Elections are over

          am so glad the politics is over for a while. Washington stayed blue. am thinking there’s hope for arizona. even thou i don’t vote in this state i have favorites. my loyalties are split. End of political talk. 

          this coming week is the last week of the beginning weaving class. and the great news is that i’ve found a weavers who is willing to take over my part of the teaching which is basically backing up the primary teacher. she originally took the class from this teacher so it should be a good fit. 

          i have a new student for the ‘next step’ class and am working on getting 13 yards of christmas colors threaded up at the studio for a fellow weaver. 

IMG 20180806 095109157

          the architectural plans for the house are currently with maricopa county. When they issue the permit the contractor is ready to go. he’s guessing about dec 1st they’ll be able to break ground. So that gives me time to finish the warp on the loom in there and remove anything i’m going to need for the next several months. they’ll be covering everyting with plastic sheets due to removing the wall which will make the room open to the outside . Which also means that Louie is losing access to his room. will be moving his furniture to different locations thruout the house. and finding him some drugs to hopefully handle the panic attacks. 

IMG 20181108 224332042

          If you look closely (center left side) you can see Louie’s new hiding place. the shelf is meant for entertainment stuff attached to the tv. we don’t have anything in there and he's figured out how to jump in. this is one of the pieces of furniture from the condo that i’m keeping. beautiful marble top. 

          the problem horse quilt is off Lola. i’m spending time taking out the wrong colir stitching and then will be putting it back on. i saved the pattern i used and will be re-doing that one row in a light blue that matches the rest of center panel. in the mean time i mounted a large top with floral blocks that should be no problem. square and flat after ironing so all is good. boring but no problem.

          these next couple of weeks are crazy making. i’m behind on quilting, have the craft sale, classes and we’re having family here for the holidays. and i desperately need to do laundry. Keeps me out of trouble.