Labor Day Holiday Rant

          labor day and i’m getting inundated with Christmas ads and sales.  the discounts aren’t good enough to even tempt me.  but the big problem here is that it’s Labor Day, the first week in September. this culture is all about getting us to spend $. 

          starting christmas is ok if you’re going to make hand made gifts. yes, definately start now but don’t push anyone else into premature buying, baking, decorating. let’s slow down and appreciate that we can enjoy a traditional Labor Day with parades, flag waving and picnics. Take some time to honor the people who built this country;  the men and women who worked the roads, factories, farms and mills and be greatful. 

          and maybe think about the next holiday.

 where did i put the halloween decorations?

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i’m just cranky. de-scaled the coffee pot yesterday and my first cup of coffee this morning tasted like vinegar. bad way to start the day so i’m taking it out with a rant on facebook. 

sorry folks.