But then...squirrel....

so much needing attention i’ve turned into a squirrel. picking up one nut only to drop it in order to pick up a different one. what to focus on next? 

have only spent about 20 minutes getting re-acquanted with Lola. did manage to fix the software problem. called ABM and he couldn’t help. told me to contact the software tech the following monday. figured i’d put all my years of computer experience working in date centers to a good use and fix it myself. Done. 

have 2 boxes of fabric stashed in the cubes on the wall of the sewing room. Many many left to go. 

bedroom is partially unpacked. bed not made and old sheets won’t fit the new bed. drat!

bathroom stuff still in a box somewhere. 

IMG 20180211 094520116

gray scale gamp set at 20 epi cut off and washed. needs ironing. second plain weave gamp set at 24 started. next will be a twill.  deadline is fast approaching. 

house now has wifi but new modem still in it’s box waiting for attention. 

furniture moved but underwear still in a box. 

Grrr can’t find his box of clothing brought from Washington plus there were several other important items in that box that are missing along with his cloths. we’re both a little concerned about that. 

still can’t get the shower rods to stay up. am thinking we’re gong to have to screw mounts into the tile. we now own 2 different types and neither work. 

in desperate need of doing laundry. 

gathering paper work for first lecture demo at studio. i thought i had it together but we’ve re-arranged the lecture order. color comes first this time due to the gamp camp dates. 

yesterday was spent thrift store shopping. never found a file cabinet but we now own 2 end tables for the living room, a printer table and grrr has a night stand.

the patio does show that we’ve made progress but damn. . . there’s still a lot of boxes out there. 

dish tv service still not hooked up. 

am supposed to attend a ‘spinning bee’ in Phoenix tomorrow but i’ve managed to get another cold. am going to cancel. nasty sore throat, stuffed up head and i can’t quit coughing. it’s been 4 years since my last one so now I’ve managed to get 2 colds in 3 months. 

IMG 20180210 233512473 HDR

          and no update is complete untill Louie makes his presence known. I’ve ordered a cat tree for him that i’ll have to assemble. not sure he’ll use it. he still seems to have the ‘growing up in a cage’ mentality  hiding and sleeping in low, dark places; closet, under the bed, laundry basket (but only when it’s mostly empty.)

so this is the story of my life for the week. i so want my days to go back to what they used to be. i’m not complaining and i’m not sorry we bought the house but i miss having free time to spend with friends, and enjoying my interests. 

Hopefully next time it won’t take me 3 days to get this written.