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          Have seen the dentist twice in the last week. major tooth ache. he figured out it was a sinus problem. so am using a netti pot, taking sudafed for sinus and not putting anything ice cold in my mouth. it’s slowly getting better. also got a cleaning and polishing and will be going back in several weeks for a fix on my upper front teeth. dentist told me with the dust storms a lot of people have these types of sinus problems. the picture is of Phoenix.  we’re on the outer edge and thankfully don’t get the full on dust. 

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           the photo is just after the rain stopped.  you can see how the water runs down the street. No drainage for the next couple of blocks. had a mini squall this morning for about 5 minutes but haven’t seen any more serious rain now that i’ve re-arranged the patio to keep Louie’s possessions dry. 

          Another water problem with the house. Landscaper came and repaired the watering system pipe that came apart. all was fine. 3 mornings later i hear water running while getting dressed. told Grrr and he told me it was the sprinkler system.  you bet it was!  several minutes later another neighbor knocked on our door and told us our sprinkler system was watering the entire neighborhood. seems it turned on about 5AM and never shut off.  another brokem pipe only this time under ground. the system is set to water early in the morning for about 30 minutes and turn off. does this twice a week.  water here is expensive and this next bill is going to be a shocker. in the mean time Grrr doesn’t want to bother calling the landscaper. for what this guy gets paid he’s not doing the job. i’m considering finding a new one. 

          rescued a baby bird from under the car. the nest had been in a tree between us and the next door place. didn’t realize it was that windy but the nest was on the ground. the big birds snatched one baby and the second one found refuge under the car. we needed to leave so i got a broom and moved it to under a near by bush. the mom was hanging around watching. the baby seemed ok, was missing some tail feathers but it moved ok. not sure where it went but it’s not where i put it. am hoping it was mom and not a preditor. 

          Am considering teaching a mini tapestry class at the studio. not sure what to do about looms and haven’t even thought about making handouts. do have several sample ideas in my head.  spent a day weaving at the studio on the circles warp. have decided to cut the warp off the front, re-thread the heddles according to color and tie back on. with Grrr being gone for a couple of weeks i should have time to spend over there without him feeling neglected. 


          cut the 2 baby blankets off the loom at home.  have been avoiding the hemming. the finishing is my least favorite part of the process. just like i have 2 quilts sitting here waiting for bindings, and two strings of seed beads waiting to be crocheted into ropes. so instead of doing the things waiting for me i’m going to the condo and spend the day with Lola. there's a quilt that i mounted last week. it’s a tumbling blocks pattern. did a search on pinterest to see how other people have quilted the same pattern. found nothing exceptional so it’s going to be ruler work. 

that’s my excuse for the day.