Lola is home

IMG 20180131 090320886

          Lola arrived and got leveled and set up. have done some playing but called ABM because the software has a problem. Am not able to open it.  Mike had me try a few things that didn’t work so will be calling his computer tech first thing monday morning.  the machine sews like a dream. she's way heavier than my old one but it’s a whole lot larger too. 

          Louie is keeping us entertained. he’s turning into a real wild child. he’s learning to play and his favorite toy is a stuffed mouse. if you don’t look closely it does kind of look like a mouse.  and lately he’s been sleeping in my dirty laundry basket. last night he brought the mouse into his nest of laundry and proceded to kill it for the 100th time. somehow he managed to flip the basket over on himself. so middle of the night his crying wakes me up. small panic attack - i’ve never heard him sound like that. had a good laughed and freed him from his plastic prison. he took his mouse and moved to another room.  still, the minute i get up in the morning he takes over my bed. don’t understand how anyone can sleep with their head hanging down like that.  (ignore the mess. those are totes of quilt tops waiting for attention.) 

IMG 20180130 080144727

          Grrr and i made a Phoenix trip to his favorite lumber store. that place smells so good i could live there. i choose the wood for our dining room table.  so this is the ‘before’ picture. am hoping the after photo won’t be too long in the making. his list keeps growing. it’s walnut and even without any finishing it’s gorgeous. 

IMG 20180129 114843919


        My bed at the house got delivered. have the matress pad but still haven't located the box containing sheets. have ordered an area rug for the living room under the imaginary coffee table. Grrr is spending his time getting his shop in order and i’ve got the big loom partially threaded up for the gray scale gamp class. 

          i took a partial day off to spend with a friend. she helped me make a plan on how to organize the weaving area at the house. there are 3 looms, a warping mill, boxes and bags of cones of different fibers that need some kind of organization. ( and she doesn’t know about the weaving closet here at the condo!)  she had good ideas on how to make it all work. i was stuck. good thing i can work in complete chaos because right now that’s what i’ve got. We’re going to schedule a play date for working with beads and later, a day where she dyes her silk fabrics and i’ll dye a silk warp. am going to try making this an every other week thing. 

          and tomorrow a friend, her husband and their truck are going to help us move several pieces of furniture from the condo to the house, from the house to the condo and picking up an item from the thrift store.  Grrr was moaning today about being sorry he sold the big truck. the subaru is just nog big enough. 

off to grocery shop. its the super bowl this afternoon. may your favorite team win.