Blog 412 - Quilts

IMG 20180610 121234761

          not much actual news this week. life is humming along. too hot to spend time outside. not many people hanging out at the pools either. so i’ve been busy at the condo.                      

          none of these are masterpieces but i’m continuing to learn a lot about quilts that are not flat, square, or contain other problematic issues. a really fat batt can hide a huge amount of problems. this first quilt was a panel with lots of borders that had never been measured to fit. or maybe they had but not to this quilt. 

IMG 20180610 121244471IMG 20180610 121248556

          this second one was also a panel that had been cut and parts placed in different positions. lots of speed, racing and flames of bright yellows and oranges. again used super fat batting. there were tucks within tucks but some little boy will love it. 

IMG 20180624 120216939 IMG 20180624 120302489

          this next one is X’s and O’s with a bright print and the black and white racing checks for sashing. it’s one of mine that i’m donating. i just needed to work on a quilt a top that was flat and square with no issues other than threads hanging around. easy peasy. used multi colored bright heavy thread and low loft cotton batting. am having second thoughts about the donation part thou. 

IMG 20180623 110517179 HDRIMG 20180623 110521626 HDR

          i have been weaving. photos to come next week. Cut 12 yards of towels off the loom. these are primarily for my kitchen. Used 8/4 cotton carpet warp for heavy and absorbent towels. the warp was blue but just couldn’t resist doing a couple orange and purple. need to get them hemmed and cleaned up and washed and dried so you can see them next week. 

IMG 20180622 145446984

          have also been doing some knitting in the evenings. here’s a pix but since then i’ve ripped it out. started this scarf over about 6 times and still wasn’t happy with it. kept changing the position of the colors, the size of the insets, size of the needles, tried adding additional colors. end result was i ripped it out and put the skeins back in the bucket and have moved on. too many ideas.  i need to remember i can’t use them all in one item. Simplify simplify. 

          also visited my ankle dr.  we agreed that it is slowly, very slowly getting better. i’ve been following his instructions and it took about a year to get this ugly and it’ll probably take the same amount of time to heal. he asked if he did surgery to clean up the tendons would he get his name tatoo’d on my body. nope. the ankle is bad but it’s not quality of life bad. i can still hobble around.


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