Back to my regular life

          except for this cold that won’t go away.  started out with a head cold that has since moved to my chest. and now Grrr has it so it sounds like we need to be quarantined arund here. 

          all the company has returned home. don’t think she’ll be buying a place here. and i’m hoping i didn’t share my germs with her. she was hoping her allergies would improve while here but says they got worse. today will be spent at the condo doing laundry and general clean up for the next group of house guests. (and maybe have some time with Lola)

          it’s rained twice this week. Unusual for us but the whole country is having ‘unusual’ weather lately. 

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          still haven’t heard from Maricopa country about the permit so nothing new to report on the construction. i did move the smaller loom into my bedroom. a bit crowded but at least i won’t suffer complete withdrawal during the building. have a run of linen towels planned in my head. but now that the condo is not inhabited i need to go work on Lola. did manage to finish the fringe on a scarf that wasn’t done in time for the craft sale. and still need to take what inventory that’s left back to the club to put up for sale. 

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         went to the Fairway wood workers holiday meal last night. lots of people and lots of laughter even if i didn’t know anyone. i can’t believe Grrr decided he wanted to go. this is his first ever attendance. they did serve a salad but it was spinach. wasn’t that recalled several years ago?  Nothing is safe any longer. Now it’s beef again. Cake seems to be the solution after all.