Crap Crap Crap

i tested positive for the flu. a second time!!!   had a dr apt on thursday to look at my ankle. she heard me cough. went down hill from there. i’m on the tamaflu med (expensive!) and feel ok. don’t know how contagious i am. she told me to have gary tested which he did Friday. i told her we’d already had the flu at our house but seems you can get it multiple times due to multiple strains. so far this has not been a good year.

on another note - i am moving to the house the 25TH.  am tired of being patient. that’s when i’m loading up the food from the frig and my cat and we’re moving.  Gary’s been told he’s welcome to come with us.  he won’t have tv or shower curtains that stay up but sometimes life is tough.  we’ll see how it goes.

and to complicate matters. both bathrooms seem to have water leaks. went to use my toilet and the floor was flooded. (it had been several days since we’d been there due to flu). rugs were soaked so thru down the only 2 towels i’ve found. called the contractor. he texted that he’d find his plumber and get back to me but of course it’s the weekend. called Grrr to let him know and checked his bathroom. the box he’d been storing in his shower was soaked. i didn’t ask why there was a box in the shower. things like this are beyond me. but depending on the plumber and the water problem i may or may not be moving next weekend. 

so it’s been a crappy week both at home and in the country. i’m not going to get on a political soap box but maybe kids should refuse to attend school. these are the future leaders who hopefully are going to grow up and change the mental health and gun laws to start preventing these events. the anger in this country frightens me. 

stay healthy everyone