happy valentines day

          got a really sweet valentines card from Grrr. proved to me once again he’s a keeper. sweet is not normally an adjective i’d use for him but he’s mellowing in his old age. He even (on occasion) is willing to watch a chic flick with me. 

         was majorly confused this week. i run my life by the calendar on my Mac. somehow i got two events ( both scheduled for Fridays) mixed up. fortunately i have friends who bring me up short and get me on the right track. embarrassing. 

          am having issues with the tablet computer on Lola. when i plug it into the sewing machine the screen goes dark. have to use it on battery which doesn’t last long. and the x and y coordinates  won’t move the screen to keep up with the needle. just stops.  it’s a dell and fairly small so i deleted 2 years worth of quilts and left only the 7 i’ve done this year. didn’t seem to help. tried calling copper needle where i purchased it. Nope. not interested. found a new ABM dealer in arizona but they’re brand new and know nothing about the Pantovision. called ABM in Texas. she logged into it and couldn’t find a problem with the software other than not being the most current version.  possibly it’s a tablet problem.  she also told me i needed to upgrade my software to the tune of 2600.00 YIKES! that’s a few more quilts before i can do that. she also told me that Gina at copper needle is no longer a dealer. they had multiple complaints. nice to know i’m not the only one who had problems with her though i never complained to the home office. i just worked around her. 

20200209 104221

          this is the current quilt in progress. another giant one. the backing is a bright orange that i had to hunt for thread to match. am doing a simple leaves and flowers pattern. 

20200214 131329

          got thru another tapestry class. the example this week was a 4 selvage piece with hand spun that was thick and thin and over twisted. not ment for tapestry but made it work. this class also had a demo of bead weaving. actually stringing a warp and using beads as weft. had several students willing to give it a try and one is out looking for a bead loom.  there are 2 other clubs that use beads but neither do actual weaving. they seem to think peyote is weaving, it’s not, it’s a stitch. also brought in a sample of other ways to use beads. several porcelain faces, (sold one)  a knitted bag, crochet ropes and a woven medallion that needs to be attached to a backing. 

20200214 131352

          adding bead work to the club so far has not been a well received idea. the other weaving club has more members that do bead work than weave and that seems to be a fear here.  don’t think beads will take over. we do too many other types of fiber work that the other club doesn’t. 2 types of basketry, spinning, rigid heddle, Inkle, not counting knitting and crocheting and lastly weaving.

          did manage to get bindings on 2 place mats in a spare hour when Lola’s tablet was recharging.  and the black and white linen warp for towels is now hanging over the front beam on the Gilmore. so small amounts of progress have been made. 

          and yesterday was spent at 35th ave sewing in phoenix selling raffle tickets for guild quilt.  (sorry i didn’t get a pix.) was a beautiful batik quilt. didn’t sell many chances on it. don’t think a quilting shop is a great place to try to sell tickets. the commonly repeated comment was  " i don’t need another quilt". was a fun place to spend the day. also did a little shopping. they had a sale on thread and i managed to spend a small fortune. how can you not when spending a day there. 

20200214 135050

          Louie’s weekly photo. he’s on my bad list. got bitten again this week. i accidently got stepped on him. he turned and bit my foot. badly. so even with his medication i’m back to carrying a spray bottle. i’ve even considered re-homing him.  but would anyone else put up with his behavior? just don’t know what else to do. he looks at me so trustingly but then goes on the attack. i’m running out of ideas of how to change his behavior.  he’s the one who is supposed to adjust to me. it’s not working that way. 


          still don’t have a kitchen faucet and haven’t heard a date for windows but now that it's getting warmer i’m not as frantic. 

          off to get my car serviced and pick up some lemons for more lemon juice ice cubes. that is such a brilliant idea. 

till next week. 

ps, if you have any ideas of how to help Louie and i please let me know. 


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