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          have been spending my time with Lola and this is my finish on the current quilt. i loved the pattern chosen to stitch but it was a huge problem getting them to repeat and line up in any kind of manner. ended up sticking leaves and loops in just to get the flowers to connect. she’s picked it up and left me another one. which i had to return to her for a repair. the backing fabric had several chew holes in it. 

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         have also been using my domestic sewing machine to make virus blocks for the club quilt. this first single block reminded me how much i don’t like paper piecing. the second one was much easier. so easy in fact that i plan on doing a whole quilt with this block.

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          Our big news is we have windows. had planned on making a trip to Lowes for a new ceiling fan but window installers showed up. They were supposed to call first to be sure we were out of bed. I really don’t like laying in bed and seeing a strange man with a ladder walk by my window. It did get me out of bed.   we’ve been trying to get this done for the last couple of weeks but each week it’s been scheduled to rain and they don’t take windows out in the rain. 

          Louie didn’t deal with the turmoil well at all. no panic attack but the stress was making him angry.   He and I spent the day locked in the studio. When I wouldn’t open the door to the patio he nailed me on the leg. Bled thru my jeans. He definitely has anger issues when he doesn’t get his way. 

          we also signed papers on the condo this week. money will be deposited monday. the new owners are already moved in. we gave them permission to move in early because they had sold their house and had no where to go. we could relate. we lived in a motel for over a week when we sold the washington place. hated every minute of it. being homless is frightening. 

          we need to get patio chairs for the front of the house. the weather is getting warm and i want to be outside. i could sit and spin or read and enjoy the sunshine. 

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          and poor Grrr is not getting his birthday night out. birthday is Tuesday and don’t think any of this will be over by then. i’ll have something delivered if i can get him to pick a restaurant. 

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           besides attacking me this is one of his stress relievers. it’s not funny any longer.  he’s relaxing in my desk chair just daring me to punish him. and he’s right. i’m not up to starting that battle. i always lose. 

          everyone is getting tired of being so isolated. my quilters are now leaving their quilts on the front porch and we speak from across the yard. as good as Grrr is i still miss my friends. 

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till next week. 

maggie and Louie

wany are using to summarize the way they feel at this point in 2020. Sometimes we feel drained. Other times we feel energized. It can be difficult to identify who we even are. How about you?