Cooling Down & more rain (478)

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          so we’re going to outlaw vaping but not assult weapons.  what kind of logic is that? Vaping - your only killing your self. with ak47’s or ar15’s you get to kill anyone in the vicinity.  pulled this list up from google and it’s not even current. and since Beto threatened to take people’s assault weapons stores have had sales on these specific guns and have sold out. those are weapons for war.  i’m not going on a rant here, i’m just pointing out how stupid our country is. 

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          Patio company worked on the patio roof again. last time they were here we were told that with the extreme heat this is normal that they have to come out and re-apply the caulking. this last storm flooded the room like there wasn’t a roof up there. so now they're useing a sealer that's currently used on motor homes. no more of just working on the seams, they covered the entire roof. what was entertaining was Louie. we had moved his cat tree because it was in direct line of the water fall. he stepped in the water on the floor and leaped onto the chest high shelf on the cat tree thinking he’d stay dry. fooled him. he sat there - picked up one foot - shook it out, put it down did the same with the other foot. looked at me like it was all my fault, and stalked out of the room shaking each paw as he stepped. 

          we have several small pieces of furniture to bring from the condo and that’s it. have all the boxes that were dumped in the studio sorted and put away. found woven items that can go to the fall sale. just need to get them juried and priced. but all the bead stuff is still stacked in boxes in my bedroom. that’s on todays ‘ todo’ list after my pedicure.  Then grrr gets to contact the auction place and find a painter. however with his attitude of ‘there’s no hurry’  it may take a while. 

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          slow week for getting any thing done. lola is sitting maked and taking a break. didn’t bring back any quilts from the club. time to focus on finishing up a couple of warps. this is the towel warp. doesn’t look like much in the photo but it’s an off white linen weft. (that's my shadow on the towel) hard to work on because it’s so boring. Need to find several other weft colors to hopefully finish the everlasting warp.  there’s an awful lot of warp left so need to step it up. took the scarves off the studio loom. have two of these for sale. 

          took a tour of the house that our friends purchased. easy to get to from here. they were told it’s 1800 square feet but seems smaller. i think because it’s broken up into so many rooms. no open spaces. and of course right now it’s chaos with boxes and stuff piled all over. (i remember being in that position) talked to T about can they add on. he’s thinking about maybe out in front of the garage. personally i’d be taking out a couple interior walls. but that’s just me. i really liked the kitchen and loved their floors. 

          temps are cooling down. it’s now about the same temp inside as outside. supposed to get more rain starting tomorrow. looking forward to it. 

till next time. and Louie says hi to his fans.