longest & hottest day of the year (so far)

          temps generally over 110. it’s hot!  several days ago i was toting boxes of finished quilts across the black top parking lot into the quilting studio. by the second trip i was cooked.  they weren’t heavy, awkward but not heavy but the heat radiating off the parking lot was overwhelming. next time i’ll ask for a push cart. we still haven’t seen any rain. nobdy here spends much time out doors this time of year. not even the golfers. and the pools aren’t as crowded as i expect. course about 10-15 minutes of direct sun is all i can do even with sun screen. 

IMG 20180622 131819973

          picked up my new car. looks just like the last one only silver gray. a lot more controls and safety features. and a 6 year warranty.  but actually driving it i can’t really notice any difference.  this one has temperature control. set the thermostat to 65, or what ever you choose, hit automatic and let it do it’s thing.  never have to fiddle with the dials again. i also have to learn that the back hatch door closes automatically. took a bad whack on the head. was off to the side so the camera didn’t see me. my right eye didn’t work well for a couple of hours, had a headache and large goose egg but it never broke the skin. was worried about bleeding all over the new car. 

IMG 20180622 132001193

          Grrr finished the coffee table. it’s a masterpiece, the focal point in the living room.  the wood on top is Zebra wood and the rest of the table is walnut. it’s also a show place for his police paraphernalia, it’s a place to feature items he actually used while working and different pieces he’s collected over the years. even his dudley do-right wrist watch that i gave him about a million years ago. (And i don’t need any snarky comments about the number of sets of hand cuffs in there.) and no - the gun has no firing pin.  the top comes off so he can change out the display on occasion. he does have a huge collection. 

          been spending weekends at the condo with Lola working on both my own and the clubs quilts. this time they sent 5 home with me plus a huge roll of batting that takes up the entire back seat of the car. have not been in the sewing room. am hoping my portable design wall has reached the top of Grrr’s ‘to do’ list. am kind of stuck getting this current top together until then. but i have been weaving. have lost track of what number dish towel it is i’m working on. When i reach the end of the warp i’m done. and the loom at the studio is all threaded. sure picked a bad pattern to work on over there. so much going on that paying attention and counting ends and repeats has been a challenge. but next week i can start winding on and checking for errors. and there will be a lot of them. from the back of the loom i’m unable to tell which ends are the pattern threads and which are the back ground threads. will have lots of fixing to do besides re-sleying because i deliberately skipped several groups of ends. 

and i mustn’t leave out Louie pictures.   

IMG 20180622 132447439


He loves feet.  

till next time.