Its the weekend again

          have been spending time at the condo with Lola.  the tablet still has issues and i still don’t have all the parts and pieces that should have been on the machine when i received it but she’s stitching up a storm. it does feel good to be back at it.  have called the dealer repeatedly. her staff at the quilt shop is getting very tired of me. Gine, the owner, is never there. i know she travels a lot but am beginning to wonder if she’s also avoiding me. Regardless, i’ve completed 4 tops for the group i belong to. this last one was not flat and square. it was narrow strips sewn onto a heavy foundation fabric. they supplied batting that is like minke and then the backing. made for a heavy duty quilt.  if i ever get any tops that are worth taking pictures of you’ll see them but none yet. 

          still no shelving in the weaving room. so all the boxes of weaving related items (and books) are still out on the patio. i had sold the schacht mighty wolf loom several weeks ago and that at least makes the room useable for the looms i have. no place for a warping mill or at this poiint even a warping board but i did bring home several warp chains from the condo closet. thank goodness i thought ahead. 

IMG 20180308 180420290 HDR

          and we now have curtains which don't show well in the photo. very plain but with lots of texture. had really hoped to find ones with red to relate to the rug but seems it’s not a good year for bright colors. and as you can see in the far left the wall art is still just leaning against the walls. (all around the room). kitchen window is still naked. those blinds have to measured and made. Lowes will call when they’re ready. 

IMG 20180216 172607768

           and on Louie news. that cat can hold a grudge. He escaped into the garage when i was bringing a load of laundry back in. would not come when called even with treats so i closed the door and left him there. really thought he’d cry when he was ready to join us and realized he’d missed dinner. nope. stubborn beast. let him out just before bed.he  did not want me to pet him, and did not come to bed. not sure who won that round.