Emergency Care Visits

          spent an hour with Louie. he’s feeling much better. took him out of the cage and listened to him purr. he wants freedom so badly. he’s still not allowed to jump but he’s walking on his foot and doesn’t seem in any pain. will go back in a couple of days. 

IMG 20171227 132156279

          we have vinyl in one room. the photo doesn’t show the true color. it’s really a dark gray tone, not brown. No carpet yet. we’re meeting Miguel this morning to settle up $ but only if everything meets grrr’s quality control. he was there yesterday and the place was still trashed. 

          so far this week Grrr has been to emergency care. we were expecting walking pneumonia but it’s bronchitis. he’s feeling human.

          i tried making a dr appointment and she’s booked thru next week so i spent yesterday at the same emergency care. standing room only. bad throat, sinus infection and bronchitis (he shared). 3 prescriptions later plus i get to learn how to flush out my sinus cavity. not as awful as i expected but don’t use tap water!  

          think i’m going back to bed. these meds haven’t kicked in yet.