I joined a bead group

20190904 102507

          found a group at Bell that spends 2 days a week working and talking beads. they told me there would be more than 5 members when the snow birds return. looking forward to joining them. i do have another couple finishes done.  these are made of much bigger beads than the usual size 11’s i prefer. the advantage is they go much faster. finding this group has gotten me motivated for figuring out a way to carry a project back and forth and be in control of a million tiny beads. 

patriotic necklace


          so far i’ve managed to incorporate everything we brought from the condo into the stuff at the house. except we’ve got another load (maybe 2) to go.  depends how many boxes i can fit into my car.  

          then we were contacted about would we be willing to rent for 3 months beginning the first of the year.  asked Grrr and he said yes we were. so after removing the remaining personal stuff we’ll be leaving the linens, towels, dishes etc. instead of contacting the thrift shop. this gives him time to get it painted and other fixes he wants to do before putting it on the market. now we’re waiting for a definate yes or no from the renter. 

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        have another huge quilt on Lola. it’s so sweet it’s hard to work on. very pale pink and a very pale blue. found a verigated pink/blue thread that’s perfect and the background fabric is a small leaf print so am stitching leaf shapes. Boring!  

           talked to the quilters about putting my quilts in the big fall craft sale on consignment and they said yes.  haven’t sold anything on etsy since i re-opened the shop. so will be closing it and have no other outlet to sell thru. will sort and select what gets donated and what gets put up for sale. i counted as i hung them back up while unpacking. total was 63 plus an entire group of place mats size experiments. figure these will be 20.00. nobody needs that many quilts. 

          haven’t touched the loom this week. attended a board meeting at the weavers. Discussed ways to get more folks involved. i know this is normally a social club but we’re thinking it needs to broaden out into other types of textiles.  Looking into demo’s and some educational programs from both members and outsiders. i offered to teach a simple class on tapestry and weaving with beads. if the group considers swedish weaving an actual weaving technique just about any fiber related anything should qualify. to me swedish weaving is damask, brocade, opphamta, draw loom type work.  we do have a secretary for next year and are trying to convince Mary to stay as president for another year. 

          plus we are selling an extra spinning wheel. it’s a Blue Bonnet BumbleBee wheel that students never use. It takes up storage space and needs a home. it will be auctioned off at a silent auction at the November meeting. 

          Louie says Hi. Every time i see his photo he looks so angry. wish i could change that. i’m not asking him to be greatful or even appreciative that i rescued him.. both Grrr and i are pretty optimistic contented people. why isn’t he? i just don’t know how to make it better. 

till next time.