Kicking off the New Year with a Finish


     A great way to start a new year is with a completely finished project on the loom. This is the item i’ve had ‘in process’ photos of for the past month. feels good to be done and in use. excellent way to put old ugly draperies to use. It’s all washed and dried and on the floor. plus it adds some color to the kitchen. 

    once i got enough heddles for the loom, the new tie up system installed and the fabric cut up into one inch strips the actual weaving only took 2 days. Grrr watches football and i weave. 

     now to decide what to do next. too many ideas makes it hard to focus. 


todays quote “When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with happy cries of “Me Too!” be sure to cherish them. These weird people are your tribe."