 091816

the trusses to extend the roof line are laying in the front driveway along with a fork lift of lumber. and another truck load of lumber in the back

20190208 091717

have been spending time at the condo. here’s progress so far. can hardly wait until Lola gets moved home. 

20190129 122308

          this is a charity quilt. i so try to make the ugly ducking tops better but there was just no cohesion to this one. i suppose they were just trying to use up chuncks of assorted fabrics. i thought feathers would help. sadly, not so much!

          returned another top to the club as the back was abut 30 inches short. so in the mean time did one of my own.  built this one before we moved here so it’s been in the tote for many months. bright and fun and did big easy circles. i love it.  

20190209 100449

          it’s also time to get the weavers membership up to date so i can reconcile my list with the RCSC. not terribly hard but a nuisance every 6 months. got new name tags made last week.

          Louie says ‘ hi' to all his fans out there. he’s posing in his new temporary room. (my shower stall) 

shower scene

          All the workers took last Saturday and Sunday off but today we have lots of sawing and pounding happening. i need to do laundry. there seems to be no easy way to reach the washer any longer except to go out the front door and into the garage from that direction. certainly don’t want to get in the way of progress out there. 

          I’m trying to adopt Louie’s new attitude only without the drugs. Looking for comfort amid all the chaos. 



Construction Underway

i suppose everytone knows that in order to make progress you have to destroy what you’re starting with. this is just what they’ve done and we have pictures to prove it. photo is from the back looking into what the patio used to look like. 

ISy3t45f9fn8470000000000 copy

Then we did this with it. 

then it went to this. and this and this. 

the next day. AND THE NOISE!!!!

AND MORE NOISE!!! you'd think we live in a dentist office. 

And today this

the schedule is:  monday it gets inspected. Tuesday is the cement pour and wednesday the lumber is delivered. that’s as far as i know. 

but the talk of the neighborhood is the port-a-potty out front beside one of the lions. really classes up the neighborhood!  plus there are usually 2-3 construction trucks parked in front of houses down the block. 


Louie is not happy but with a little magic bottle of help from Washington he’s managing. and he’s only escaped once. the neighbor let us know he was loose and thank goodness he’s such a chicken. he desperately wanted back inside. he spends a lot of time siting by the door between the weaving room and freedom and cries because i won’t open it. So this is his new room.  when the workmen are here he perches on the very top of his cat tree and supervises. 

20190127 095935
20190127 095940


          in the mean time we’re living in a complete mess. Boxes and bags and extra furniture stacked everywhere. i’ve moved into Gary’s bathroom because Louie has moved into mine. my bedroom has a path to the bed and a path to the dresser so i can get clean underwear. can’t find anything. have black plastic garbage bags stacked behind and against all the living room furniture. i hate living like this. keep telling myself it’s only temporary. am posting this sign on the one mirror that isn’t blocked by boxes.  running off to the condo to spend time with Lola. 




Tomorrow is Start Day

IMG 20181019 093247272 HDR

          The weaving room is pretty much emptied out. except for the big things that won’t fit thru the door. Like the loom. also left a very heavy chest of drawers and several other wood weaving items. also left the stuff attached to the walls. cone racks take up the wall against the garage and my airplane prop hanging above the windows. it’s going to have to come down because that wall is going to be torn down but figuring the contractors can climb the ladder. am hoping they can save the leather strapping that holds it up there. 

          my bedroom looks like a tidy hoarder lives here. i have a path to the bed and a path to the comouter. Boxes and boxes stacked over my eye level. left just enough room for Louie’s cat tree in front of one window. the other window is completely blocked. and getting into my closet is a tight squeeze. the living room isnt much better. i hate living in chaos. 

          did see the pulmanary doctor this week. he was his normal unpleasant un-communicative self. this time i only had to wait in the exam room 45 minutes which was an improvement. he looked at the ct scans and admitted my problem was sarcoid. Duh!.  isn’t that what i told him several appointments ago and he didn’t believe me. now he’s putting me on prednisone. says they should have done that 50 years ago. will pick up the prescription but not sure i’m going to take it. 2 pills twice a day 30 mg each. every instinct in my body is screaming at me not to put that drug in my body. anyway - I’ve scheduled an appointment with a second pulmonary dr. she isn’t taking new patients but seemed to make an exception when i mentioned who i had been seeing. just told her he wasn’t a good fit. have a feeling i’m not the first she’s inherited this way. 

          on a positive note i did get a clean bill of health from my dentist. at this point every positive thing counts.  

          attended a meeting at the weaving studio. need to get my butt in gear and get the loom warped for the workshop. and name tags printed. 

20190120 131406

         also need to get to the condo and finish the current top on the machine. have had to go begging for a thread that would match or at least work with the rusty pink color. the color looks much better in the photo than in real life. i need a lighter shade to not look shocking on the white and pastel blocks. 

          the brown iquilt n the photo is one i completed last week. recived a call yesterday asking if i could take a ‘time sensitive’ quilt. had to say sorry. can’t do it until probably next week. she’ll call me back later in the week.  

20190120 132536


          plus i’m participating in a blog hop.  have never done anything like this before. it sounded interesting and fun. the dreadful threads in washington had challenges on occasion and some of the items coming from those were amazing. Anyway i contacted the leader and said i’d like play.  i thought it was simple- you make a quilt, send the photo in and she posts it.  nope. she explained everything and gave me a date that it has to be posted on my blog. the topic changes every month. the month i’d been looking at was January. this is February and this month’s topic is ‘wings’.  dragons, birds, airplanes, bbq hot wings etc. and there is a large number of quilt blocks with wings and flying in the name. lots of options. i’ve already got the fabrics picked out now to just make a decision.  and find the time. wonder what next month will be. 

20190108 225049

          however i enjoy being busy and with these deadlines it’ll get me motivated. And not stressing over the work crew that’s scheduled for tomorrow. they will be delivering the port-a-poddy and trailer for construction garbage tomorrow too. will take pictures as they demolis the whole back of the house and the rebuilding as it happens. 

          Louie’s furniture gets moved to my bathroom later today. and he’s already on his calming drugs, though i’m not sure they’re working. the last 2 days he’s been like a wild child. Spilling items and breaking glasses.  started out with 2 drops in his food but may have to up the dosage.



We Have A Date!

          the trusses will be delivered and the de-construction will start Monday, the 28th.  Hurray! it’s about time. now to get the weaving room packed up. have no idea where all those boxes are going to fit. hate the idea of packing them back to the condo but it may come to that. my bedroom is big but not that big and there’s a loom sitting in the middle that needs a warp in preparation for the upcoming workshop. Then over the weekend i need to get all Louie’s furniture moved out. have decided his rug and litter box will move into my shower stall. it’s big enough, his outside cat tree will move to one of my bedroom windows that isn’t blocked by boxes of weaving stuff. and he’ll be started on CBD drops in his food. he loves spending time outside in the patio and he’s going to one unhappy kitty. 

20190119 110646

So i’ve finished another quilt top. this one is out of a left over batik jelly roll. it’s now at the condo waiting it’s turn on Lola.  

IMG 20180917 142509692

and here’s a second one in process. the rows just need stitching together. Seems i had the fan on during this picture. these blocks had been built years back and stuffed in a zip lock. ran across them, cut them in half and stitched to a different half just to make it more interesting. now to finish stitching the rows together. 

          and finally completed the quilting on the biggest quilt i’ve ever taken on. giant log cabin blocks! even thou it went on forever it was enjoyable. straight and flat. no where did i have to fudge anything. the picture doesn’t show the actual size but i had just enough space to park the machine on one side and about 4 inches on the other side. 

          and here’s a long distance shot of Louie on his indoor cat tree. he doesn’t often perch on the top. it’s not that stable for such a heavy cat. and as you can see he hangs over on all sides. he gets up there and thinks about leaping onto the top of the book case or even the drapery rod. one of these days when i’m not watching and yelling at him he’ll actually try it. the window behind him will eventually be a slider onto the new patio that isn’t there yet.


          will be seeing my pulmanary dr this coming week. along with my dentist (just for a check up). am nervous about find out the results of all the tests. did get tested for valley fever but haven’t heard back on that one either. have been wearing my oxygen and causing problems with the tubing running thru out the house. it’s going to take forever to get used to it and it makes the top of my ears hurt.  that quote pretty much gives my exercise routine for the month. 



Staying Busy

slow week. still no news about the trusses being delivered. i want this done!!!!  or at least started!

          Still not feeling my normal self but am forcing myself to do something. Anything. i can take my portable oxygen to the condo and use lola. i hang the strap on one of the rollers and it follows along. and i’m sewing quilt tops here at home. not weaving. even tho i moved the baby wolf into my bedroom the light is so poor i can’t see to use it.  plus i may be taking this loom to the club for a workshop. don't want to feel rushed about getting 10 yards of towels off it. 

          the sewing machine has been humming along and have 2 quilt tops together. i cheated a little - one already had the blocks built. i just had to stitch them together. 

          i don’t often buy a designer pattern but i loved this one and figured it was worth the price just to have the math done for me. i saw an advertisement for a class at one of the local quilt shops, went to sign up and it had already started.  figured i could do it on my own.  would have been much easier with an instructor. took 3 days just to cut all pieces!  the pattern showed it made out of batiks (and it was gorgeous)  but i didn’t have enough to make a good color run without going shopping. that takes energy and with the amount of stash i have i feel guilty shopping for more. 

          and after taking the photo i spotted one mistake. am trying to decide if i should take that row out and re-do or leave it as a deliberate. would be easy enough to make a new strip. If you can spot it I’m taking votes. 


          this second top is a combination of blocks from lord knows when or even what projects they were orginally intended for. There are churn dash blocks, happy squares, half of other blocks along the sides and left over diagonal strata along the top and bottom.  i’ll pass it on to my quilt group for a donation.  packed it up and started to take it over there but then realized they’d just give it back to me for quilting. it used to be so much easier before Lola moved here. someone else did the quilting. however that’s why they were so many quilts behind when i came along. 

          have been spending time with Lola. not as much as i’d like. it’s hard to be attached to my portable oxygen and work at the same time.  this animall print was ok. i could strap the portable to the top railing and it would follow along. the quilt i’m currently working on (pictures later) is probably the largest i’ve ever done and there is no room to strap the unit to the rail. the quilt takes up the entire machine. even if i could figure it out the plastic tubing doesn’t give me enough length. however this is hardly strenous work so i don’t feel any negative affects. 

          and i keep forgetting to show off my Christmas gift from Grrr. If you’re a quilter you’ll appreciate the tumbling block pattern. it’s nearly perfect!  and gorgeous!  it’s replacing my fish bowl we use for keys, wallets and misc junk we deposit when we come in the door. 

          and of course i can’t neglect Louie. here i’m asking him to please let me have my desk chair. he listens very politely and then tuckes his head back down, purrs and says ‘no’.  but at least he doesn’t threaten to rip my face off like my last cat did. 

enough for now. am off to spend time with Lola. that huge quilt is waiting. 


Past large quilts

no news this week. no trusses delivered. life seems to be in a ‘ wait state’. so am entertaining you with pictures. 

          when you own probably close to 1000 9 patch blocks you need to use them. This top didn’t even make a dent. got discouraged and donated the remaining bags of blocks to my local group. curious to see how they use them up. 

          thinking I’ve shown this quilt before. it’s truly one of my favorites and was sold before it was even finished. wish i’d of counted the number of tiny pinwheels in it. the left side photo is a progress picture. after a while i was sewing pinwheels in my sleep!



          this top i made for me. it’s a color control version of the jelly roll race using batik fabrics. The shocking thing is it looks so good on the wall. it even looked good on my bed. slept with it one night and decided i didn’t feel right sleeping with it. logically know how silly and stupid that sounds but i trust my instincts. somebody needed this quilt more than i did. Donated it to my quilt group and they sold it to a good home. 


          another high color quilt. can you tell i love color. fact -  i’ve never met one i didn’t like.  this is using scraps which seem to breed while i’m not watching. 

          This quilt lives on Grrr’s bed. he chose the block and the colors. not sure he’s ever noticed but the colors are the same as the quilt he asked for years ago. man’s in a rut!. and since he makes his bed every day it always looks good. This pix is before it got quilted. 


          this clothing rack lives at the condo. It holds my current inventory of availabel quilts that are looking for homes. if you’re in the market let me know.  all sizes and colors are represented. 

am hoping next week to have some news. 



Nap Queen


          Have taken up naps as my favorite past time which tells you i have nothing new to show off. am hoping this is not an omen for the up coming year. i have way too much planned in my head. plus way too much stash to ignore. 

          so wishing everyone a happy and productive new year a day early and am posting a review of previous works. these are all from an assortment of challenges from  friends, different quilt groups and shops in washington. 

          this red and purple and orange all started with a yard of striped fabric in these colors. named it comet trail.  it still hangs at the condo. 

          blue mountain is an exercise in stitching. it still needs a more quilting and a binding to be completed. but it was fun.   i have never done another thread painting piece. not sure why but it was harder than it looks.                

          this was another challenge. it was thrown out there as a question - basically what is your biggest unknown about life. a retired priest was the person who came up with the idea. (he was a member of the group) mine was ‘what is behind the next door?’ life is full of doors. some are welcoming and full of sunshine but some need to stay closed.  there are dragons behind them. but this guy peeking thru the key hole got is tail caught in the door jam. 

          below is another ‘pull your scraps out of the garbage and sew for 10 minutes’ challenge. don’t get fancy, don’t get creative. just sew. 

          for the dark green one we were each given a rough cut piece of fabric to use as the main body of the piece and told to use it. only rule was you couldn’t trim it up.

          This one kind of looks like an underwater theme. it’s not. again the challenge was to dig small scrap pieces out of your current fabric garbage and just sew them down into one small picece. we were allowed to shape the with scissors but no rotary cutting. i discovered it’s really hard to do anything with a timer counting down the minutes. 


          the butterflies were another quilt shop challenge. we received a fat quarter of the green and black ladybug background print. Yikes!  i didn’t win but it was fun. 

          below is another challenge from the same local quilt shop in Bellingham. the challenge fabric is used in 2 of the balloons and the binding. theme was  ‘celebrate’.

          and last but now least -  Piglet.  my first piglet was a custom order appliquéd onto a large bed quilt along with other favorite characters.  after positing a photo (whick i can no longer find) i liked him so well i made another. As you can see at this point he wasn’t actually sewn down. titled it ‘i’m late, i’m late, for a very important date’.


          this was a beading assignment. use pearls.  i don’t like pearls and didn’t have any in my staxh. actually had to go purchase a small bag of fake pearls. was at an absolute loss as to what to do with them other than sting them into a chocker necklace. so reverted back to what i know best - fabric. not a masterpiece but it’s ok. 

          and the final one for the day is Jeffrey. i fell in love with the toys r’s us mascot several years ago. Jeffrey the Giraffe. the company let him go but i just couldn’t. so he now hangs on the sewing room wall where we can gossip about what happens when you fire your best spokesman. 

          i do have more but figure this is enough for now. next time there is no news in my life i’ll add more. i admit to losing track of where a lot of these are. some i’ve sold, some i’ve gifted and not sure where the rest are. some day i’ll get our two addresses combined and create a complete display. the quilt group i belong to here doesn’t do anything even similar. they are all serious top makers. maybe i need to ask around at the quilt shops? 




IMG 20171203 103614686 HDR

          Before i talk about dealing with my current health issue i need to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. May all good things come true for each and every one of you.  unfortunately this photo is from last year. The hats disappeared over last Christmas holiday. so this year the lions are naked. Sorry. 

          have been watching videos and other photos of the old neighborhood. Birch Bay looks destroyed. i used to drive on those roads. friends have had no power for days now. wondering if i should contact the folks who bought our place. they do have a generator but they also have some huge trees. am hoping for the best for them.

          am not going to go into detail about the breathing issues. need to come to terms with these problems before i can share. other than i feeling complete exhaustion and being tethered to a machine. am learning to deal with it. unfortunately i don’t feel any different. was told it would help my energy level. they lied. if anything i’m more tired than ever. about 2pm it’s nap time. just can’t keep my eyes open any longer. a weaver friend who uses oxygen came over and taught me what i needed to know. also scared the crap out of me.  so on top of my annual holiday depression i’m having to accept this too. and i hate it. i’m also stressed about why i needed a ct scan of the lungs and throat. i do have a follow up with this jerk in January but will be interviewing new doctors soon. 

          have been quilting at the condo but no up to date pictures. my cell phone doesn’t seem to do photo’s any longer. it’s getting old too. it’s been time for a new one for several months but i just can’t bring myself to spend the $.  we talked abut going shopping but have decided to wait until after Christmas to avoid the crowds. so here are the quilts before my phone quit co-operating. 

IMG 20181216 114432879

       The boring brown and blue top above is just loops and swirl. i suppose it helped but. . . it’s still a rather no imagination quilt.

          The photo of small red hearts is the background. i tried quilting the word love into the top. not sure it was a success. The body of the quilt is a heart pattern.                                                                                  

IMG 20181220 113004750 HDR

          And i can’t forget Louie.  here he is under his inside cat tree. he’s licking the scratching rope on the bottom. he’ll lick it until his tongue gets sore. now the cat tree out on the patio has been torn apart to the point i need to get new rope and re-wrap the post. but indoors he licks it. is there something missing from his diet?  we used to give the horses and sheep salt and mineral blocks to lick. do i need to suppliement his diet some how?  and the weird box sitting on an upper shelf is some cat grass i planted for him. he doesn’t have a clue. tried to pee in it rather than eat it.  poor guy has never been outside on gravel let alone grass. 

IMG 20181118 143859875 HDR

          And on a much more positive note. the day after Christmas the truss company will be here. Somehow that makes this whole thing real. need to find out when i have to move all Louie’s possessions into the house. and daughter in law sent me CBD for cats to help the adjustment process for him. this cat doesn’t like change. any change!




Almost Christmas

         neither one of us is in the mood for the holiday. we attended grrr’s woodworking holiday dinner. very nice and i even knew several people there. food was turkey and ham with all the fixings. not bad and all the women received a rose on the way out. mine is still on the table enjoying the sunshine. 

          temps have been high 60’s and 70’s. this coming week it’s supposed to reach high 70’s. can’t beat arizona weather. 

         i’m slowly getting better and grrr is pretty much over this on his own. this cold has turned into a bigger problem, 3 doctor appointments in 5 days this last week.  Am on medication and get oxygen on monday. am not happy about this.  getting old sucks. have had breathing issues since i was a kid and have always been able to deal with it. seems to be catching upwith me. 

          have done no weaving even thou i got the wolf loom moved into the bedroom. have a run of towels in my head, have even chosen my warp. linen in natural with strips of different blues and a dark brown. just need to settle on where i want what color strips. i keep re-arranging them in my head. telling myself to just pick one. then i can wind the warp with the right number of ends per color. instead i’ve been napping. (like i said old age.) 

          did manage to sew some blocks together for a quilt. have the top together but it’s too small so am building more blocks to go around the border. center blocks are all blacks, border is red so the outer blocks are all black and red scraps. am feeling guilty that i haven’t spent time with Lola. have a customer quilt about a third done but haven’t had the energy to go and finish it. Did finish a knitted shawl but need to wash and block it before pictures. and am experiementing with tapestry cuff bracelets. not going well so far. am on for attempt 3. These i can do in the evenings watching tv with grrr. 

          and i complely missed my third anniversary with Benoit. Seems I’ve begin taking these shoulders for granted. the loose one hasen’t come apart in weeks. They do still and probably always will get cold.

IMG 20181114 20260838247191431 1942773925809823 8265168320630620160 n

              Louie is fine. no construction yet.  he turned 2 this month. we’ve pretty much got the bitting stopped. he finally made the connection that when he bites, he gets smacked. We’ve gone several rounds on this where he comes at me again but i think i’ve won. now he grabs my pant legs and shakes it. as long as it’s only the pants we're good.  His maine coon mane is growing back in. the winter fur coat makes him look so much larger than he is.  and yes, he is a person and the boss of this house. just ask him.

off to the condo.