Panic Attacks are History

          move in day we had workmen here all day. first was the 'cool blue' repair. Grrr had discovered that there was no heat. the fan turned on but no heat. the repair guy spent hours cleaning out both dead and alive mice from the train unit in the closet. that’s what happens when a house is empty for several years. and the direct tv man spent hours in the attic hooking up 3 dish connections. we only have 2 tv’s but i now have access in my bedroom if i ever get a tv.  turned into an expensive day. 

          when they all left i brought Louie to his new home. if Louie ever needs to move again i’m putting him on kitty prozac. i’d never witnessed a cat having a panic attack before. drooling and unable to catch his breath. all i could do was hold him and talk to him. he adjusted to the condo within a couple of hours so i didn’t expect any problems. how wrong i was.  had put his food, water and litter box out on the patio but he won’t go out there unless i stand guard while he pees. i always thought cats were modest about their bathroom habits. for 24 hours that cat was glued to my leg. 

IMG 20180228 171701026

          it’s day 3 and he's come a long way. he’s now going thru the cat door. i have the flaps taped open and used his favorite treats to coax him thru it several times yesterday. he’s using the litter box out there without me guarding him and he’s back to being his starving self.  he still has no interest in his cat tree so for now it’s just a piece of furniture.  as you can see from his photo he’s definately gotten comfortable here. 

          we’re slowly getting the hang of using a new/different kitchen, showers, learning what light switch works where. scared the crap out of both of us when i thought i was turning on the under the counter lights and it was really the garbage disposal. 

          still have some items to pick up from the condo.  sold one loom so now that room looks at least useable.  this weekend is shopping for window coverings. the main room in the evenings is like living in a fish bowl. plus there are 3 windows that won’t close. it’s been cold here and my bathroom is a shock in the mornings. 

        picked up 2 quilts from the friendship group that need quilting.  they have a total of 92 tops. i nearly choked!  i need a break from trying to decide where stuff goes so using the longarm is going to be my ‘quite’ time. looking forward to it. 

          but it’s done and i’m feeling so much better.