Construction Underway

i suppose everytone knows that in order to make progress you have to destroy what you’re starting with. this is just what they’ve done and we have pictures to prove it. photo is from the back looking into what the patio used to look like. 

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Then we did this with it. 

then it went to this. and this and this. 

the next day. AND THE NOISE!!!!

AND MORE NOISE!!! you'd think we live in a dentist office. 

And today this

the schedule is:  monday it gets inspected. Tuesday is the cement pour and wednesday the lumber is delivered. that’s as far as i know. 

but the talk of the neighborhood is the port-a-potty out front beside one of the lions. really classes up the neighborhood!  plus there are usually 2-3 construction trucks parked in front of houses down the block. 


Louie is not happy but with a little magic bottle of help from Washington he’s managing. and he’s only escaped once. the neighbor let us know he was loose and thank goodness he’s such a chicken. he desperately wanted back inside. he spends a lot of time siting by the door between the weaving room and freedom and cries because i won’t open it. So this is his new room.  when the workmen are here he perches on the very top of his cat tree and supervises. 

20190127 095935
20190127 095940


          in the mean time we’re living in a complete mess. Boxes and bags and extra furniture stacked everywhere. i’ve moved into Gary’s bathroom because Louie has moved into mine. my bedroom has a path to the bed and a path to the dresser so i can get clean underwear. can’t find anything. have black plastic garbage bags stacked behind and against all the living room furniture. i hate living like this. keep telling myself it’s only temporary. am posting this sign on the one mirror that isn’t blocked by boxes.  running off to the condo to spend time with Lola.