Louie is a Goofy Cat

          still moving along on the house. remainder of the carpet got installed today. light gray berber so the looms will stay in place when being worked on. the bed frame i ordered is a platform and we only got part of the shipment. having to track down the other half before we can put it together.   

          painter shows up monday to finish the 2 rooms he couldn’t do earlier because they were dismantled. he also needs to do the molding in the room that had vinyl installed. 

          kitchen is spic and span, new dishes are put away. new frig shelves put in and ice maker working. one box of kitchen stuff located and put in appropriate places. have never seen a kitchen with that number of drawers. haven’t decided if it’s a positive or not yet. 

          3 front windows are now heat resistant. grr’s bed room can pass for a cave it’s so dark in there. my room faces the back yard and the windows are all tall and narrow. for now i’m not going to cover them. there are blinds to pull for privacy but don’t expect anything but coyotes out there so not too worried. one of these days i’ll have to focus on window coverings but that’s for later. 

Louie napping

          Louie has proved to be a complete goofball. he doesn’t sleep with me but the minute i’m out of the sheets he takes over the bed. (as you can see). he discovered the clock over the desk. several years ago Grrr bought me a clock with a cat face because i couldn’t have a ‘real’ cat yet. somehow Louie noticed that there was a CAT on the wall. He knows CAT when he sees one and doesn’t like it one bit. Spent several hours trying to intimidate it before i stepped in and took it down.  it’s back up now and so far he’s ignored it. he does have a jealous streak. if i show affection to one of his stuffy toys he’ll grab it and procede to beat the crap out of it. sharing is not on his character list. 

          spending tomorrow at home depot. (again) this time it’s shelving and rods for the closets and whatever else is on Grrr’s list. not sure we’re ever going to be done. 

have a good weekend everyone