Blog 413

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          Hot this week. have a feeling that is going to be my favorite phrase for the next several months. temps have reached 115 and are now going down a couple of notches because the storms are coming. Phoenix had a dust storm (haboob) and it got a little hazy here. and the freeways all stopped for a while until it blew over. 

          Took the towels off the loom and they are hemmed, cleaned up and washed. i don’t need all 8 so will be putting several up for sale. they are heavier than my normal towels. 8/4 cotton. which, if you're a weaver you know as carpet warp. it’s really a versatile thread and i’m currently working an a baby blanket using the same stuff.  like i said versatile. 

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          Have the warp on and all corrections made to the loom at the studio. am not even going to try to correct the errors in the color arrangement. it’ll just have be the way it is. now going thru my stash to find a fine thread to use for tabby that will blend in with the fall colors. searched the house yesterday and will be sorting thru the stash at the condo later today. this warp is out of my color comfort zone. it’s pale oranges, beige, different yellows.  think fall leaves like washington gets. 

IMG 20180702 133703172

          the bracelet is for daughter in law. while they were here she shopped at all the jewelry clubs.  found a bracelet she liked with copper and rose quartz but didn’t buy it. after getting home she changed her mind and asked me to find it.  checked out all 3 places and couldn’t find it and didn’t know who the maker was to ask for another one -  so i made it. wish i’d paid more attention when she was trying them on. this is how she described it. the challenge was finding rose quartz stones with holes big enough to get 18 guage copper wire thru. i have about 12 inches of strung rose quartz stones left over if anybody needs some. let me know. 

                no new house events. we’ve come up with several things we’re going to do later in the fall when it’s cooler and Grrr gets home from washington. he’sdecided to pug A/C in the garage so he can work out there and i want the patio carpet pulled up and some kind of easy clean finish put over the cement. (i’m assuming there is cement under that carpet.)  the neighbor has a really nice patio floor that you can just sweep.  with the amount of dust, dirt and cat litter Louie tracks thru there we need it.

IMG 20180627 182548873

          Louie had a rough week. we had another panic attack. between guessing and what the neighbor told me we’ve decided it’s coyotes. they take a short cut from the golf course down the street to between our 2 houses. they pass right next to where he sits out on his cat tree to bird watch. i got up in the morning and couldn’t find him. Grrr hadn’t seen him either. didn’t come out for breakfast. first thing i checked was if there were holes in the patio screen. nope. eventually (with a flash light) found him staring back  at me from between the wall and the platform bed frame. Would not come out even with a bribe.  during the vet visit he used a pheromone spray and it helped. made a pet store run and bought a defuser of feliway pheromones. won’t know if it’s working until the landscapers arrive. they send him into panic mode too. he’s all better today. it’s hard to get a photo of him upright. what you see in the photo is his favorite position. 

           off to the condo. have 3 guild quilts waiting for attention plus a tote of my own.  this week in my internet wanderings i came across something called batting tape. WOW. i’ve needed this for years. don’t think i’ve ever done a quilt without having left over batting. have always butted up the stray pieces and zig zag’d them together on the sewing machine. which is a hassle because i don’t have a sewing machine over there. so i end up hand stitching them together. my local quilt shop knew exactly what i was talking about and 7.00 later my life has been made easier. today i get to try it out. 

enough for now.