blog #410

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          the large gilmore loom at the studio is now living in it’s new home and the club even made a little $ on it. a gal from Tuscon called Gilmore (Bob) and he assured her it would fit in a Subaru outback without having to take it apart. he was wrong. Maybe it would have fit in a Forrester but they couldn’t get it thru the hatch. so late friday evening we were dismantling that loom out side the double glass doors of the studio. security folks kept walking by to check on us. we’d of made lousy theives. but she and the loom are back home and even beat the rain. 

          MONSOON WARNINGS!  the proper definition of monsoon is:  a seasonal prevailing wind in the region of South and Southeast Asia, blowing from the southwest between May and September bringing rain. 

          so far in my limited experience it’s all fake news. haven't seen a drop.  in washington we describe rain with a multitude of words:  condensed sunshine, rainfall, precipitation, droplets, wet weather, drizzle , shower, storm, cloudburst, torrent, downpour, deluge, storm, flood, torrent, flurry, liquid sunshine, cats and dogs, wet air, water bombs, showers, heavy mist. i’m sure there are move but enough for now.

          Am in the process of buying a new car. 3 weeks past warranty my Subaru has a very expensive problem. the check engine light goes on along with a bunch of others. the eye sight and crash avoidance shut off, the power assist turns off.  drove directly to the dealer and he kept it. Decided that it needed the 30 thou maintance as long as it was here. mileage wise it was early but lets get it over with.  picked it up the next day and on my way home it had a completely new issue. drove right back to the dealer and told them they weren’t done. at that point decided on a test drive  a car with 28 thou miles should not have these types of problems. 

          The 2018’s have a lot more safety features. it’s almost a ‘hands free’ car. not only does it complain when you get too close to the lane lines it actually corrects and puts you back where you should be. i drove down 99 without touching the steering wheel. salesman got a little freeked out. told me this was not a ‘self driving car’ and to please put my hands back on the wheel. and foresters rate excellent on crash tests and in consumer reports so i’m sticking with them. also adding a 6 year warranty to my accessories. with all the high tech in that car there’s more to go wrong. 

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          good news - the quilters are back to meeting in the evenings. thinking enough of us complained that the rcsc board got involved. thank you Merna. guess that means i need to head to the condo and finish their quilts i have there. these are quick photos of ones i need to return. currently working on a panel of the solar system. stitching rocket ships on that one. 

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Later.      Maggie