2 years ago

          we’re both taking our meds and there is improvement. Grrr is veg’ing in front the the tv watching ball games. i’m not feeling well enough to do anything productive but not bad enough to go back to bed. maybe a nap later. i remember naps - 2 years ago this month they were my favorite passtime. i passed the November shoulder anniversary without even noticing. next week will be my 2 years on the left shoulder. i thank God for finding Benoit every day. 

          the majority of the carpet was installed yesterday. they called when they were done so i could go pay up. walked in and found 2 carpet installers napping on the living room floor. that was a lot of floor and they worked their tails off. (took them 2 days) i had assumed that a dark gray carpet would make the rooms look smaller. not so. . .  maybe it’s because they’re empty but that carpet just goes on forever. the carpet for the loom room (berber) is no longer being made. wish they could have told me that earlier. So i’ll be heading back to the store to re-chose for that one room. just another delay. plus we need a tile guy because of where we removed the walls. they’ll contact me for an appointment tuesday. Every thing gets postponed because of the holiday. 

          did the final inspection on contractor work and paid the final bill. told Miguel it’s been fun but he’s never going to hear from me again. he pointed out that the person who gave me his name said the same thing and then 2 years later moved and hired him for the new house. (sound familiar Gloria).

IMG 20171230 123741351

          also spent some time with Louie. his freedom is scheduled for wednesday. i’ll pay his final bail money and get him chipped. he’s just going to have to adjust to the condo and then getting moved to the house. i kind of jumped the gun on the timing here but he’ll do fine. he’s awfully mellow. the rescue staff told me he likes me and enjoys his visits. are you kidding? he loves anybody who takes him out of that cage. Fickle little beast!

          i’m just as anxious as he is. 

Happy New Year Everyone!