not much news

          had a photo of Louie but somehow it disappeared.  have taken pix of the new furniture but they turned out blurry. and do have the first gamp sample completed but it’s at the house. blog is on pause for now. 

IMG 20180104 174744322

          took another picture of Louie. he’s on my lap in the process of rolling onto his back so he can have a belly rub. weird cat. he is finally learning to play. Not always with appropriate items but it’s a start. And i thought the nocturnal behavior would change. how did he manage to live in a cage for 5 months? did he spend the nights bouncing off the cage walls?  he starts getting active when i’m brushing my teeth. he offers to help. i get in bed and he wants to fight with my feet. after getting dumped on the floor several times he’ll manage to crawl under the covers and search out a hand that’s not doing anything so should be petting and scratching him. again getting him rejected. he finally accepts defeat and races around the house talking to himself. i can sleep thru that. 

          have been spending our time shopping. the furniture looks good but there’s just way too much gray.  back shopping at American Furniture Warehouse. i recommend salesman David Lopez. walked in, asked for him and was out of there in 20 minutes. did take time to show grrr the table i’m in love with. he’s going to build one.  i know he can’t make one like it but just needed him to see it. found a desk from a second hand store. they want 45.00 to deliver a 90.00 desk. this is their way of convincing you to purchase more items. it’s the same price for one item or a dozen. the desk is small and grrr got it in the subaru.  (not an inch to spare) 

          now we’re on a quest for a area rug with some color that we both can agree on. Grrr fell in love with a Navajo rug but it just won’t work with what the room already has. i found a red pattern’d one but it’s so dominate that it’s all you’d see. we’ll get it worked out. 

          this next week is booked solid. not sure we’re ever going to find the time to actually move in. tuesday the long arm is scheduled to be delivered to the condo and i won’t have time to get started for at least another week. Aaackkk!. 

enough for now.