Back to my schedule

          sundays i’m spending with a weaving student who i’m coaching. she has taken beginning weaving but needs a refresher and wants to get her loom at home warped up for towels. 

          am not going to list the doctor and dentist appointments lined up for this month. both mine and grrr’s along with meetings at several groups i belong to. having problems getting anything accomplished in between appointments. 

          donated 3 quilts to the guild for either sale or donation. their choice. 

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          i’ve shown photos of these before being quilted but now they done and gone. 

          have one of my own just finished the quilting on. i have a new rule i’m trying to follow. one customer quilt, then one of mine. since i’m not swamped with customers this should work. planning on keeping this one to sell on my own. 

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          currently am doing a club quilt. it’s got to be the most boring top i’ve every worked on. solid  10 inch blocks in yellow, blue and white. it’s so plain i plan on doing some fancy feather work. won’t make it beautiful but should at least help.  

20200109 123449

          am on my third and last baby blanket. now to make a trip to Joan’s to find satin binding for all 3.  

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         put a new warp on the wolf loom. used a blazing shuttles warp split it and swapped ends. It looked an ugly snarley mess when i started. the tail didn’t have a cross so just randomly threaded the reed. Grrr looked at the pile rats nest i had going and expected me to be there all day. took 20 minutes to wind on. he thinks i’m a witch. have enough for 2 scarves. one green warp and one purple. 

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          Louie and i are having a bigger problem than normal.  he’s gotten nastily aggressive with me when i’m preparing for bed. the normal aggession is gone and now he’s scaring me. he’s trying to tell me something but i’m not understanding.  he sits and actually looks me in the face and howls.  last night before the attack he was sitting on the bed and actually lept from the bed and landed on my chest in an attack. now i have bite marks on my arm instead of my leg. he’s got food, he’s got water. he gets plenty of attention. tonight i’m going to bring the spray bottle back and also the fishing pole so we can have some play time before i get ready for bed. maybe if i get him tired enough the aggression will be traded for sleep. 

any suggestions let me know.