Not Everything is a Success

IMG 20141228 102252872

     Big lesson learned on these rugs. i was given several skeins of heavy white rug cotton made by Marysville. The company no longer makes this stuff and years ago this cotton was a staple for my rugs and bath matts. i agreed to use it at the weaving studio so people could see how i make these. only had enough for 1 and a half small rugs. managed to find 6 skeins of black on ebay. did a buy it now and this gave me enough for one all white rug and one black and white rug. plus enough warp to experiment with something new. 

     so. . . the first photo is the all white bath matt. all washed and dried. looks good. not as sturdy as my old ones because i forgot to double the warp but it’s still perfectly fine to sell or use. 


       the second photo is the black and white rug which is in the garbage. i knew when i received the black skeins in the mail that it was old. the paper labels were crispy and the cotton wasn’t as soft as normal but never considered it would be a problem. until i opened the washer. it had actually disingretated. what a gawd awful mess!  i’ve had items not wash successfully before but nothing like this. there was black fuzz everywhere. took several hours of cleaning out the washer, sweeping and mopping the floor to remove the black dust and fuz and lint from everything nearby. 


     third bath matt turned out ok. it’s an acrylic, slightly variegated purple to blue i found on sale at Joann’s. looks good but not sure how it will wear. it got fuzzy where my stomach leaned against it on the loom. but it washed and dried just fine. however you can’t iron it. fortunately i tested it before getting heavy handed pressing the hem down before stitching.

enough for now. 


ps. i tossed the remaining black skeins in the trash too. lesson learned.