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           living in the heat is like nothing i’ve experienced before. for 2 days it reached 116 and nights only got down to 99. today is cooler, 106 so far but it’s only noon. have been leaving the drapes closed and it helps but you couldn’t live without the A/C. going anywhere you travel between air conditioning to the next air conditioning. walking across the parking lot is exhausting. i’ve started coming home and taking a nap. and i’m not a nap person. i found this picture on face book and it’s so true.  these guys wear about 30 pounds of gear plus the vest under their shirts. he must be melting. 

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          got a late start today. the house is too quiet.  not much to post about. did finish a bead project. It originally consisted of 5 different crochet ropes that were ment to be bracelets.  have a small bag of un-finished jewelry items. there for a long time i couldn’t find my end caps or any findings to finish these things. Now that everything is supposedly in one place i’ve gotten better organized but decided if i connected them they’d be a nice long rope necklace. they look good together.  have an idea about another one but stringing the beads is so tedious. 

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          also finished several quilts on Lola. at one time i thought everything in those totes had bindings cut but they seem to have disappeared. brought them home and am starting a new tote. now to decide on a binding. black would be the easy pick but multi colors left over from the tumbling blocks would be best if i can find the left overs from when i made it. 

           need to finish the animal print top i’ve been avoiding. have a temporary design wall propped up in the bedroom and it’s working for now. just don’t have enough space is the story of my life. 

till next time.