My rant for the week

          my rant for the week is not politics for a change. it’s the medical community. nobody listens - which seems to be consistent with everything in the world right now.            

          spent one night this week at a sleep study. Waste of time. at my dr appointment i had asked for new head gear and 4 appointments later i still don’t have it. i was told to bring my machine with me but they wouldn’t let me use it. gave me oxygen instead. woke me up at 5am and sent me home. felt like i had bricks sitting on my chest all night and most of the next day. don’t think i’d slept at all and they agreed that i’d only gotten a couple of hours. told me i don’t appear to have apnea. i know that. why don’t these people listen? it helps if i can sit up but they wouldn’t let me. breathing is hard work. the photo is what i wore during the night. 

          got home and immediately into the shower. they use nasty sticky stuff to glue all these electrodes to your body parts and getting it out of your hair is a challenge. 

          Louie was so glad to see me. when i spent 3 night in Payson at a class Louie punished my roll of toilet paper. this time i was only gone one night and again my toilet paper roll took a beating. He never touches it when i’m home every day. 

IMG 20181013 115227017 HDR

          am kind of stuck on this horse quilt. usually i can look at a quilt top and an idea comes into my head. not so with this one. am thinking of echoing around the individual horse heads, do some emphasize stitching on the mane and bridle to anchor them down and then do a stipple in the background.  stitch an outline of horse heads on the central area. (maybe?) if anyone who reads this can give me better ideas let me know.  my plan was to do this yesterday but Grrr talked me into playing hooky and going to a Farmers Market in Peoria with him instead. didn’t see anything i couldn’t live without except some kettle corn which i ate for breakfast. he’s thinking about renting booth space to sell his small wooden items. he found the information tent but i don’t know what his decision is. 

IMG 20181014 122039040 HDR

          This is the quilt i finished last week. it was huge. took up almost the entire length of Lola and she’s 12 feet. took about 3 days and enjoyed every minute of it. 

                the black one was fast and easy. looks like ‘for sale’ signs and i stitched circles around them to soften up the straight lines. 

IMG 20181020 122209637



          the picture of our front door shows our new outside entry way or front patio area. Which ever you want to call it. looks so much better than the ratty carpet that we lived with for the first 6 months. they ripped up the carpet, sealed and sanded down the cement and put a shiney finish on it. then before it was dry they mixed the black and gray speckles in. looks better in real life than it does in the photo. Grrr is building a patio bench for seating out there and the weather is changing so we’ll be able to enjoy it. 

          my schedule is picking up. the beginning weaving class starts this next week 3 times a week. was asked if i’d step in to replace last years teacher. have no experience on Dorothy looms so am following the primary teachers' lead.  in addition i’m offering my ‘next step’ class.  it’s basically a one-on-one mentoring of students moving them from a table loom to a floor loom. the actual weaving is only about 10% of the entire process. i’m taking them thru the process beginning with choosing an item to make, going step by step to the wet finishing.  have already started with students and just now finished the handouts. 

       we met with Yourson construction and their artchectic this week. everyone measured and took photos and we made a couple changes so they’re adjusting the contract. when he’s done with the plans they go to the county for permits.  just getting started is taking a long time. 

          and just because i don’t have enough to do i’m building a web site for the studio. it’s live but i’m not giving it out yet. Still collecting information and photos.