Great Visit

              the kids, after being here for a week, are on their way home.  Daughter in law's goal was to try out every pool in every rec center. didn’t quite make it. out of 6 outside pools in 5 days we spent hours in 4 different pools.  saved Lakeview and Mt View for the next visit. showed them the local sites and visited the clubs they were interested in. 

          it was great having them here and i’m going to miss them. Grrr and i are trying to convince them to move but don’t think it’s working. besides the fact that they’re not able to retire for probably another 10 years. but they do fly so that makes it easy for short stays. and now Grrr has his car here so he’s feeling independent. 

          and i’ve learned that Louie has absolutely no loyalty. he’d trade me in for daughter in law in a flat cat minute. from the moment she walked in the door he worshiped her. the photo is him groveling at her feet for attention. if being petted by her foot is all he can get at the moment he’s good with it. he’s so happy he actually drools on her!  he completely ignores me and when she goes back to the condo he looks for her. 

          and speaking of bad cat behavior!  the next door neighbor came over last week to tell me Louie has been spending nights with her at her house. she doesn’t sleep well so sits on her patio about dawn and they visit. we had tried to block his escape holes but obviously not well enough. And one night when it was time to come home he couldn’t get back in. She opened the patio door for him. he doesn’t seem interested in hunting or chasing and doesn’t wander far. but . . .  he has no clue that he’s considered prey by other creatures out there. 

            so we had a patio screen company here for 2 days installing cat screening all the way around plus he installed a bar that prevents Louie from perching on the ledge. so now he comes in during the night, wakes me up and tells me how much he misses the next door neighor and that she needs him to visit her.  not happening!  get over it. 

          Now daily life will go back to our normal routine. Deciding what to do with my day while i’m drinking my coffee in the morning. it was a vacation for the kids but it was also a great vacations for us. we love having you here.


Ps. Louie needs me to tell you to come back. he misses you.