Big Changes

remember this pix from last week. 

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here it is now. they left just enough framing to keep the roof up. 

20190208 172948

  the floor is level with the existing room. the cement pour was postponed for 2 days due to rain and it’s not drying as fast as they expected. it’s cold here, or colder than normal. so far it’s passed inspections and we’re moving forward. just wish it were faster. 

20190208 091816

the trusses to extend the roof line are laying in the front driveway along with a fork lift of lumber. and another truck load of lumber in the back

20190208 091717

have been spending time at the condo. here’s progress so far. can hardly wait until Lola gets moved home. 

20190129 122308

          this is a charity quilt. i so try to make the ugly ducking tops better but there was just no cohesion to this one. i suppose they were just trying to use up chuncks of assorted fabrics. i thought feathers would help. sadly, not so much!

          returned another top to the club as the back was abut 30 inches short. so in the mean time did one of my own.  built this one before we moved here so it’s been in the tote for many months. bright and fun and did big easy circles. i love it.  

20190209 100449

          it’s also time to get the weavers membership up to date so i can reconcile my list with the RCSC. not terribly hard but a nuisance every 6 months. got new name tags made last week.

          Louie says ‘ hi' to all his fans out there. he’s posing in his new temporary room. (my shower stall) 

shower scene

          All the workers took last Saturday and Sunday off but today we have lots of sawing and pounding happening. i need to do laundry. there seems to be no easy way to reach the washer any longer except to go out the front door and into the garage from that direction. certainly don’t want to get in the way of progress out there. 

          I’m trying to adopt Louie’s new attitude only without the drugs. Looking for comfort amid all the chaos.