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          Before i talk about dealing with my current health issue i need to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. May all good things come true for each and every one of you.  unfortunately this photo is from last year. The hats disappeared over last Christmas holiday. so this year the lions are naked. Sorry. 

          have been watching videos and other photos of the old neighborhood. Birch Bay looks destroyed. i used to drive on those roads. friends have had no power for days now. wondering if i should contact the folks who bought our place. they do have a generator but they also have some huge trees. am hoping for the best for them.

          am not going to go into detail about the breathing issues. need to come to terms with these problems before i can share. other than i feeling complete exhaustion and being tethered to a machine. am learning to deal with it. unfortunately i don’t feel any different. was told it would help my energy level. they lied. if anything i’m more tired than ever. about 2pm it’s nap time. just can’t keep my eyes open any longer. a weaver friend who uses oxygen came over and taught me what i needed to know. also scared the crap out of me.  so on top of my annual holiday depression i’m having to accept this too. and i hate it. i’m also stressed about why i needed a ct scan of the lungs and throat. i do have a follow up with this jerk in January but will be interviewing new doctors soon. 

          have been quilting at the condo but no up to date pictures. my cell phone doesn’t seem to do photo’s any longer. it’s getting old too. it’s been time for a new one for several months but i just can’t bring myself to spend the $.  we talked abut going shopping but have decided to wait until after Christmas to avoid the crowds. so here are the quilts before my phone quit co-operating. 

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       The boring brown and blue top above is just loops and swirl. i suppose it helped but. . . it’s still a rather no imagination quilt.

          The photo of small red hearts is the background. i tried quilting the word love into the top. not sure it was a success. The body of the quilt is a heart pattern.                                                                                  

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          And i can’t forget Louie.  here he is under his inside cat tree. he’s licking the scratching rope on the bottom. he’ll lick it until his tongue gets sore. now the cat tree out on the patio has been torn apart to the point i need to get new rope and re-wrap the post. but indoors he licks it. is there something missing from his diet?  we used to give the horses and sheep salt and mineral blocks to lick. do i need to suppliement his diet some how?  and the weird box sitting on an upper shelf is some cat grass i planted for him. he doesn’t have a clue. tried to pee in it rather than eat it.  poor guy has never been outside on gravel let alone grass. 

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          And on a much more positive note. the day after Christmas the truss company will be here. Somehow that makes this whole thing real. need to find out when i have to move all Louie’s possessions into the house. and daughter in law sent me CBD for cats to help the adjustment process for him. this cat doesn’t like change. any change!