Back at it

          I’m not going on a rant about the house. dish tv is supposed to be connected tomorrow so tomorrow is also moving day for both of us and the cat. will let you know how it goes. 

          we had the plumber out and he sat in the bathroom waiting for the flood while grrr did a load of laundry which we think was the cause  didn’t happen. couldn’t re-creat it. so whatever was blocking the water line seems (at least for now) to be gone. a friend suggested it couldn have been a cockroach nest since the place was vacant for so long. ugly thought. am hoping they all drowned. 

          spent yesterday at the club for ‘Oakmont Fun Day’. completely social with a lot of folks wandering thru to see what our excitement is about. people asked about beginning classes. hopefully they’ll come back in the fall when the next one is scheduled. i’ve never done a summer here and am not up to teaching beginners but it just may be a good idea to run a basic class. felt so good to be back among my tribe members. 

          did get one quilt completed on Lola. the computer still has a glitch. the tech at ABM told me it was the usb. didn’t say if it was the plug part from the machine or the port in the tablet but it doesn’t always make a connection. called my dealer. her standard comeback is to call the help line. i’ve spent 2 hours on that help line. he told me what the problem was. his suggestion is to unplug and re-plug it in. sometimes that works. sometimes not. not acceptable!  have agreed to do charity quilts for the ‘friendship quilters’ group i belong to. i need to be able to depend on the machine. 

IMG 20180212 214630208

          my sweet cuddly cat is turning into a wild child. he has a fetish for ice cubes. licks them until he shivers and then wants more. have put them in his water dish but then the dish gets pushed around and spilled under the cabinet. he much prefers my glass anyway.  he also wants outside in the worst way. he understands how door knobs work. it’s a good thing they took off his thumbs. he tries so hard to turn knob pleading loudly to go out. the birds are driving him crazy. am hoping the screen around the patio will contain him.                                                                                                     


       i purchased the heaviest cat tree i could find but thinking it may need to be nailed to the floor.  i’ve talked about how he likes to spend time in hidden corners. no longer true. He's discovered he can jump. i have visions of him hitting this cat tree 5 feet up and the whole thing crashing down.  he hasen’t seen it yet. Tomorrow. 

          and i’m healthy. caugh pretty much gone and feeling optimistic (for a change)