a week of company

          have spent the week visiting and doing show and tell around Sun City. Grrr’s high school buddy from years back and his wife are staying at the condo and trying not to get lost. she had done some research Sun City and they have hooked up with a realtor to look at houses. he’s retired but she still works and should easily get transferred. i hope they find a place. she and i have a lot in common and the two men together act like a couple of idiot teenagers.  would love to have them here. 

          needless to say i have not been spending any time with Lola - other than digging out the floor in her room. our guests brought their dog Lucy and have managed to block off the longarm room. no matter how good the floor looks there are always pins floating around. i didn’t know about the dog so pretty much ignored the pins thinking nobody would be in that room.  Grrr was supposed to tell me. he communicates so well!.

          They spent a day with a realtor and looked at a handfull of houses. i only went to look at one. it was one of the brand new houses behind the sheriff posse and cemetery. a little more square footage than ours but weird floor plan. the previous owner had a long arm so i wanted to see it.  2 bedroom, 2 bathroom. about 8 feet across between neighbors. walk in and the very first room is a bedroom. next comes what she used as a sewing room. then the open kitchen/living area with a wet bar off to the side which she used as a computer/office space.  to the left was the master bedroom. (you could see the foot prints of the long arm in the carpet.) large room with a spacious bathroom and giagantic closet. i’ve never owned enough cloths for a room like that. would make a great fabric stash room. i really liked the paint color. not gray exactly, more of a taupe and wonderful tile flooring. The big take home was the lighting she’d had installed in her sewing room. we just may go with that when the remodel of the patio begins. 


          speaking of patio. we’ve selected the contractor and will be calling him monday to get the project started. he’s the one told me the actual work probably wouldn't start until January. takes time for the architect and permits. now that we’ve made the decision i want it DONE!

          nothing to show this week.  should have gotten a pix of Lucy, their dog, before they left this moring back to Idaho. cute chocolate cocker spaniel. calm and very well behaved. we introduced her to Louie. she didn’t try to chase or even sniff. was totaly un-interested. Louie stood his ground then left the room in huff. i’m thinking no panic attack so it went well. so Lucy pretty much stayed at the condo. 

          today is for spending at the loom. 

           here’s Louie’s weekly photo shoot. he’s been known to nap up on the back of this chair. but when he relaxes he falls off and acts like it was my fault. he’s a very serious cat.