Club Quilts

          internet at the weaving studio sucks!  as do the connections at Bell and Sun Dial. in order to access the RCSC network and make the necessary changes to the member ship list that i manage for the weavers my computer has to be physically in their office. last year i filed an official complaint. so again i went the the main office, pulled up an end-table to one of the chairs in the waiting room, set up my computer and spread out the paper work and proceeded to update the membership list. several people questioned me but when they realized how unhappy i was over having to do this they left me alone. 

          The screen in the patio got repaired. not sure how long the warranty is for but hopfully we’ll have remodeled the entire room by then. but as far as i know Louie stayed home those few days. 

          interviewed 3 different contractors. so far have only received one estimate. was as shocking as we expected.  waiting for the others to compare. verbally the biggest difference is the amount of time i was given as to completion of the project. notbody’s willing to put that in writing. 

          off to spend time with Lola. it will be nice when i don’t have to drive 2 miles back and forth to spend the day quilting. at the moment am caught up with the club quilts so am working on my own. but i seem to be losing ground. Have 3 of mine completed and 4 new tops to add to the totes of waiting in line.  have been working on unfinished projects, some from years ago. 

IMG 20180616 122659730

          so for now here’s some pix of what i’ve completed.

IMG 20180828 111752872

IMG 20180828 111810110IMG 20180901 123410952IMG 20180901 123416982


IMG 20180904 113956198

          the pink one above does not seem to have a photo of the entire quilt top. it was an oriental fabrics with large flowers so i simply made more flowers and added petals to the ones that got cut off. 

          and here’s a photo of a top i finially got together with Louie auditioning it on Grrr’s bed. these were blocks were stuffed in a zip lock bag years ago.  brown and black is always dramatic. now to see how many years it sits in the tote waiting for quilting. 

        even thou i still have a bunch more zip locks in the drawer i’m feeling it’s time to start a new quilt. received an email advertisement from the local quilt shop. (i’ts about 5 blocks away) for a class on a new pattern that just came out. however by the time i read the email the first class was over and it wasn’t the type of thing where i could start in the middle. did purchase the pattern and am planning on starting on my own.   

          forecast for today is HOT. not 116 hot like when Grrr was gone but summer hot like 110. it’s fall. everyone has said this is when the temps start coming down. 

          i’m waiting.