Can’t Believe i did this!


          and i know better.  it’s something i always warn new weavers about. some patterns are written for rising shed looms and some are written for sinking shed looms. when i was weaving on glimakra counter marche looms i always paid attention to x's and o’s.  the x’s sink and the o’s (or bubbles as i thought of them) raise.  now i’m working on an 8 harness gilmore jack.  threaded up huck lace using a yummy blend of silk and alpaca. wonderful to the touch in 2 shades of natural browns and tans. warped up that loom, wove about 6 inches and the pattern just wasn’t working. how can huck lace go so wrong?? had woven just enough to pass over and around the breast beam. and guess what. the pattern is on the underside. i know better!  have enough warp that for the second shawl i can change out the treadles so the second one will weave right side up. here’s compairing the top side (back) to the correct side.   AAACCKKKK!

IMG 20180917 110136987IMG 20180916 121124265

this is what i’m seeing while weaving.  the photo with the blue filler thread is the pattern on the underside.

          had some rain on wednesday. temp was down to 85 (from 107 yesterday) with high humidity. walked outside and my glasses fogged up. i’ve never had that happen before. back home your glasses needed actual wipers. you got fog when you went indoors. 

          Lola and i are having issues. i swear there are gremlins that live at the condo and mess with her while i’m gone. she works perfectly and 2 days later she won’t pick up bobbin thread. i tried everything on my checklist. Last resort is timing. this is the first time i’ve had to do this to my new machine.  first of all Grrr had to come over to loosen the bolts. And he had to use pliers along with some grunting and growling. (sometimes i wonder if maybe he just makes it seem hard to make me feel like i’m not such a wimp.) anyway - he got everything loosened so i could do my thing. This hook assembly is different. i can get the hook in the right place in relation to the needle but then the notch is too far away. came home and watched a video. it tells me there’s another screw under there so will go back this morning to find it. 

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          have received 2 estimates on construction for the patio. have 2 more appointments for next week. as much as i dread living thru the turmoil and mess and i’d like get it over with asap. 

       had a dr apt for my annual check up. she made me get a mamogram appointment, a bone density test (because i turned 70!) and a flu shot (not that it did me much good last year)  so besides minor ‘ old age aches and pains’  i’m good for another year.