Boy Quilt

     Have been working on warping both the loom at the studio and mine at home. how come they are both empty at the same time?  

     this is what i’ve been working on during loom breaks.  i brought these blocks with me. i did the piecing for these at quilt retreat with my dreadful threads this last summer  and was having such a good time i just kept sewing.  Yikes!. when i realized how big this was going to be i stopped and made pillow cases out of the rest.                   

     the pattern, according to the package photo is oriental and i’ve seen it made by one of the Dreadful Threads members.  Beautiful!.  I liked it so much she gave me the pattern. it’s a great pattern for featuring a focus print in good size pieces and still be interesting. So i used a  dark blue cowboy print that features colored cowboy boots. thinking ill look for a stitching pattern of either boots or mayby cowboy hats. 

       i’ve told myself no more huge quilts but. . .   

     I’ll find someone who’s into western decor and has a bed that needs covering. it’s huge. 



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