not enought hours in a day

          we all survived the first tapestry class. nobody cried and nobody quit. so guess i did ok. started out with 4 students and as they get more comfortable and need less attention i’m adding other people from the sign up list. looks to be an on-going class. 


          today i’m out of here to go to a private home to coach a new weaver who’s forgotton everything she thought she knew. she has finally made room in the guest room for her loom and she’s impatient to get started. she had a murphy bed built into the wall to make room for the loom. sounds like a true weaver. 

          Weather is starting to warm up. Was 70 yesterday. i know the rest of the country is buried in feet of snow and ice but i seem to have acclimated to arizona. anything under 70 and i’m cold. wearing socks and sweat shirts and my only coat. 

          attended the stash sale at sun city west rec center. they have a nice set up with over 20 looms and 2 whole rooms of space plus a small yarn store. they have a glimakra and a dobby loom. i’ve used a dobby at a convergence but never owned or set one up. did purchase several tapestry books to use in class and found a well made wooden bead loom. several of the students are interested in weaving with beads and i can’t find that any of the clubs here that use beads weave with. ours isn’t interested in offering a class either so possibly I’ll teach that out in my patio. 

          have a potential disaster on Lola. i looked at that quilt and saw halloween. i asked if spiders and spider web designs would be ok. She said fine. then wrote back yesterday and said that it wasn’t a halloween quilt. have never gone so off track before.  so i’ve offered to un-stitch and start over.  now i’m waiting to hear what she says. 

20200114 124036

          the picture is of the 10 inch block quilt i finished and returned. made it better but nothing is going to make that quilt beautiful. when taking it off the frame i’ts awfully stiff. thinking maybe i made the stitching too close together. it’s not a cuddly quilt. maybe washing it after the binding gets put on will help. 

20200115 094937

          this is what has been just barely started on the wolf loom. warped for 2 scarves. used a blazing shuttles warp and swapped ends. the weft is a verigated green. second weft will be a purple. have not had time to wind off 15 yards linen for a run of dish towels. besides the fact that i can’t seem to make a decision on what pattern i want. some days are like that. too many options. 

          also have a bag of lemons sitting in the kitchen waiting for me to juice. had home made lemonade this last summer made with lemon juice frozen into ice cubes. at this point i am using a borrowed juicer and borrowed ice cube trays. ordered my own juicer from amazon and need a trip to the thrift shop for ice cube trays.  we also have access to bags of naval oranges from the neighbors trees. just need to walk out there and pick them. they’re next. 

20200111 115847

         Louie says HI. we’ve been having problems again. have taken several bad attacks this last week. the puncture wounds and bruising on my arm is finally clearing up. Started walking around carrying a spray water bottle. in the evenings he lays on Grrr’s lap and rolls over to get his belly rubs. looks so loving and sweet. follows me into the bedroom and bang. i have no clue why he’s so angry with me. 



any are using to summarize the way they feel at this point in 2020. Sometimes we feel drained. Other times we feel energized. It can be difficult to identify who we even are. How about you?