Nap Queen


          Have taken up naps as my favorite past time which tells you i have nothing new to show off. am hoping this is not an omen for the up coming year. i have way too much planned in my head. plus way too much stash to ignore. 

          so wishing everyone a happy and productive new year a day early and am posting a review of previous works. these are all from an assortment of challenges from  friends, different quilt groups and shops in washington. 

          this red and purple and orange all started with a yard of striped fabric in these colors. named it comet trail.  it still hangs at the condo. 

          blue mountain is an exercise in stitching. it still needs a more quilting and a binding to be completed. but it was fun.   i have never done another thread painting piece. not sure why but it was harder than it looks.                

          this was another challenge. it was thrown out there as a question - basically what is your biggest unknown about life. a retired priest was the person who came up with the idea. (he was a member of the group) mine was ‘what is behind the next door?’ life is full of doors. some are welcoming and full of sunshine but some need to stay closed.  there are dragons behind them. but this guy peeking thru the key hole got is tail caught in the door jam. 

          below is another ‘pull your scraps out of the garbage and sew for 10 minutes’ challenge. don’t get fancy, don’t get creative. just sew. 

          for the dark green one we were each given a rough cut piece of fabric to use as the main body of the piece and told to use it. only rule was you couldn’t trim it up.

          This one kind of looks like an underwater theme. it’s not. again the challenge was to dig small scrap pieces out of your current fabric garbage and just sew them down into one small picece. we were allowed to shape the with scissors but no rotary cutting. i discovered it’s really hard to do anything with a timer counting down the minutes. 


          the butterflies were another quilt shop challenge. we received a fat quarter of the green and black ladybug background print. Yikes!  i didn’t win but it was fun. 

          below is another challenge from the same local quilt shop in Bellingham. the challenge fabric is used in 2 of the balloons and the binding. theme was  ‘celebrate’.

          and last but now least -  Piglet.  my first piglet was a custom order appliquéd onto a large bed quilt along with other favorite characters.  after positing a photo (whick i can no longer find) i liked him so well i made another. As you can see at this point he wasn’t actually sewn down. titled it ‘i’m late, i’m late, for a very important date’.


          this was a beading assignment. use pearls.  i don’t like pearls and didn’t have any in my staxh. actually had to go purchase a small bag of fake pearls. was at an absolute loss as to what to do with them other than sting them into a chocker necklace. so reverted back to what i know best - fabric. not a masterpiece but it’s ok. 

          and the final one for the day is Jeffrey. i fell in love with the toys r’s us mascot several years ago. Jeffrey the Giraffe. the company let him go but i just couldn’t. so he now hangs on the sewing room wall where we can gossip about what happens when you fire your best spokesman. 

          i do have more but figure this is enough for now. next time there is no news in my life i’ll add more. i admit to losing track of where a lot of these are. some i’ve sold, some i’ve gifted and not sure where the rest are. some day i’ll get our two addresses combined and create a complete display. the quilt group i belong to here doesn’t do anything even similar. they are all serious top makers. maybe i need to ask around at the quilt shops?