Moving Along Slowly

exactly like louie

           Louie is turning out to be a delight. went online and read about the breed. he does fit the ‘dog’ category.  jumps up on you with his front feet,  rolls over so you can rub his belly and wiggles his butt when he’s so happy he just can't stand it.  cats just don’t do that!  so far he’s not heavy but he’s long. i need to measure him from nose to tail tip. 

          he seems to be calming. doesn’t change laps every 3 minutes. now it takes him half an hour before he swaps us out for the other one.  and according to Wikipedia. you can teach Maine coons tricks just like a dog. doubtful. his attention span isn’t great and  he has absolutely no interest in any of his toys. He did liberate a christmas decoration and has acquired that as ‘his’ toy.  it also says  polydactyl with the extra toes is a common trait of of the breed. i am also shocked at how much one cat poops. have never had a cat box to maintain before. he doesn’t eat much but that’s a lot of poop for one cat. every morning like clockwork. 

who's chair?

          he’s now had surgery on both front feet and though they are large no longer have extra toes. still have extras on the back. huge snow shoe rabbit like feet on the back but the extra toes don’t interfere with walking. the fronts were really messed up. he had to walk on the sides. 

           still spending my time with workmen at the house. had the kitchen tiles replaced yesterday. this week window tinting and the rest of the carpet installed.  have ordered ceiling fans, light fixtures etc that should be here along with delivery of bed frames. we’re scheduling a day to spend at American Furniture Warehouse. 

keep telling myself one of these days i’ll get to live there. 

this is ‘if you love me you’ll let me have your chair’.  didn’t work. Grrr loves his chair best.