Missed Saturday Completely 

          I’m better this week. have stopped watching the news. have my MP3 loaded up with books. put my ear buds in and zone out. 

          spent another morning with my dentist. he’s pleased with the healing and so am i. was actually able to bite into a burger and am moving up to pizza. at this point it’s the spices that give a little sting. but i’m able to tolerate toothpaste so all is good. brushing your teeth with just a brush and no toothpaste is not a job well done. 

          the roofer was here. Glendale Roofing has worked their way down the triage list. he’s replacing about a dozen shingles. nailing a few more down, sealing everything up and replacing the spinner thing over the garage that squeals when the wind blows just right. 

IMG 20180820 182502250

          Finished another bead rope. not wild about it. several of the color choices could have been better. 

          have this quilt top completed at the condo. Needed wavey lines so borrowed a curves ruler from a fellow long arm quilter. slow work. next in line is another pink one with lots of florals. 

IMG 20180818 120036676 HDR

                                 this was Gussie 

angry gussie


          and just for a change from Louie. as much as i complain about him attacking and biting me this was his predecessor.  wonder what it says about me that i choose cats who have a tendency towards violence.  in this photo i was asking her to move off the stack of fabric she was hatching. it only took a second for her temper to explode. too bad you can’t hear the hissing that was also happening. vet labeled her a terriorist. makes Louie seem like a teddy bear. he’s never hissed at me. his attacks are silent. 

Saturday's Smile - 3-17-2018

          since i missed yesterday completely i’m off to the condo to spend the day with Lola.