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          i’m complaining about being cold. it feels silly but i can’t believe how chilly 70 degrees is when you’ve acclimated to 110.  dug out socks and a jacket and have put an extra blanket on my bed. my bedroom has windows that won’t close and if it’s 45 degrees at night then so is my bedroom.   we know the windows in this house need replacing but i also know we’re going to start with these three.          

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          not much progress on things this week. Have the reed threaded with 600 ends at 24 epic and decided it’s wrong. too dense. will be re-sleying at 18. this is supposed to be a baby blanket not a board. 

          two quilter friends showed up and selected 11 quilts of assorted sizes to go to the fall sale in November. i have a garment rack of completed quilts they sorted thru. they’ve been here long enough to know what will sell and what probably won’t.  several of the choices surprised me but i’m a trusting soul.  i thought i was the only one who loved brown and black together.  they passed on some of the most bright colorful ones.  maybe next year.  so i’ve measured and lowered prices to what the market here will bare. Ouch! but i have so much inventory i need to make room or i need to stop producing. and that’s not likely to happen. 

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          finished the flying geese and passed it on to the group to bind and either sell or donate. ruler work is not my favorite but it seemed to be what this needed. 

          then did a scrap batik top. just did easy loop de loops with a variegated orange and red.  then moved on to a kids quilts of colorful cats.  

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          have a date for the next teacher gig.  january 15. wednesday afternoons will be basic tapestry. not Navajo. it’s a whole different animal. You can do navajo patterns but we will be using small card board or picture frame looms. i don’t own much wool so am begging wool left overs from fellow weavers and spinners. but this gives me time to get some samples made. 

          And Louie says Hi. He knows he’s not supposed to be laying on th guest bed but if he tries to look cute maybe i’ll rub his belly instead of making him move. unfortunately it works. 

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