3 more days & Happy halloween

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           Ignoring the covid pandemic,  election stress is killing us. am i the only one having touble sleeping. grrr keeps telling me that whatever happens will happen no matter how much i think/worry about it. and he’s right but how do you shut your mind off?

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i'm just going to take myself out of service for week. or at least until we know the results of voting. then i’ll stress about covid-19. Every night I go to bed and suddenly think....what if he wins?


          had to invest in a new printer. supposed to be east set up to wireless. i couldn’t even seem to get the ink cartridges in so they’d stay put. they needed  brute force. so now i’m watching the little circle go round and round on my screen trying to find the new printer.  the mac found it but the network is being stubborn. all sorted out. 

          also had to take my sewing machine in for service. they told me everyone is doing the same and it would be about 7 weeks before it came back. last time i had it in for service was 2 weeks and they did a lousy job. this time i’m going to test it before i bring it home. i do have a back up machine so it’s not the end if  the world. 

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and of course i voted. didn’t get a sticker because i mailed it in. 

          i need to get my hands off the keyboard and out to the studio and finish threading heddles on the new gilmore. Or even turn on the sewing machine. Anything to keep occupied. 

          am secretly wondering if trump is trying to kill off his supporters by exposing them all to the virus. very few masks and no social distancing. first he busses 30 thousand into a rally and leaves them on their own to get back to their cars in the freezing cold. them he holds a rally in the extreme heat that sends a dozen people to the hospital. what’s wrong with him?

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           the weather has finally decided it’s fall. Never mind fall. arizona thinks it's now winter. it’s actually snowing up north. at 60 degrees it’s flat cold. this week it’s time to start wearing socks. and even added another layer over my t-shirts.  there is no trick or treating here.  no kids.  and leaving pumpkins sitting out just draw in the javelina and coyotes. 



          hoping next week to have better news. and here’s something to think about. what goes around comes back around.  that cop must be a city cop. 

          made the trip to Phoenix yesterday to see my nutritionist. only 2 pounds left to go. good thing. The longer i’m on this diet the harder it is to stay on. i’m so done. hope to never eat another egg or avacodo in my life.  she also measured my serotonin (not sure what that is) but it’s much better. we’re not sure if it’s because of the anti-depressant drugs or the diet but what ever i’ll take. don’t feel any different. keep waiting to wake up and think ‘something has changed.’


           Chewbacca is fine.  lately he’s gotten into the habit of pulling trash out of the open garbage can. spreads it around the living room and plays with different pieces. such a sweet little beast.!

till next time. 



wany are using to summarize the way they feel at this point in 2020. Sometimes we feel drained. Other times we feel energized. It can be difficult to identify who we even are. How about you?