back to the routine if you can call it that. thou being retired doesn’t seem to have a routine. 

          louie got another cat tree. am in the process of putting it together. with the bar across the screens he’s not able to perch on the ledge and watch the wild life or gossip with the next door neighbor. he’s finally quit asking to leave the house at 3:00 am to spend time next door.  so in protest he’s been steeling straight pins from the pin cushion in the sewing room. leaves them on carpet in the hall so we’ll step on them.  he sits in the window in there and keeps track of the neighborhood. now he sits infront of the closed door and complains.  

          we made a trip to the vet yesterday. he’s not feeling his normal fiesty self today and wasn’t in the mood for breakfast but he’s fine. he handled the trip so much better than i anticipated.  he did poop and loose control of his bladder all over the vet and in his travel case. But . .  no panic attack. he got a ‘cat flu’ shot and an extra rabies. i questioned the rabies because he isnt allowed outside but it was explained that since he bites and breaks the skin if i ever get an infection from one of his hunting attacks the health dept would end up getting involved. 

          i got involved with bats and the health dept when i lived on the island. Gus brought a live bat into the house. while trying to get away from us it got caught in a ceiling fan. once it was on the living room carpet we finished it off.  i called the vet to make sure her shots were up to date. (they were) but the vet called the health dept. they felt that a healthy bat would not have been knocked senseless by a ceiling fan. what a mess. they wanted the dead bat. they actually came and got it out of my garbage can. the next time the cat brought a bat in i never told anybody. just dealt with it. 

IMG 20160513 144244451

               this is what a japanese maple looks like. the big house we sold had a different color on each side of the drive way. full and lush and i miss them. i miss the rain but am told that the monsoons are on the way. have never experienced those so will let you know. the silly lions guarding this drive way just sit there and look stupid. they just don’t have the ‘class’ those japanese maples did. 

          Ozone layer. not sure exactly what it is or how it all works but it seems to affect my breathing. my sinuses are stuffy and i’m coughing like a smoker. taking cough syrup before going to bed. Aacckk. nasty stuff

          Temps are hot. so far it’s been over 100 every day. next week is supposed to be in the 90’s. what’s surprising is i can tell the difference. 

          and here is Grrr watching glue dry. doesn’t take long living here.  in washington while waiting for glue to dry he’d come in and take a nap. he’s really anxious to get the coffee table finished but he can only work out there for a couple of hours before the heat gets to him. i’m thinking we need to put a/c or maybe a swamp cooler in the garage. 

          on my way to the condo to work on a quilt that has me stumped. have the big white spaces quilted with feathers but the rest of it. . .  keep telling myself there is no wrong but i really like this one and don’t want to screw it up.  it’s been a long time since i was this stuck.  today i’m going to ‘just do it’. 

          have a good week everyone.