Our day with the vet

          turns out everything I’ve been trying to do with Louie is still attention. Negative attention but still attention. So she had some good ideas. (and not one of them was to ask his permission to enter my room.) i could install a cat flap in the living room and put a door on the studio room so he wouldn’t have to pass thru the studio to get the to patio and his litter box.  not even going to suggest that to grrr.  And purchase an air horn. She asked what he really really hated and feared. It’s loud noises. Course the neighbors might hate me now too but I’m sure it will make him turn and run. Amazon has everything. 

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          i also purchased a fish tank for a cat. it’s not real fish. which means no cleaning and feeding. just fill with water and plug it in. drop the plastic fish in and hopefully he’ll spend time watching them. he did check it out for the first 20 minutes but then lost interest. but it makes a nice night light. 

and last but not least he’s being put on chicken flavored kitty prosaic. that starts today. 

          If none of these work well enough I have a referral to a cat physiologist in mesa.

         He got a 3 year rabies shot. She felt that if he ever bit anybody else I’d be wise to have this coverage. And he weighs 15 pounds and 13 ounces. Plus he was a perfect gentleman at the vet office untill they tried to take his temperature. they lost that battle. 

          tapestry class is going well. Added another new student. interesting thing is that each person is taking what they’re learning and going in a different direction. beads, soumak, landscape views using color blending. also will demonstrate how to make a small coiled basket using wool. 

20200222 110413

          got binding on 3 quilts. now to decide if i add these to my inventory or donate to the quilt guild. 

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none of these are masterpieces.  but good lap quilt size that would sell at the next craft fair. 

          got a call that there’s an offer on the condo. if it goes thru it’s supposed to close april 3. got more than expected so now i can finish paying off the studio addition. then we got a second offer so we’re feeling good about it. 

          taxes done. and yipee, we don’t have to pay this year. last year was costly!  attended a weavers meeting. still haven’t received  the new tablet for Lola. The technician who was supposed to prep it is out with the flu.  will have to remove the back on Lola and re-wire the new system the exact same way this one is. way past my comfort zone. 


          and finaly got a photo where he’s not frowning. looks good with his ears up.



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