cooling down

          only one doctor appointment with grrr this week. and he was able to pick up his new glasses. i’m scared he’s expecting miracles. after all the surgeries and testing he still has macular so no matter how good the glasses are he’s not going to see like he did years ago. 

          somehow i thought i was going to have several stay home days this week. didn’t turn out that way. thursday morning was a bead meeting at bell.  and then we’re having the patio floor done with the same acrylic stuff we put on th front patio and friday the handyman will be here to take care of a bunch of things:  ceiling fan in guest room, moving the frig from the garage to the patio and fixing the door handle on the front door before it comes off in someone’s hand. Etc. 

          last week’s blog caused some interesting reactions and conversations. heard from people from long ago and received a stack of friend requests from names i’ve never heard of. those got deleted. the surprising thing was that people preferred to contact me either privately or thru email. only a couple used the comments on face book. but now everyone knows what i look like so you won’t be seeing me again. am back to showing every day stuff and Louie. 

20191003 140820

          this photo will be a center piece in a small quilt. i can’t believe how many times i had to rip parts out in order to make it right. am still in the process of cutting parts and pieces out for the blocks that will surround it. those colors are shown below.  the black background was a bad choice.  it has a very subtle pattern that only shows up in one direction. Oh well. didn’t see that problem coming. so i’m ignoring it. 

20191003 140809

          Have 8 more linen towels off the big loom and a gold/yellow tencel scarf started on the small loom. 


          Completed another large quilt for the club. It features western cowboys and Indians themes. did the best i could for a design that was appropriate. found lines that looked like they’d make good war paint and used that. Got that done and started a small one of my own. 

20191011 120506

          Ignore the towel on the floor. it’s to keep the machine oil off the carpet. i lay it out all neat and tidy and then Louie comes in and makes his nest. 

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          this is one of Louie’s hiding places. this or on top of the frig. when the vaccuum cleaner is running or when there are strange workmen in the house making loud noises and sudden movements. he supervises from up there. and when he decides to come down you can see just how much dust he’s collected because he spends the next 3 hours cleaning himself. 

till next time.