New Patio Floor

20191024 092652

          Louie dealt with being locked out of the patio rather well. moved his food and litter box into the studio and locked his cat door.  showed him where things were and he was ok with it.  was even brave enough to sit on the back of the sofa and watch the guys work - until they turned on the shop vaccuum. spent the rest of the day under the bed. On day 3 we moved his posessions back in and showed him the cat door was open. he’s a little hesitant about stepping on a shiny floor but his food bowl was empty this morning and he’d used the litter box so he’s out there. 

place mats

          The quilters are now meeting in the bowling alley and had asked for Christmas place mats. have 2 done but in posting the photo i noticed the other one is going the opposite direction. will fix it before it gets handed over. they’re small so someone else can quilt them on a domestic machine and find a backing print. have another design in my head that needs graph paper work done before i start cutting. so it’s another possible set. 

          today i’m going to tackle that flying geese quilt top that’s on lola. it’s been there a week and i’m tired of looking at it. just going to do ruler work and grid lines. just ‘get’er done!’  

          also need to sort thru quilting threads. The thread here gets brittle and dry and Lola gets stubborn and i get cranky when the thread breaks every foot or so. time to sort my stash. i’ve talked to people about ways to save it or even if it can be used for piecing and have been shown and told about some awful examples of why you don’t do that. but it just hurts to trash what looks like perfectly good thread. 

          had a weavers meeting and retrieved 5 dish towels i sold off the blog from last week.  got some bath mats from 2 years ago re-qc’d.  have a date set for a teachers meeting next week. have committed to teach a taapestry class come the first of the year. had talked about starting when the beginning classes were done but then we’re into the holidays. so it’ll wait and i can get a couple samples done. had 35 members attend which is an improvement. covered the Christmas party, the arts and crafts fair and even the up coming Spinning Bee. 

          at the meeting one of our members gave a short talk about making baskets.  learned a lot about him.  he was a peace corp volunteer in Ecuador for a couple of years and lived with the indigenous indians who got him started on his basket making. They make double baskets. each basket is lined with a differently woven basket making very strong usable containers. i brought a selection of what i’ve made over the years to add to his show and tell. mine don’t have the good stories to go with them. 

20191023 225925

          and of course i can’t ignore Louie Louie. he tries so hard to fit into his cat perch. usually it’s a hind quarter that’s hanging out, not his head. that just can’t be comfortable but in the day light it does give him the best view of his neighbors. 



          off to warm up Lola. she’s running like a champ. i’ll show the geese quilt next time. it’s not one of my favorites.