Almost Christmas

         neither one of us is in the mood for the holiday. we attended grrr’s woodworking holiday dinner. very nice and i even knew several people there. food was turkey and ham with all the fixings. not bad and all the women received a rose on the way out. mine is still on the table enjoying the sunshine. 

          temps have been high 60’s and 70’s. this coming week it’s supposed to reach high 70’s. can’t beat arizona weather. 

         i’m slowly getting better and grrr is pretty much over this on his own. this cold has turned into a bigger problem, 3 doctor appointments in 5 days this last week.  Am on medication and get oxygen on monday. am not happy about this.  getting old sucks. have had breathing issues since i was a kid and have always been able to deal with it. seems to be catching upwith me. 

          have done no weaving even thou i got the wolf loom moved into the bedroom. have a run of towels in my head, have even chosen my warp. linen in natural with strips of different blues and a dark brown. just need to settle on where i want what color strips. i keep re-arranging them in my head. telling myself to just pick one. then i can wind the warp with the right number of ends per color. instead i’ve been napping. (like i said old age.) 

          did manage to sew some blocks together for a quilt. have the top together but it’s too small so am building more blocks to go around the border. center blocks are all blacks, border is red so the outer blocks are all black and red scraps. am feeling guilty that i haven’t spent time with Lola. have a customer quilt about a third done but haven’t had the energy to go and finish it. Did finish a knitted shawl but need to wash and block it before pictures. and am experiementing with tapestry cuff bracelets. not going well so far. am on for attempt 3. These i can do in the evenings watching tv with grrr. 

          and i complely missed my third anniversary with Benoit. Seems I’ve begin taking these shoulders for granted. the loose one hasen’t come apart in weeks. They do still and probably always will get cold.

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              Louie is fine. no construction yet.  he turned 2 this month. we’ve pretty much got the bitting stopped. he finally made the connection that when he bites, he gets smacked. We’ve gone several rounds on this where he comes at me again but i think i’ve won. now he grabs my pant legs and shakes it. as long as it’s only the pants we're good.  His maine coon mane is growing back in. the winter fur coat makes him look so much larger than he is.  and yes, he is a person and the boss of this house. just ask him.

off to the condo.