Maybe it’s too early to write this. 

                getting back into the routine of have Grrr here. i’m glad he’s home safe and sound. sounds like he enjoyed his trip and other than road construction had no problems. the big change with him being home is the tv being on 20 hours a day. including at least 4 hours of news in the evenings. every channel he/we watch confirms my belief that this country is broken. Government is run by dishonest greedy men that are not concerned with the actual American people. the news media warns about financial disaster, race issues, health care, education, immigration, religion, law enforcement, they cover all the natural disasters which in my mind are due to climate change which is still being denied.  and just last night they were reporting about the new mega million VA hospital that does not treat PTSD. there is no commen sense. there is no feeling of community or even civility.  and don’t get me started on the basic physical structure of the nation; roads, bridges, air quality, our very earth. and it’s not just this country, it’s world wide. wake up people - there is no planet B. and the icing on top is the government is trying to stifle the news media. 

          as much as i don’t care for his silly sit coms and re-runs maybe the best thing to do is binge watch this mindless stuff so as to not be constantly faced with the destruction of our world. 

          i’m done for now. 

          spent another day with my dentist. for years i’ve had problems with my front teeth. there’s a strip of tissue that attaches to the space between the 2 teeth and to the inside of the upper lip. when i eat something i have to actually bite into the next day that area is sore and swollen and on occasion gets infected. this dentist here in sc offered to fix it. he uses a lazer and simply removes that strip of flesh. didn’t take long and wasn’t as awful as i expected. came home and took a nap. had soup for dinner. (no biting into anything for at least 3 days.) by then the feeling had come back and i was feeling pretty pounded. took a 3 hour nap after dinner and then went to bed.  woke up much better. took the bandage out of my mouth and put the meds in the hole he made. only hurts when i touch it or smile or laugh. 

          As far as being productive this week not much has been accomplished. it’s hot with high humidity which for me spells ‘nap'. 

          there is nothing prettier than a nice warp. wove about 8 inches and decided i didn’t like it. took it out.  needs more contrast so am changing over to white. 

IMG 20180806 131823531

Maybe i’m just having a negative week. 

                                                         ran across this a while back. the sad thing is i think people will look in the mirror and comb their hair. 

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till next time. i promise to have a better attitude.