a couple finishes

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          this is what i changed the weft to on the loom. had about 15 inches of the the tencel woven and decided i didn’t like it. cut it all out and went with a contrasting color. this is a light pink slubby cotton with a dark tencel tabby. slow weaving but a much better look. i generally don’t do anything that needs tabby. when i need tabby i enerally turn the weave structure so the tabby is included in the warp. changing shuttles every shot annoys me. i am addicted to the rhythmic repetitious throwing, catching, beating routine. it’s my happy place. 

          am working my way thru the project bags in the sewing room. i gave away a ton when we packed to move but kept my favorites. These are large zip locks with stacks of blocks from past swaps, trades and just unfinished projects.  this top is an example. most of these just need the blocks sewn together.  it’s now ready for Lola. she’s still at least a tote behind on personal quilts and 3 behind on quilts for others. need to get over there. 

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the black and white is from another bag of blocks. came out will an odd number of extra so will put them on the back. 

          purchased an additional sewing machine. it’s a sparrow ever sew madel low end. about 10 stiches and light weight. i can actually carry it. it’ll live at the condo for piecing batting and small repair jobs on tops when needed. took it to the quilt club and learned the how’s and don’ts. sweet little machine. 

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          and Louie and i are having an on-going disagreement on where he sleeps. i don’t mind him in the closet but i do mind him on the clean towels.  i’ve moved the towel stack multiple times and made him more than one nest on three different shelves with towels of his own. none was acceptable. he moved to where ever the stack of clean towels were. we’ve played this game for weeks. came in yesterday and he’d pulled everything out of all 3 shelves onto the floor. the message was loud and clear. but i’m not giving up. i’ve moved the clean towels into a cupboard with a door and am thinking i need to sneak them in there when he’s not looking or he’ll be trying to figure out how to pull that door open. i thought cats liked to sleep on items that smelled of their person.  he obviously likes laundry soap smell?

          And on the house news. the roof is now fixed and the spinner thing over the garage has been replaced. It won’t screech any longer so the neighbor can stop complaining. 

off to the condo to spend the day with Lola. till next week