All About Weaving

i read Laura Fry’s blog on a irregular basis.  she has a lot of what i call Laura’isms that she relys on. here’s a sample;     - If you can't be perfect, be consistent.  

Never use a knot where bow will do.  

It isn't finished until it's wet finished.  

A thread under tension is a thread under control.  

your mileage may vary. 

if it looks wrong - it is.  

And of course everyone's favourite - It depends.  I’ve stolen several of these to use as my signature lines on emails. and i’m sure the new weavers get tired of hearing me say these over and over. but my true reward is when i hear a previous student repeat them to a new weaver!  

IMG 20180726 113136105

          have 3 weaving projects in different stages. in the photo the loom is in the process of being re-threaded from the front. studio loom is all re-threaded. most of the circles are showing up. i’m still of the opinion it was a bad choice to try to weave there. have to pay serious attention to the treading. hard to do when everyone is talking, walking by, asking questions, needing help, etc. maybe i’ll try treadling a straight twill and see what i get.  plus the loom is not holding tension. need to check out schacht’s web site to find out how to adjust the back brake tension system. 

IMG 20180807 120035398IMG 20180807 105536525

IMG 20180725 151720863

          this blue warp was a skein of hand dyed wool. not streatchy enough to give me any problems.  got 2 scarves out of it. the weft was a skein of plain teal wool. the last weft was a cotton flake in deep purple. 

IMG 20180726 143349765

IMG 20180806 095023631

          and am currently threading a previously wound warp of a mix of red tercel for a scarf. i love it when i think far enough ahead to have already wound the warps. 


           Now that Grrr’s home from washington progress will slow down. Louie didn’t greet him with any enthusiasm but he’s moved his sleeping arrangement to Grrr’s room. i’m feeling abandoned. he still insisted i fix his breakfast this morning. 

till next time.